Where is my son Encans weakness she sneered you want to know where your son is then you transfer all property and everything in the

The angry woman was so angry that she couldn’t find Mu Encan, this cheap girl, her face was almost distorted. Mr. Wang was already waiting for Mu Encan in the room, who knew that she answered a phone call but was run away by Mu Encan After tonight, the 300,000 she owed to Mr. Wang will be written off, but Mu Encan ran away. If Mr.
Wang didn’t wait for Mu Encan, he would definitely not let her go. Since Mu Encan found out that her body was not right, she hurried away to help herself. She entered the elevator and pressed the first floor indiscriminately.
As soon as she got out of the elevator, she entered a huge house.
Before she had time to react, the elevator opened again. She heard hurried footsteps, and she quickly hid in the bathroom.
God, you bear it.
Forbearance, I’ll go find you a woman right now, said in a panicked voice, Master Zhan accidentally recruited the housekeeper to inject a special antidote to this handsome man in front of him, but it didn’t help. The butler looked at Lord Zhan with worried eyes. He knew that Lord Zhan would not touch women. His biological fluids are poisonous. A woman who sleeps with him will die. So Lord Zhan accepted the family and married a wife and got the certificate.
I have been living abroad all this time, and today I came back to China just to divorce my young mistress, but whoever wanted to marry Master Zhan was calculated by others The young mistress picked it up here, not far from Zhanji Manor, Master Zhan, don’t bear it any longer, roll Zhan Sijue’s black eyes coldly and said angrily, the butler was startled when he heard the sound, and got out quickly, he could only secretly pray that Master Zhan would survive Zhan Sijue endured the physical discomfort and went into the bathroom.
He needed to take a cold shower to calm himself down.
Someone dared to touch his wine.
Zhan Sijue just pushed open the bathroom door, and a figure fell directly on the ground.
But I heard an extremely weak voice in my ears, I was so sad, please help me, I sent me to the hospital, she lost consciousness before she finished speaking, the well-trained Master Zhan saw a man in the bathroom asking for help In just a split second, Lord Zhan saw that this girl was the same as he had been.
Zhan Si was determined to hug Mu Encan, but he found his body was trembling, and a strange feeling was running through his body. Zhan Si Jue hugged Mu Encan to the bed, his deep and cold eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of her figure.
Jue’s body trembled for no reason, his eyes dimmed, and he rolled over on the bed. In the darkness, Zhan Sijue let out a dull sound, and while he was in a daze, he took off the ring in his hand and put it on Mu Encan’s thumb. Mu Encan felt The bones seemed to be falling apart, and her body was sore. She opened her beautiful eyes tiredly, and what she saw was a strong and powerful body.
Then, the memories of last night flooded her mind like a tidal wave, scaring her all over.
Trembling, she quickly covered her mouth and held her breath, she was afraid she would wake up the man next to her, she also remembered that she drank Mu Xue In the blurred water that concubine concubine gave her, she still remembered what concubine Mu Xue wanted to dedicate her to. The king always took the opportunity to escape by herself. It was she who broke into this room.
It was she who asked the man on the bed for help. After Mu Encan calmed down, she was fine. In return, she took out a sachet of traditional Chinese medicine from her bag and put it on the bedside table. She picked up the clothes on the floor, put them on, and ran away.
She was afraid that this man would wake up and catch her.
She was even more afraid now.
The husband she met was wearing a cuckold. Mu Encan’s immediate thought was that she would get a divorce after her husband came back. Although she has no relationship with her husband, the only thing she can do to make up is to divorce the marriage, which is only fair to him. Loyalty is the most basic thing for couples or couples, no matter whether they have feelings or not. This time, even if she didn’t do it on purpose, she feels that she has betrayed a marriage that has long existed in name only, and she is destined to have two marriages before she can be happy. Mu Encan When I got home, I happened to see Concubine Mu Xue, mother and daughter, watching TV and laughing. Concubine Mu Xue found that Mu Encan had returned, and she saw Mu Encan’s messy hair and hickey marks on her neck that could not be concealed. Concubine Mu Xue was cold He said sarcastically, “I’m so widowed, I can’t bear the loneliness anymore. What kind of man did I hang out with last night? It was so irritating.
Strawberry marks all over my neck.
Mu Encan heard Mu Xuefei’s words, her eyes were full. Angrily asked Concubine Mu Xue if the water you gave me last night was drugged, why did you destroy my innocence, Mu Encan, what nonsense are you talking about, who wants to destroy your innocence? Concubine Mu Xue rolled her eyes at Mu Encan Looking at Mu Encan coldly, I think you are not a woman, you want to be crazy about men, and you went to fool around with men at night Chan vaguely remembered that Concubine Mu Xue called Mr. Wang when she was on the phone. Fortunately, she escaped quickly, but she didn’t expect that her younger sister would be so vicious that she would use her as a bargaining chip in exchange for money, but Concubine Mu Xue didn’t put Mu Encan on the phone. What evidence do you have in your eyes to prove that I stunned you? I just took you to see the world.
You are unwilling to be lonely and want to climb up to President Wang.
It’s all because of me. It’s been a day since Mu Encan couldn’t prove what happened to Concubine Mu Xue She was framed so angry that she stepped forward and slapped Concubine Mu Xue on the face Concubine Mu Xue, you dare to treat me like this, are you not afraid of retribution? Unexpectedly, her cell phone rang at this time, she saw that it was Mr. Wang calling, she quickly answered the phone, and she said how did Mr.
Wang experience last night, then can the debt between us be written off? I saw Mu Encan run away last night