Where is the dark city Still can’t tell you where the dark city is Li Si shook his head I didn’t mean this I was

Ding, because the royal family members of the Yan Kingdom were all brutally slaughtered by the barbarians, as the only survivor of the royal family, you get a special achievement, the orphan of the Li family, and at the same time, you get a city building order.
If you get the national luck, you get the kingdom’s popularity points. Do you need one piece of national luck plus 5,000 people’s hearts to open the random summon? You successfully summoned the five-star historical celebrity Wei Zhongxian and Li Si’s pursuit is not far away.
The first chapter of Li’s Orphan The setting sun shines like blood on the splendid and magnificent palace wall The whole city is bleeding like a river Six great clansmen, you dare to betray me You will all die a good death A strong middle-aged man was killed The dead one was still cursing on the ground until a cold light flashed, the good man’s head fell to the ground, and there were thousands of headless corpses nearby.
A crow flew over the cold eyeballs to observe everything, from corpses to fierce barbarians, and finally locked on to A man on the palace wall was quietly watching this scene. He was wearing clothes common to people from the Central Plains, but he had a high status among the barbarians. Even if he stood quietly here, no barbarian dared to intervene.
For a younger man, but this person is dressed like a Taoist priest.
We promised that we have fulfilled the promise of your Taoist sect.
The middle-aged man asked coldly before the black tooth king dug the ancestral grave of Emperor Dayan. Our Taoist sect has already done it It will make his luck reach its peak in the next half month and finally attract the black dragon’s luck in the kingdom. Optimistically, when the black dragon is born, at least 30% of the country’s luck will be lacking.
The Taoist said with a smile, so what are you worried about? The king is just a boa constrictor who is the king’s pioneer, that’s all, we have joined forces to raise a vicious dragon, but as the saying goes, too many national fortunes are imposed on him, and he will die violently in half a month at most.
Wait a few years, the black dragon on the grassland Born into the world, you have six clans and twelve noble families joined hands and you still can’t fight him. Let it be like this. When you succeed, don’t forget your promise to the Taoist sect.
The young man watched quietly and suddenly opened his mouth to run away. The fourth prince is afraid that there will be changes. If someone with ambition wants to play tricks on the emperor to make the princes, I am afraid that it will ruin his own affairs.
You should investigate the whereabouts of the fourth prince to find a chance. After killing him, there were ripples and changes in the air, and then disappeared without a trace for a long time.
The middle-aged man showed a strange smile on his face.
This world is so fresh. Your Highness, His Highness, with anxious and frightened voices kept ringing in his ears, as if he was having an endless nightmare.
Li Si was alive, dead, alive, dead, alive again, Li Si suddenly woke up, and he was resurrected again at this moment, and the scene in front of him seemed familiar.
At this moment, he fell down on a cliff, and behind him was a surging river. On the plain in front of him, hundreds of cavalrymen Like a mudslide rolling in from afar, the sound of hoofbeats shook the heavens and seemed to break the galaxy. At the foot of the hill, there were about fifty knights wearing ancient clothes. Everyone in the armor was extremely tired, but they still formed a semi-circle to resist the pursuers.
On the left beside him was a man with a pale, beardless and feminine temperament.
Li Si himself is in despair.
This is already the sixth or seventh time. Thinking back to the first time he crossed over, he thought it was luck. In the end, he was still too young. His status as the fourth prince of Yan Kingdom is not the prince. But it can be regarded as prosperity and wealth, and there is nothing to worry about for a lifetime. The overlord of the northern grassland, the Black Tooth King, assembled an army of 300,000, claiming to be 800,000. The road is like a broken bamboo.
Nine days ago, he broke the border and attacked the capital city five days ago. Fortunately, his predecessor was not in the capital at that time.
Instead, he was traveling outside and fled all the way south after hearing the news. In the end, he heard the news that the capital had fallen and the entire royal family was tied up and killed like pigs early this morning. Perhaps he was guilty of running away without a fight, or maybe it was In the past two days, I have been worried, afraid and tired, so it’s cheaper for Li Si to burp, well, it’s not cheap for Little Teddy’s shit, because this is the beginning of his nightmare, Li Si just waited for his golden finger to come, but it’s really a The unreliable Goldfinger randomly summoned him a famous historical figure Wei Zhongxian for the first time, causing him to be hacked to death by pursuers.
The second time he randomly summoned a generation of beauties Li Shishi. The third time he randomly summoned a black man. Whirlwind Li Kui, but the guy with only muscles left in his head only helped him win the first wave of chasing soldiers, and then died in the second battle because he charged too fast. He randomly summoned Jia Xu for the fourth time. This is a great historical celebrity, but the problem is that the chasing soldiers are right in front of him, and there is no chance to show it. The wronged Li Si can only hug Lao Jia and go to hell with him.
For the fifth time, this rubbish golden finger is finally normal. Give it to him Randomly summoned a polar bear, but as soon as he raised his head, Li Si was bitten to death by this bear thing.
The sixth time, Goldfinger summoned Lu Bu very violently. His adoptive father called him, and his soul was gone.
It is true that he single-handedly killed and pierced the pursuers and successfully rescued Li Si from fire and water.
Then he just carefully issued a few orders, and his loyalty became negative. Then he was beheaded by Lu Bu, so now it is the seventh time Li Si is very fast.
Familiar and unfamiliar faces appeared in front of his eyes. They were laughing, crying or cursing and wailing at him, but in the end they all turned into stars. Because of the death of all the royal family in Yan Kingdom, you obtained a special achievement, the Orphan of the Li Family, and at the same time obtained a city building order.
Ding, since you are the only successor of the Yan Kingdom, the fate of the Yan Kingdom is being transferred to you.
You get the Kingdom Luck, do you need to consume a piece of Kingdom Luck bonus if you gain the popularity of the Kingdom?