Who is the change of the vitality of the world Who is disrupting the world What did Donghuang Taiyi do Beneath him was a deep

The afternoon sun is still very bright, but it is not so dazzling. A man with disheveled clothes and disheveled hair walked out of the dormitory building of Southern Communication University and walked towards the school cafeteria.
This man is Qian Qian.
The senior students are approaching graduation.
The school has no courses. The students are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination or preparing for the work.
Only Qian Qian is still nestled in the dormitory every day, reading online novels. The waste of time has no urgency of graduating.
I am grateful for this piece of hairy pork.
The fresh skin should be cut and cooked today.
It must taste good. Qian Qian nodded to himself and put half a catty of pork like this on the plate. The aunt who made rice looked at him dumbfounded. Cultivators have a big appetite. Qian Qian is obsessed with reading novels. Qian Qian walked away in a low voice.
Qian Qian turned around and left.
Auntie finally came back to her senses and called from behind, young man, what you took is ginger.
Look, I really have it. Qian Qian smiled with satisfaction at the corners of his mouth. Ginger is the best part of pig meat.
Usually, only a few tens of grams can be produced from a 500-kilogram pork body. The top quality and the best beef are called filet.
It’s the same reason.
It didn’t take long.
Before reaching the window, Qian Qian took out his mobile phone to scan the QR code to pay.
Last time, he talked to that short pony in Zhejiang about a business. He invested in his Zhifu Bao. The meal money is ready and the money transfer is completed. Auntie even asked her to show her the phone. Qian Qian was furious. The phone is very personal and many things can’t be shown to others.
Let me show you in case you find out that I didn’t transfer the money to you. What should I do? Qian Qian is an old man. The most important thing when facing this kind of thing is not to coax you, and then people will see you waving your phone and showing a very angry look. You want to argue with your aunt, but you accidentally hit the soup on your wrist. Poor Qian Qian’s mobile phone fell into the boiling water bucket with a height of 1.
2 meters and a diameter of 1.5 meters in an instant at the edge of the bucket. At that time, sparks sparked all the way in the bucket with lightning. The speed of reaching out to catch the single otaku is commendable. He even caught the phone before it sank to the bottom, but the quality of Nauteqi can blow up and play even if he has nothing to do, not to mention that he is soaked in boiling water now.
Qian Qian, who was scalded by boiling water, let out a cry of pain. The weird blue electric arc jumped on the mobile phone under the soup bucket, and he felt his eyes go dark, and he didn’t know anything. Woooooo, I don’t know how long it took, and there was a loud cry in Qian Qian’s ears. The sound of crying is extremely miserable, as if we are about to face a mountain of swords and a sea of ​​fire. I let the phone blow up and didn’t cry.
You are crying.
Qian Qian grinned and opened his eyes, but suddenly found that the surrounding scenery was wrong.
The cafeteria of Southern Media is open-air.
Qian Qian felt that he couldn’t see clearly, so he didn’t get up, so he squirmed for a distance on the ground, trying to see the whiteness more clearly, a scream almost deafened Qian Qian’s ears, isn’t it just Qian Qian? While digging my ears, I’m ready to cheat It’s not my fault I just woke up and I’m still not clear.
Besides, I’ve never seen a girl’s panties in any western country.
I don’t know where they are hotter than yours. I was on the beach with a bikini girl.
Talking and laughing, but this girl with delicate features and delicate features is really good.
Even Qian Qian, who is as beautiful as the beauty of Nan Media, is not often seen when she is so emotional that she almost drools.
The master and the servant came out to plot something wrong.
The woman Qian Qian almost saw tightened her skirt, pointed at Qian Qian angrily, and scolded, “Don’t think that we are still being hijacked by bandits in the wilderness, so you can do whatever you want.
The overlord of the idiom Solitaire world appears, why do you feel a little obscene? Bah, it’s too obscene, but the old driver Qian Qian is not afraid at all. He calmly said, Sister, which department are you from? I’m a senior in this school. Well, didn’t you see that I just fainted? I’m a wounded patient.
How can there be no humanitarian care at all? You must know that we are a good young lady under the red flag.
Do you think he was scared and stupid just now and stood next to him? A girl’s tone full of disgust interrupted Qian Qian’s eloquence just now, I thought this person was dead, but I didn’t expect that although the waste has a soft life, it is very hard, let alone a bandit, he should come back later Even though the words meant to stop Xiaoling, the tone was full of disgust, the expression on the face seemed to be seeing a bunch of disgusting things, and desperately wanted to stay away. As for wearing an ancient costume, just take a look at it as if you were a lady in ancient times.
Qian Qian, who was inexplicably dismissed because of this problem, was also a little annoyed and decided to ignore the two girls.
Turning over, he stood up, probably because he stood up too suddenly, his head was dizzy, and at the same time, there was a large section of strangeness in his head. Familiar memories seem to be born with the experience of traveling through the legendary time-traveling body. This body is also called Qian Qian, and it is a wealthy family.
However, a catastrophe caused the entire Qian family to fall apart.
Qian Qian, both of his parents died, was alone. When I came to the family where I had made a marriage, it was conceivable that after some humiliation, I was kicked out and divorced, but the original Qian Qian was probably a little brain-dead. I always felt that although my father-in-law and Miss Ai Cai should love me deeply, I was sure. The day when the fiancée was traveling as a master and servant, he wanted to stop her and ask her clearly, so he didn’t know who gave him the confidence because he had seen that side before he could remember anything.
Qian Qian looked at the two beautiful girls not far away and smiled wryly. Before he died, a group of bandits suddenly came and hijacked him and his fiancée, master and servant. There were also three or five people who looked like rich families.