Where did the ruthless person come from Guo Ming clicked his tongue who knows it might be the boss of the club or he has

Zhao Ziming was taken aback. What kind of smart assistant is it? On the mobile game screen, a setting option popped up to choose the gender and name of the smart assistant, and then there was no other female news.
After editing, a cartoon girl appeared on the phone screen, smiling at Zhao Ziming. Hello, me.
The owner, Zhao Ziming, suddenly became excited and moved the screen to find that the eyes of the cartoon girl would not meet the black technology, right? Zhao Ziming thought casually and asked who are you? Lost and can’t answer The cartoon girl with confused eyes Are you really artificial intelligence? Then let me ask you a question.
Which one is bigger? A catty of cotton or a catty of iron East Law School is the best law school in China Isn’t there a piece and a piece of money on the ground, which piece do you pick? Are you mentally handicapped? Zhao Ziming’s heart is a little cold.
Isn’t this about the same IQ as my seven-year-old cousin? Research Zhao Ziming is sure that this smart assistant is definitely not a specific function that current technology can achieve. Although it needs further understanding, the black technology attributes have undoubtedly been revealed. Although the voice of Xiaoxun is sweet and smiling, it does not have the ability to deal with emotions. It cannot express hatred and liking. Processing some matters according to simple instructions is very different from the artificial intelligence in movies and novels, but it is indeed much higher than modern technology.
Although there were several power outages in the process of flashing a website, I was worried that this time it would turn into a brick, but there seemed to be nothing unusual, and Xiaoxun himself couldn’t remember how it happened and how It came to his mobile phone and thought about it for a long time without a clue. Zhao Ziming simply didn’t think about how it came about.
The urgent problem now is how to change his embarrassing situation.
However, according to Xiao Xun, she can’t get rid of bad debts in the bank.
Whether the money was transferred to his own account was due to lack of ability or prohibited by the law, Xiao Xun himself couldn’t tell whether Zhao Ziming was a second-year graduate student at Dongfang University and had just passed the judicial examination. The only advantage of being inconspicuous among the crowd is that he is quite strict with himself. Through his own efforts, Zhao Ziming passed the entrance examination to the well-known Eastern University in the country from an ordinary secondary school in an inland province, which can be regarded as crossing a class.
Today Saturday, the brothers in the dormitory are all out. Zhao Ziming is lying on the bed alone in the dormitory.
According to the past habits, Zhao Ziming should be in the library at this time because of over-study and accidentally caught a cold. Zhao Ziming gave himself a two-day holiday and opened his own Taobao shop.
First shipped a few orders to see how much profit today should be. Zhao Ziming opened a small Taobao shop after finishing the graduate school in his senior year.
At that time, the main purpose was to solve the problem of living expenses for school. After opening the Taobao store, the living expenses of Zhao Ziming’s postgraduate students basically depended on Xiao Xun, who earned from selling things. Xiao Xun optimized the program of Taobao’s goods-on-load assistant and added the function of automatic price adjustment, picture refresh and adjustment. Zhao Ziming connected his mobile phone to the computer.
Opened the Taobao Shipping Assistant software on the Internet, ready to try how smart Xiaoxun is. Manually operate the Taobao store, thanks to the support of Li Long, a brother in the dormitory. At that time, Zhao Ziming was in his senior year and faced the pressure of employment or further studies.
Family conditions It’s difficult to find a job, and you can’t earn much money, and it’s a pity to give up going to school. It’s a pity that half a year’s hard work.
Small stores are different mainly because they play an intermediary role, that is, they sell items in other people’s stores at a higher price in their own stores, and then use their own account to take pictures of the items in other stores and send them directly to buyers, because there is no pressure to ship goods in stock, and the operation is simple. The brothers in the convenient dormitory had a monthly income of more than 4,000 to 5,000 or even tens of thousands. After several explanations from the brothers, Zhao Ziming made up his mind to open a similar small store, and it was not easy to operate. The biggest trouble was getting the goods. Zhao Ziming copied a loading program called Taobao Shipping Assistant, not to mention earning money wasted, that time was not enough to pay the internet fee Brothers in the dormitory did not ask Zhao Ziming for a penny At that time, Li Long bought it for 1 yuan, after opening a small shop