While eating and talking Miss Ous tears fell down although her face still had an angry expression but her eyes instantly turned red Its not sister

The road from a supporting role to an actor is not easy.
Chapter 1 Back to the parallel world Mo Yi rubbed his face and looked at himself in the mirror. Is this face still his own? The slightly fat face in the mirror is a bit puffy though his body is a bit puffy. But still can’t hide the handsomeness in his bones. The most important thing is that those talking eyes convey the inner emotions all the time.
If he can lose weight, he will definitely be handsome. After washing his face, Mo Yi lay on the bed again.
He has been lying like this for a long time. Who am I? Where am I? What should I do? Philosophical three questions: It’s been half a day since I came to this world. Mo Yi is very clear about his previous background. The life of an ordinary office worker and an overtime dog in the sales industry. After finally saving money and paying the down payment, I’m happy I didn’t look at the car on the way home from work, I was hit by a car that caused an accident, and I opened my eyes and came here. I don’t know what his name is in this life, and I don’t know where this place is.
Is this a soul wear? It should be. After all, the appearance is different. It took me a long time to find an ID card in the pocket of my jacket. The name is Mo Yi’s birth date, month, month, day, and place of origin in Beijing. The name has the same pronunciation as the previous life, so at least it’s good to call it fluently to see what else is useful on the body.
Something? I took out a Nokia in the left pocket of my trousers. It is already an old model.
The worn plastic case is full of scratches but it is still durable.
I am used to the big-screen mobile phone from the previous life, and holding this former mobile phone king, I feel a little bit emotional in my heart.
Yueri said that today I am already twenty-three years old Mo Yi touched the stubble on his chin, how can a man still live in this kind of place at the age of twenty-three? The house I live in has no light penetration, not to mention floor-to-ceiling windows, not even a small light-transmitting window. It is obvious whether this is the basement or the second floor of the basement.
There are slightly damp bedding and instant noodle boxes all over the floor. It seems that this body was the same before.
A fat man died, no wonder his body was a little puffy. On the table beside him was a small fruit knife with a little blood on it. Mo Yi looked at his wrist, which was clean and new, but there was a large blood stain on the sleeve, which was reddish brown.
I don’t understand. This dude must have committed suicide. I missed it, but why did the wound heal? Mo Yi thought about it, and the wound healed even through time travel.
Why can’t he make a big fuss, but he doesn’t know what he is doing. In this house, there is nothing but instant noodles.
The box is just a wine bottle, not even a single book, not to mention a book, there is no information that can prove my profession, I still have to tidy up the house, I still have to stay here for a while, everything is tidied up, this basement gradually has some human beings living Mo Yi has long been exhausted, panting and sweating on the chair. His body is really puffy and fat.
After doing a little work, he becomes tired. In his previous life, he often went to the gym to maintain a good figure. It seems that his hair needs to be strengthened. Ah, Mo Yi touched his pocket and only had three hundred dollars. He didn’t have a bank card all over his body. I didn’t expect you to be so poor.
If it is difficult, how can I work out and find a way to make money? This three hundred yuan is enough for a month’s expenses if I eat instant noodles. But since Mo Yi has come to this world, he must not allow himself to eat instant noodles. When he is hesitating, pocket it The Nokia in the phone buzzed and vibrated, took it out, and looked at it, it showed Sister Wang, who is this Sister Wang? In my memory, it seemed that she was a big sister who had been taking care of me. Mo Yi pressed the answer button and hey Miss Wang, Xiao Yi Although the voice on the other end of the phone is not graceful, it also has a unique charm of women. Just listening to the voice, Miss Wang should be in her thirties. What are you doing, kid? I haven’t been able to contact Miss Wang for a few days.
Something happened at home. Stay at home, Mo Yi can only play haha, what can I do? I found you a job, come and see if you can get a job Mo Yi narrowed his eyes, never thought that this body is so unscrupulous, no matter how poor he is, he can’t betray himself Thinking about owning such a body, Mo Yi felt a little nervous.
Can you help me, Miss Wang? From now on, he, Mo Yi, wants to be an upright man. Sister Wang raised her voice on the other end of the phone several times, and her voice was much louder.
You kid, I’m sure this job took a lot of effort.
Just push it. Ah, sister Wang, don’t look for me for a job like this in the future.
I really won’t look for you.
Really, I won’t look for you to act after that job.
Sister Wang said, well, acting is acting. Isn’t that what you say? Nonsense, I want you to fly a plane No way, Sister Wang obviously didn’t take what Mo Yi just said to heart, you boy, hurry up and pack up the old place to meet, after that, I’m going to hang up the old place, the old place, but I don’t know anything, Sister Wang, I have no money Why don’t you come to my house and tell me what’s up with your house? I don’t want to stay in your pigsty yet.
Hurry up and come to the gate of the film and television drama base. Because of this, you have to invite me to dinner. After that, Sister Wang hung up the phone Mo Yi Holding the Nokia in one hand and touching my face with the other hand, I thought this body was a hook seller before, but I didn’t expect that even an actor could act in a play.
Why bother to commit suicide? Mo Yi can’t figure it out.
Since he has inherited this body, it’s better To live a good life, I originally wanted to move to another place to continue his sales business.
It seems that becoming an actor is also a good choice. Tsk tsk tsk actor, after the capital flows in in the future, a TV series can earn millions and millions. I have seen so much money, but I don’t know anything now and I don’t know if I can be qualified for the job of an actor. Anyway, if I can’t get along, I can continue to work as his salesman. Mo Yi has no worries.