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Publishing house Guizhou People’s Publishing House Foreword Let cultural classics open the wisdom of life In today’s Internet age, knowledge is updated very quickly. The total amount of knowledge has doubled in almost ten years. Reading surveys show that young people spend less and less time reading and surfing the Internet. More and more convenient and fast search engines are helping those who seek knowledge to open the door of knowledge. What they don’t understand seems to be solved at once.
Under such a background, people will naturally ask such questions. There are too many books to read.
First of all, what kind of books should we choose to read? With the development of the times, is it still necessary to read those classical works with difficult language and content? In fact, there seems to be a cognitive misunderstanding here. Not so. The classics are the crystallization of human knowledge and the source of human wisdom. They contain the splendid civilization of mankind for thousands of years, especially those cultural classics, which deeply contain the cultural lifeline of a nation. They are the cultural genes for the survival of a nation. If the blood continues, these works will not be outdated.
Although thousands of years have passed, the life of contemporary people is also very different from that of the ancients, but the discussion of the value of life has never changed. The wisdom of the ancients can be borrowed in our today.
What we see in the classics in life is not only knowledge and learning, but also the eternal wisdom and life spirit of the ancients.
Feng Youlan once commented that reading the classics is to discover the world that may exist, and this is the most lasting pleasure that people can enjoy since ancient times. There is already one of the most impartial reviewers, and many recommenders recommend good books to it. This selector is time.
These recommenders are the time of the masses.
According to their recommendations, those books that have no permanent value are brushed down, and those that have permanent value Books have been handed down.
Now what we call classics or classical books are handed down after the test of time. These books are all books that should be read intensively.
Reading classics is better than miscellaneous books. Reading ancient cultural classics is like a website.
On the shoulders of cultural giants, explore the origin of human nature and realize the most authentic communication with the great national soul.
The profound cultural heritage and life wisdom are like moistening things, and the silent spring rain infiltrates people’s hearts, making us unconsciously.
The key to reading the classics is how to read them. The reason why we plan to publish this series of interpretations of Chinese culture is to provide a basic reading list for those who are eager to read. With the help of interpretation guidance from experts, start a book. The door to traditional culture continues the blood of national culture and brings a rich experience to one’s own cultural life. It is called Chinese studies, but it does not include all categories of Chinese studies. It mainly chooses humanistic classics including Chinese cultural classics. In order to serve as a guide for readers to facilitate readers’ reading comprehension, in addition to the columns such as the guide notes and classic original meanings of similar books, the publishing planners have added some special columns, such as contemporary interpretation on the basis of classic original meanings. Based on the perspective of contemporary people, the interpretation of the cultural canon is matched with the level of contemporary interpretation, not a purely closed self-talking monologue.
Only by reflecting the contemporary nature of the classics can we find the current language of re-reading the classics.
This interpretation reflects that multiple understandings and contemporary spirit have an inspirational effect on young people, which is conducive to the formation of a good outlook on life, morality, values, and multiple thoughts.
Explanations around the original content of the classics or interspersed with specific historical stories or some cultural common sense are very helpful and inspiring for readers to understand the classic content.
All these contents provide specific help for readers’ reading and reflect our set of Interpretation of the individual life and cultural classics of the series still vividly exist in the cultural survival of contemporary people, and are closely related to the spiritual life and value pursuit of contemporary people.
We must find the matching point of this culture and break the boundaries of time and space. In the creative guides, comments, and interpretations of many authors Use the past for the present and use the present to interpret the past to realize the contemporary value of Chinese traditional cultural classics. Highlight the significance of this series of books.
Only by reading the classics can the profound culture be deposited in the individual’s soul, activated in daily life, and internalized in our lives, thereby refining and improving our knowledge.
Cultural taste, cultural temperament, realization of cultural life, self-conscious construction of one’s own spiritual home, and preface.
It is so ordinary that it stays in your visual senses without any trace like the air, but it turns into literary language and turns into cold mountains, old trees, weak water, and fish.
Appearance, etc.
The world that suddenly becomes strange is always full of mysterious spirit and temptation. The soft and beautiful words make you surprised by the beauty that you are blind to. This is the role of diction. However, the writing needs to be based on meaning.
After all, words are just mere words. It is a tool for expressing emotions rather than the ultimate goal.
Even if they pursue the so-called aestheticism of ci poetry and hold high the banner of appearance experience, what they actually experience is still the spiritual pleasure brought by the surface of ci ci. It is still the function of meaning. However, it is not good if the words are beyond accidents, and it is impossible to fully realize it. The thinker Confucius said that when he said that quality is better than writing, wild writing is better than quality, history is gentle and gentle, and then a gentleman.
This sentence is precisely aimed at the Book of Songs. Summary of The Book of Songs As the source of Chinese culture, the Book of Songs is like an inexhaustible spring flowing up and down for thousands of years