Who taught you what Luo Xia said Xia’s head is almost like a piece of wood she really doesn’t believe it if no one taught

Source Eighty-eight e-books uploaded with integrity and traveled all over the world Time Words If you want to place an order, you can give it away if you don’t give it to me Seeing these familiar words in the rankings, you will unconsciously scratch your head.
Are the five positions really different? With a satisfied smile, the strongest king of Ionia in the national server, anyone who has been in contact with the League of Legends will understand what these words mean, while Luo Xia understands a little deeper than ordinary people because he is a professional Power leveling, and the absolute strongest in power leveling, finally finished this list, the employer really ordered Ben Luo Xia muttered, because in his opinion, all this is really worthless for such a dispensable rank.
Someone is willing to spend this kind of money to return the game. Luo Xia sent a small emoji to the familiar number on the communication software, and then logged off.
Looking at the messy room, Luo Xia didn’t seem to care at all about tearing open a pack of instant noodles for use.
Simply soak in hot water and start eating. Today seems to be the day of the beginning of the university, right? Luo Xia took a sip of instant noodles thinking this way.
The largest city in Huaxia Kingdom. Countless people want to settle down like moths to a flame. Here, but the high housing prices often discourage those people.
At this time, Luo Xia is carrying his slightly old schoolbag back and forth in this city.
Suspenders, halter tops, miniskirts, tight skirts, thin colorful outfits The long fair legs dazzle people’s eyes, but Luo Xia doesn’t have much interest in all of this, his eyes suddenly brighten up when he turns around, and then he freezes at Tenglong Internet Cafe, it’s time to go play a game Luo Xia went straight into the Tenglong Internet Cafe. The Internet Cafe was filled with a strong smell of smoke, which made people feel uncomfortable. This blind man is really blind. This is really a pit. All kinds of roars and obscenities erupted from the Internet cafe on the first floor.
Luo Xia ignored it and went straight to the second floor. The environment on the first floor would only affect his gaming experience, but he came to the non-smoking area on the second floor.
Luo Xia swept around.
I found that there was only one vacant seat, and at the same time, I muttered to myself that I would enjoy myself a lot. Luo Xia sat down at the seat, turned on the computer, logged on to his account, and scanned to the side, but was surprised to find that there was a beautiful woman sitting next to him, that’s right.
A beautiful woman with suet-like skin, a melon-seeded face, and a willow waist that is not enough.
Her breasts are bulging and almost burst out, but the girl’s face at this time is not very good-looking. She is biting her lower lip, her eyes are staring at the screen fingers Quickly pressing on the keyboard, Luo Xia looked curiously and instantly understood why the girl’s face was ugly The Lucian Blue side’s lineup of girls’ record is next Lucian and Lux ​​are mid laners, top laners, big trees, junglers, Xin Zhao, red lanes, policewoman and stone man, big eyes, top laners, junglers, princes.
From the perspective of the lineup, the blue lanes are no worse than the red lanes, but their record It’s really too miserable, especially in the bottom lane and top lane.
The single Dashu’s promise player is not inherently dominant. Now he is completely under pressure and hit the bottom lane. Needless to say, the female policeman has five heads and can’t be fatter. It’s just that the middle lane is a bit better. Cards and Big Eyes have been making up the knife peacefully. No one has provoked anyone.
A slightly regretful female voice came to assist Lacus was killed again.
Lux finally couldn’t help it and started spraying. The girl bit her lower lip and said nothing.
She could only huddle under the tower and eat the experience of the minion line.
She didn’t even dare to replenish the soldiers. Are the two mentally retarded? What’s it like? At this time, Dashu was once again single-killed by Nuo Shou, and his mentality was completely blown up, and he sprayed up. Can you fight me? Can’t come out, put eyes in the spring, the girl’s pretty face turned white when she saw this scene, without a trace of blood.
Do you want to win? Luo Xia scratched his head and said, although it’s a little impolite, but if I come to fight for you, you should She is a girl who can make a comeback. Hearing this, she turned her head and saw her face.
Luo Xia was even a little surprised. Her eyebrows were as far away as a mountain, and Dai Qiong had a straight nose, vermilion lips and light red. With her perfect figure, she was definitely a beautiful girl.
She is a school girl goddess, but Luo Xia quickly calmed down after being amazed.
He didn’t have much interest in beautiful girls.
If the girl hadn’t been sitting next to him playing League of Legends, he probably wouldn’t have even glanced at her. The girl saw it. Luo Xia glanced at his account again, a trace of disappointment flashed in the corner of his eyes, and then he shifted his gaze to his almost hopeless game.
In fact, it’s not the fault of Luoxia because besides doing power leveling, he always plays in the Korean server. Compared with the environment of the national server, he still prefers the Korean server.
This is my trumpet. It’s not yet full. Let’s call you, Luo Xia was still a little shy when talking, the girl didn’t look at Luo Xia and said softly, do you often call, isn’t it my most frequent top laner Luo Xia replied honestly, the girl frowned again, who doesn’t know heroes The same player in the league is almost inversely proportional to the strength of the top laner, but seeing that there is no hope for this round of promotion, the girl doesn’t want to ignore Luo Xia’s kindness, get up and give up the position, you can play, thank you Luo Xia, happy like a toy The child sat in the girl’s seat