Who are you dare to destroy me It’s been twice but I’m ashamed to ask Ren Xiaoyao smiled slightly and took off the disguise Ren

Please support the original copyright. All the beauties in the world. The evil spirits in the world.
Let you be the richest man in the world.
The granddaughter of the martial arts leader’s granddaughter, the famous actress of Qinhuai, or the female student of the cult leader Heroes from all corners of the world, Mingze and Liuhe Eight Desolation, even single-handedly fought against millions of troops to save the country from water and fire, save the country from ruin, and the woman he fancied, the emperor also had to let the plot brief.
At almost the same time, the Central Plains Wulin, where heroes gathered in large numbers, also experienced a tragic and bloody storm. Countless heroes in the rivers and lakes, people with lofty ideals, sacrificed their lives and went on to succeed, finally in exchange for the short-lived peace of the rivers and lakes. Eighteen years of peace and tranquility are fleeting like a torrent of rivers.
With the disappearance of several martial arts elders or their retirement, the cults in the Western Regions that have caused disasters in the past are revived again. Talented people from all over the country are about to emerge.
A new generation replaces the old. Can the young hero take on the important task of saving the martial arts? Whether his love-hate relationship with countless stunning beauties will move the world? The leader of the Jianghu Alliance formed by the heroes of the green forests of the three provinces is jointly elected by the heroes of the world. The person who holds the position can order the Green Forest League of the 13 provinces of the Jianghu. Together, Mu Ke, Golden Lion, Flying Tiger, Sirius, Cangyun, Hanyang Liuzhai, the most powerful Shaolin Temple, the number one sect in the world, and the seventy-two stunts are powerful in the world. Known to be a hero and righteous, it is admired by the world. The largest gang in the world has gathered many masters.
It has always been famous as the four major families in the Jianghu. The Taishan School, the Huashan School, the Songshan School, and the Huangshan School are collectively known as the current generation of swordsmanship masters.
Six out of ten came out of their sects. The Tang Sect in the middle of Shu was once known as the two major hidden weapon sects in the world with the Mengjiazhuang in Henan.
It has the reputation of the Western Tang and the Eastern Meng. Became the only remaining hidden weapon family in the martial arts. Second, the Asura Sect in the Western Regions. The No. 1 cult in the world. Eighteen years ago, it invaded the Central Plains. Sword Book League lore The mysterious killer organization has power all over the Yangtze River and the Yellow River Basin. In the past, it joined hands with the Asura Sect to unify the martial arts and was eventually expelled from the Central Plains.
It had to occupy the Northwest, but there are still many members hidden in the various gangs. The power should not be underestimated.
Although the Maitreya religion comes from Buddhism, it seldom does merciful things. It has always been disgraced by the righteous way of martial arts Standing side by side with the Diancang sect in the Southwest successive dynasties The masters are all led by the king of Zhennan in the current dynasty.
The important rivers and lakes organizations in Koryo are famous for their strange behavior. The seven major schools of Fusang in the martial arts. Karate-style God Valley Wuying-flow Iga Valley Yutingfan and other seven sects are as powerful as the Central Plains Martial Arts League Character Profile It is enough to control the rise and fall of the entire martial arts world. The unparalleled lightness kung fu and body skills are fierce and incomparable. His internal palm power has made him and the weak crown famous all over the world.
His flying, handsome look, confident and upright smile have brought him the hearts of countless young girls begging for a lover. Longing for loyalty, righteousness, fame, chivalry, tenderness, and swords pointing to the sky, unrivaled in the world, unique in the martial arts world, known as Wushuang, his life is destined to create a martial arts myth that will last forever and be famous in history.
As the ninth generation saint of the Asura Sect, what she deserves to be praised is not only her extraordinary and superb martial arts, but also her understanding and considerate heart of a girl.
The heroic deeds of the leader of the green forest in thirteen provinces opened up his magnificent life of righteousness, bravery and chivalry Learning prodigy at the age of 15 and practicing the 18 palms of Xianglong. At the age of 20, Dacheng became the head of the beggar gang in the same year.
After a hundred days, he has mastered the essence of the dog-beating stick method. Therefore, all the heroes in the world have recommended him as the gang of beggars for hundreds of years.
Xiao Xingchen’s father, the number one all-rounder in civil and military affairs, used to be the second-highest master in the world. His master can be called the master of the generation of martial arts. Although he lost his parents at the age of five, he was born with extraordinary talents and unique talents. The leader was still in his weak crown, and he was designated as the heir to the head of the Taishan School. He carried the treasure of Zhenshan, Zidian, Qingshuang, and two swordsmen, so he was hailed by his fellow martial arts as the Iron Sword, Autumn Frost, Long Feiyun. Ren Xiaoyao, who is proficient in both civil and martial arts and six arts, is ashamed. Then she must be the daughter of Long Yinxiao, the leader of Tianji Sect.
The art of disguise is unsurpassed in the world, even the incarnations of tens of millions of romantic thieves can’t find a flaw. Zhengongji Mina Fusang’s number one master, Beichen Yishou, head of Zhengongji Ming’s daughter, is beautiful, gentle and charming. Art is also excellent, and she is the object of the admiration of countless young heroes in the seven schools of Fusang.
Because her mother is from the Song Dynasty, she admired the culture of the Central Plains since she was a child.