Whispering words like venom Im inside you I know everything about you You dont smile because youre not happy Youre not happy because you cant

Pain in the skin, Dick struggled to crawl on the ground, everything was silent, his eyes were dark, he couldn’t see anything, only one tree after another, he was like a deaf man or a blind man, only when he was crawling forward, his body The soft rustling of the thick fallen leaves reminded him that he was alive but he was dying, he was thirsty and hungry, his bleeding left arm was numb, and after crawling for an indeterminate amount of time, his painful legs were gone too.
The weight of the whole body is numb, relying on only one right arm to support it, moving forward bit by bit in one direction.
Why do you want to move forward? Is there something waiting for him in front? No, he doesn’t know, but there is always a voice in his heart encouraging him. He moves forward, you can only live if he moves forward, but he is tired, he can’t climb anymore, the armor on his body has become a burden, but the most terrible thing is that now he doesn’t even have the strength to get rid of this burden, right? With the last of his strength, Dick turned his body over and lay on his back in the thick fallen leaves, looking at the intertwined canopy and leaves above the gray jungle. The fallen leaves fell from the canopy like The melody of the passing of life is spinning, using a beautiful dance to bid farewell to the whole world.
Hissing, a black snake poked its head out from behind a tree not far from Dick.
It was an inverted triangle head with mung bean-sized eyes. Shining like a hunter, the red snake keeps expanding and contracting.
It carefully looks at the creature lying in its hunting ground, hesitating whether to step forward to give him a shot, and drive him out of its own hunting ground.
Both sides seem to be very patient. After a few minutes, the black snake finally broke the confrontation.
It swam through the thick leaves with a quick and silent rhythm. It got closer to the large creature, keeping the hunter’s caution and patience. Tentatively touched the monster’s body, but there was no response.
It controlled its body and swam to the other side of the monster. When it was about to try again, Dick’s right hand grabbed its tail. The black snake was irritated. Put your head in the gap between Dick’s armor four sharp fangs kiss it but it doesn’t matter he needs food even if it’s full of venom drinking poison to quench thirst sounds crazy but when you’re dying of thirst you still care about that jug Poisonous wine that can at least moisten the throat? Ga’s teeth bit on the scales like biting on a piece of tough wood, but when the first mouthful of stinky flesh was filled into the empty stomach, it came from the deepest longing of life that overcame the pain. It was the desire for life. Fifteen minutes later, Dick turned his body over again.
His head was a little dizzy and his vision was a little blurred.
Based on his experience, this should be a sign of poisoning, but it doesn’t matter. He already has the strength to continue climbing, so let’s go.
Climb as far as he can before death comes Captain look there is a man Morris you go and see Captain is our soldier he is dying God what the hell has he been through then take him back will he survive down As luck would have it a bumpy ride followed Dick opened his eyes with difficulty a sting from the light a sting from the blue sky a warm light so good I’m alive Sheriff of Darrowshire Darrowmere is The general term for the area around Stratholme City is actually a large human gathering area composed of fifty-four villages, farms and seven cities scattered throughout the Darrowmere region, which can be regarded as the largest human kingdom of Lordaeron. In the rear, Lake Darrowmere, the largest freshwater lake in Lordaeron, divides the Darrowmere region into east and west.
West Darrowmere is a famous food producing area in the empire. There are many farms and big cities like Andorhal, while East Darrowmere is It’s not as good as the land. The land is hilly and unsuitable for crop growth.
However, because it is close to the high elf kingdom of Quel’Thalas, the commerce here is very developed.
The border city of Stratholme is also one of the largest commercial cities in the empire.
Darrowshire is East Darrow.
It is one of the most prosperous villages in the Mill area.
It is close to the Holy Light’s Hope Chapel, so there are many believers of the Holy Light. Generally speaking, this village is a very suitable place to stay for a long time. The life here is peaceful and harmonious.
In the past two years, the whole northern Xinjiang I heard that those barbaric orcs almost broke the capital of Lordaeron, but later they were driven to the south under the siege of the army. Northern Xinjiang, which has been ruled by war for several years, is barely peaceful. Come down, but to be honest, all this has nothing to do with the people of Darrowshire, because even when the Orc Peak was the most victorious, they failed to break through the Andorhal defense line, let alone attack the East Darrowmere area.
It was another early morning.
When the warm sunlight shone through the window into the barracks, Dick opened his eyes on time.
He turned over and sat up on the hard plank bed, washed quickly, and then walked out of the barracks wearing a very old leather armor and holding a long sword. Started a day’s work patrol.
Good morning, Mr. Sheriff, would you like to taste my grapes? These are just picked from Marris Farm. Mr. Dick. Thank you for bringing my child back from Andorhal two days ago.
I heard that there is a plague in that place right now. It’s terrible. Mr.
Sheriff. My house was burglarized.
It must be Timmy’s gang of bad boys.
Go and catch them.
They also got close to the sheriff who came to Darrow County three years ago. Although this young gentleman doesn’t like to talk, people in Darrow County know that he is a warm-hearted person who often helps civilians do things different from before. Sheriffs who only know how to blackmail are different. Dick is used to this kind of warm treatment.
He refuses the grapes offered by the peddler and chats with the small businessman who comes to thank him.