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When she was satisfied and returned to being a noble lady, someone suddenly whispered in her ear with pity.
The debt owed to me is not allowed. The dawn of the prosperous day has not yet fully descended on the land of Yanjing.
Accompanied by the voice of the jackdaw, there is a faint vicious female voice in the alley behind Xiangguo Temple.
Although you have saved me from the bullying of my stepmother, I have seen with my own eyes how you live aloofly. You have nothing but a good family background. You are not worthy of marrying Xu Jing.
You are not worthy of anything.
You are not worthy of being born in the Zhang family. You are not worthy of having such a rich dowry Xu Jing is my dowry and mine.
Everything you have should be mine.
Only after suffering so much, I am qualified to have everything you have.
When you die, I will marry Xu Jing on your behalf. I will take your dowry and help him rise to the top and become one of the most powerful eunuchs in Daqin. I will live In your yard, use your maid to leave the pavilion from the gate of your Zhang family. I will step on your bones for the rest of my life and enjoy endless glory and wealth.
The people in the backlight are smiling grinningly, their faces are as ferocious as Shura, and she has a white fox with excellent texture.
Qiu and the big phoenix hairpin with wings inlaid with red gold inlaid on her temples were also reflecting the dazzling cold light.
Suddenly, she pulled out a four or five inch long gold hairpin from her head and aimed it at the girl who was lying in a pool of blood, and stabbed at the girl immediately.
The blood has no room to escape, the pain is like a boulder rolling over the body, it spreads all over the body, and it is oppressed like drowning.
Zhang Ying took a few short breaths, and suddenly bounced off the bed.
The cold sweat was blown by the wind, and it became chilly The tent embroidered with lilies flashes into view, the matte gold hooks are dimly painted, and under the dim light, the whole room is full of old and rough atmosphere.
This is not Xiangguo Temple, this is the Rikain Temple, the inner house of the Ministry of Justice, and she is no longer a powerful minister.
Zhang Jie’s only daughter, Zhang Ying, is Miss Sun from the Shen family in the Minister’s House of the Criminal Ministry.
It has been raining, not only the eaves, but also the house is leaking, and the banana leaves are still slightly drooping. Inside the window, a young woman in her twenties, wearing a stone-blue cotton jacket, is pulling her hands back from the window to pat the rain powder on her arms. The embroidered shoes are only five or six cents new, the same dull color, the toe of the shoes is wet, her gaze catches Shen Xi waking up, she pours a cup of tea from the table and walks over to Aunt Pei, the name flashes across Shen Xi’s mind from Zhang Ying to Shen Xi There are only two days left. As the noble daughter of the capital, Zhang Xie, the only daughter of the imperial court, and his wife, Xiao Shi, are doted on in every possible way. The queen’s most beloved little cousin. She was able to walk sideways in the capital two days ago, but she was rescued by her when she was a child.
Wen Chan, who was also brought back to Zhang’s house as a cousin girl, hired a murderer to kill her in the alley behind Xiangguo Temple.
After waking up, she became the young lady of the Shen family, and Aunt Pei was the concubine of the original owner’s father.
Li revealed that the original owner’s parents were no longer there. When they returned home, she fell ill in bed due to the cold and did not know who she had suffered from. During the gas illness, she even dropped several bowls of soup and medicine.
For the past two days, she spent most of her time lying in bed. She was still immersed in the scene before she died in her previous life. She didn’t have time to learn more about the situation, but this did not prevent her from remembering. The people who have been in her room for the past two days, the girl was in a bad mood again. Aunt Pei handed over the tea in a slightly hoarse voice that was accommodating.
At the same time, she stretched out her hand to touch her head and then breathed a sigh of relief.
At least the fever has subsided. She fell into a coma for several days in a row, but it frightened people. Shen Xi looked at her and didn’t speak.
Yesterday morning, she woke up like this.
After waking up from a nightmare, she found that she had turned into another person. She couldn’t control her shock. She didn’t understand why she didn’t go back directly to the Zhang family since she could come back to life again. After fainting, she fell asleep until just now.
Maybe it was because of this sleep, her heart was on fire, and now her thoughts are clear. Drink some water, you haven’t eaten since before, and Aunt Pei sent the cup forward again.
Send me now to the kitchen to get some food. Although it’s not time for meal, you are still the daughter of the mansion, so you won’t be harsh on your food.
She said and picked up the food box beside the table.
Lifting it out the door, Shen Xi frowned as he looked at the rough porcelain teacup in his hand. His thoughts were brought back to reality. Although the official rank of Minister of Punishment is not particularly high, he is in charge of the real power of the official department. The young lady’s tea set is made of rough porcelain that only servants use. The aunt dresses like a woman.
What’s even more absurd is that the food for her, the second lady, is brought by her aunt herself.
She can’t afford to use a few maids, but these thoughts are just fleeting at the moment, she is more concerned about how to get back to the Zhang family, she has to repair the letter as soon as possible and send it back to the house to remind her parents to beware of Wen Chan, the white-eyed wolf, and others At the same time, she was looking for a chance to go home.
Thinking about it, she couldn’t lie down and lifted the quilt and got off the ground. Just as she put her feet into her shoes, there was a voice outside the door shouting at you bitch, don’t you have eyes? High pitched and sharp, as if a stone had hit a copper bell, with a hostility that could not be ignored, Shen Xi paused for a moment, leaned over and continued to put on his shoes, who knew that the door was suddenly kicked away, and a person quickly swept into the room with the cold wind She stood in the middle of the room and stared intently at the person under the curtain. It was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl, wearing a rose-colored piping jacket with delicately embroidered passionflower patterns on the lower skirt, and a smoky blue black cloud gauze pleated skirt.
With a cold face and a cold light in her eyes, she stood still in the room, and then followed in two maidservants. The maidservants also inherited her three-pointed momentum, and they didn’t even lower their heads when they came to Shen Xi.