Who is not excited Wang Meng and the others had already come to drink and had a great time at the celebration banquet just now

The ultimate beauty, Sioux City Six Nine Bar, Wang Meng finally finished his work. Wang Meng returned to Sioux City, the city where he was born and raised.
The manager of the bar is a slightly fat man, wearing a decent brown shirt and overalls.
With a bushy moustache, a chubby face with a smile, a little kind, with a bit of retro taste. Guests can drink some Wang Mengdao-like gin, pure or mixed.
Wang Meng said with a smile, let’s mix it first. You wait for the manager, the speed is very fast, not long after, a glass of mixed drink gin was placed in front of Wang Meng, and Wang Meng took a sip, feeling pretty good, and then started chatting with the bar manager. The half-clear bar manager is not only a bartender, but also knows everything. He can chat with customers on many topics. In the middle of the chat, some people are looking at Wang Meng. In the booth opposite the bar, there is a beautiful woman drinking alone. The bar is dim. The light hit her body, making her skin glow like ivory softly. She was wearing a black dress with a deep collar.
The fabric of the skirt was smooth and soft, and it outlined a plump and graceful curve on her body, which was very sexy.
She has a perfect fleshy body, but none of this compares to her good-looking oval face, Yingxue’s clear eyebrows and eyes, her full red lips are like burning flames in the night, she stares at Wang Meng with great interest, and is turned to look at this place from the side.
He is a very refreshing man with short hair, clean and neat, and a firm and handsome face.
The key is that his personality is not so rigid. When talking to the bar owner, his expression is relaxed and his tone is easy-going. He is obviously a man with a high emotional intelligence.
The best thing about him is his body.
He wears gray pants and a gray shirt. Simple dress, the muscles on the exposed arms are solid, and they are not redundant muscles trained in the gym.
The ears are smooth, capable and lean.
This is a soldier, or he used to be a soldier, but he does not have the brother soldier on him.
Rigid and simple, but there is such a cynical, free-spirited, playful and interesting guy. Her observation is very keen, and she guessed Wang Meng’s identity in an instant. She doesn’t seem to have tried this kind of soldier brother. The wine glass came to Wang Meng’s side and she said softly, can I have a drink with you? The beauty is very popular because she smiled sweetly and said, My name is Qin Mei, can you make friends with Fake Mei Mei? Showing a rather ambiguous and envious look, this beautiful woman named Qin Mei often drinks in his bar, and there are many disciples who want to kiss Fangze, but Qin Mei has always looked down on her, but if she likes her, she will take the initiative to attack.
But so far So far, the number of times she took the initiative to attack here is very rare, probably only once, and the man who was approached that time did not seize the opportunity, and finally just left contact information with each other Tsk tsk, such a superb product, will definitely be able to win the top of the bliss, the wine, the beauty, the beauty, the beauty, Wang Meng chats with the beautiful woman very happily, the more I chat with Qin Mei, the more I have doubts about my own judgment, the opposite is really just a soldier brother, if this is the case, then he knows There are too many things. It’s like knowing astronomy and geography. All kinds of anecdotes and customs are at your fingertips.
It’s like a well-educated man with a lot of knowledge, and his easy-going and lively attitude has a comfortable sense of size. If you meet him earlier In a year or two, maybe she will really fall in love with him.
It’s a pity that Qin Mei’s eyes flickered for a moment.
They chatted a lot. From the beginning of the lights to the bar, the number of people gradually increased. Qin Mei got a little drunk and behaved more and more freely. She moved close to Wang Meng’s ear, and the warm breath spewed on her ear, she said wow, it’s a bit noisy here, should I go to a quiet place? Qin Mei rushed towards him, took his hand and said with a smile, I know there is a nice hotel nearby, I invite you to go and have a look, what can Wang Meng say, of course he agrees, and soon they arrived at the hotel, as close as lovers at night, Qin Meiwrapped Walking in with a bath towel on, she stared at Wang Meng with vacant eyes, then stretched her body. Wang Meng’s breathing stagnated for a moment.
What was exposed in front of him was Qin Mei’s proud figure. The perfect posture of the lower body made Wang Meng realize for the first time that the body can really be perfect to this extent.
The best thing is that Qin Mei has a flat and firm lower abdomen. The vest line is faintly visible. Qin Mei’s breathing is getting heavy. She is condescending like a queen and said Wang Mengshua Wang Meng suddenly stood up from the bathtub and threw Qin Mei, who was in his arms, onto the bed.
Chapter 1 This is my house. This is a night full of aftertaste. At the beginning, Qin Mei let out a painful groan. When Wang Meng went to look at the bed sheet again.
A touch of blush gradually appeared on his face, he asked in surprise, the first time Qin Mei was in pain, but she hugged Wang Meng even tighter, she nodded as if she had exhausted all her strength and said it’s okay, don’t take pity on me, Wang Meng is holding Qin Mei Continue to move, Qin Mei is also surprised that you are so strong, Wang Meng smiled shyly and said to me, this is the first time, he put the hair on Qin Mei’s forehead aside and said very gently, so we have taken each other’s first place This time’s really gentle words made Qin Meifang’s heart flutter and she was almost on the verge of falling, but now she is in trouble and feels a little overwhelmed. If it was before, she might really fall in love with this refreshing and clean man, but now she just wants to enjoy it.
At the end of a moment, Qin Mei lay limp on the bed in Wang Meng’s arms, Qin Mei said, “You are so amazing, oh my god, you are sitting there.”