Who the hell are you Looking at the broken chest the heart still beating tenaciously raised his head a sheep with a distorted and crazy

Santa Ansta City, the capital of the small human country Colditzen, is already night, but Fourth Street in the Artisan District is still full of cries. People are busy selling their equipment, hoping to sell it to players who are also night owls. A boy came out of a flagship store called Blue Fire Forging without any expression on his face, as if he had suffered a huge blow and had lost his sense of the outside world. Hey, look, there is a guy who was pitted by Blue Fire, a priest who set up a stall. The thief who set up a stall next to him said yes, it looks like his equipment should be a super trumpet who just changed his job, right? Although the equipment manufacturing cost of this blue fire forging shop is more than half cheaper than others, the things they forge actually only add a few points of blood volume and The upper limit of mana really lives up to its name. All the thieves typed out are rotten goods. The thieves look like they can’t recall the past. Brother, you have also been tricked. The pastor saw the thieves’ painful expression and couldn’t help being curious. Look, I’m only a level now. I was the first batch of players to enter the game at that time. No one knows the name of Bloody Night Song in the whole world of gods and demons.
But after entering this main city, I worked hard to forge the best material to save the forging fee of a gold coin.
Just forged a white board with a bit of blue. The rogue looked sobbing, so it turns out that you are the legendary solo assassin in the village, but after leaving the village, there was no news of the assassin. The reason why it disappeared is still one of the top ten unsolved mysteries in the entire world of gods and demons. How can you upgrade with such a broken piece of equipment It was a bit late when I entered the server.
The news about this black shop on the forum has already spread, otherwise I will not be cheated to death. But how can someone be cheated at this time? This game’s number one black shop is already famous, right? Basically, it can be called the second world, and many people who don’t usually play games have also entered it, thinking that they can make a fortune from it, this may also be a rookie. Well, it’s not his fault that people who don’t know anyone come here. Seeing such a luxuriously decorated store, I thought this store was very powerful, so it was inevitable that I would be fooled, yes, I was like this at the beginning, but who knew that this Blue Fire Forging was only such a flagship store, brother pastor, I just told you Don’t spread the word about it anymore. The thief Bloody Night Song seems to have just remembered and reminded the pastor. What is it? I also know that it is very difficult and costly for my younger brother to upgrade as a priest, so under the pressure of funds, my younger brother sometimes has a second job in the game. A bad feeling came to my mind immediately Your second job is the younger brother Bucai is the chief reporter of the Gods and Devils Express Quick mouth is like wind Yes bloody brother I am so glad to meet you Pastor put on With a serious expression on his face, he reached out his hand to Bloody, but no matter how serious his expression was, there was a hint of lewdness in his expression. You already said it, right? Appeared in today’s bulletin! Damn it, I’m going to kill you.
The thief who has run away completely took out his dagger, and even the thief’s flexible and concealed purpose has been ignored.
He just stabbed at the pastor randomly, and the surroundings jumped.
Now let’s take a look at the source of all the confusion. The so-called rookie has been standing in front of the shop with a dull face since he came out of the forging shop. He didn’t come back to his senses until the chaos of fighting next to him came and looked at it cautiously.
Looking at the surrounding crowd, I saw that people were attracted by the fight and didn’t notice him, so he turned around quietly and walked away.
After he left, he didn’t go to the direction of the teleportation array like most people, but walked towards the surrounding remote streets. These streets do not have the shops that the players need, but the residential areas of the city. Once upon a time, there were players coming and going in these places, who lived here and took on various tasks, but those who came to pick up the tasks as the player’s level improved.
Fewer and fewer, and now it is almost a no-man’s land So as he was talking, Li Mo’s face changed into a sad expression. Why didn’t you come earlier this day? Grandpa, are you looking at me now? Li Mo is an orphan who was abandoned in his infancy Next to the garbage dump, an old man who picks up trash for a living met him. Originally, the old man planned to send him to a welfare institution, but after the old man sent him, Li Mo, who has always been very well-behaved, cried and refused to eat or drink. He was helpless. The staff informed the old man again that it was strange to see the old man, Li Mo immediately stopped crying and smiled sweetly, maybe the baby’s innocent smile touched the old man’s heart, and since then the old man has had one more The grandson’s name is Li Mo, the grandfather and the grandson, and the two began to live together. Although the old man’s income is meager, he still tried his best to support Li Mo’s education. Li Mo also showed his talent since he was a child. Do some odd jobs to support the family. At the same time, he has always been at the top of his studies and has been admitted to a well-known domestic university with excellent grades. The neighbors who have known Li Mo and his grandson since childhood said that the family will turn around.
It’s a good day, but when the hard days are about to pass, a dark cloud comes and covers the sky of this family for a day