Where did the nutrition for the little baby come from Hess flicked Xiaomis head do you think the unicorn eggs are ordinary eggs Brother is

Su Xiaomi’s brain is still in chaos, but he still knows the words on the document in his hand. The divorce agreement, but it looks a bit weird with the prefix husband and wife. You only need to sign this document, and the house will be yours. The man on the opposite side spoke in a clear and pleasant voice.
Su Xiaomi raised his head and looked at the man opposite in a daze. He had to say that this man was so handsome that he was so handsome that both people and gods were angry.
The names of the two people on the agreement are Su Xiaomi and Yisilan, and the gender is male.
Su Xiaomi blinked his eyes to make sure he was right, but when will he get married? You should know that at this age, he is still a pure virgin.
I haven’t even been married to a girl, Lala Xiaoshou, let alone mentioning it, and the partner is a man.
The man sneered and seemed a bit disdainful.
You don’t even remember your husband’s name, right? No, it’s your ex-husband soon Sue Xiaomi is fully awake now, before Iss opens his mouth again, he picks up a brush and swipe his name twice, then hands the document and the pen to the man on the opposite side at the same time. Agreeing to divorce, after all, this marriage is completely the result of Su Xiaomi’s stalking The strangeness in my heart was finally suppressed by him.
The man stood up and straightened his clothes and said that although we are no longer husband and wife, you can still find me if you encounter difficulties. I am still your senior, and if you want to commit suicide in the future, don’t choose again Cutting wrists is such a stupid way.
After finishing speaking, the man turned around and left without hesitation. When the door was slammed shut with force, Su Xiaomi finally slowly looked around.
This is a big bedroom. The tall buildings outside the huge floor-to-ceiling windows have a panoramic view. Su Xiaomi lifted the brocade quilt covering his body.
He has been sitting on the big bed.
This is a double bed. The dark red bedside table is carved with complicated patterns, which is a bit antique. It is bright red, embroidered with beautiful and prosperous patterns. This is undoubtedly a strange place. What makes Su Xiaomi even more unfamiliar is that his body is thin and his arms and legs are thin.
There is not much flesh on his body.
He got off the big bed and his legs are soft and he has no strength. Dawdling in front of the full-length mirror, Su Xiaomi was amazed by a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy who appeared in front of his eyes.
If you ignore the black circle around his right eye, he is definitely a beauty.
He has a pretty nose, red lips, and big eyes, especially the long ones. The eyelashes fluttered like fan feathers, but because of the dark circle around his right eye, his charming face was greatly reduced.
Su Xiaomi silently complained in his heart that he is not half a national treasure now. If his left eye had another black circle, he would be alive and well. It was a panda.
Su Xiaomi pinched her thigh.
The person in the mirror did the same.
The sharp pain forced tears to her eyes. Turning in his orbit, he is now finally sure that he is reborn, and how could he survive such an explosion, but thinking of his own death, Su Xiaomi has the urge to kill cabbage, who would have thought that his majestic graduate student in the Department of Biology would die on a cabbage Su Xiaomi’s tutor is the most authoritative professor in the Department of Biology. The research project requires the use of cabbage samples. In the evening, he was the last person left to check the laboratory and found that there was no abnormality.
Just as he was about to leave, he tripped over a cabbage. What a coincidence.
He knocked down the table next to him, and there were uncollected chemical reagents on the table. He didn’t know what it was all about. He heard a loud bang, and the scorching heat wrapped him up, and then he didn’t know anything. Master, you’re awake. A cheerful voice came from the door. Su Xiaomi turned around and saw a chubby little man standing at the door asking if you were talking.
He was interrupted by the little man before he finished speaking. Master, what do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you right away. The human voice is still cheerful.
Su Xiaomi gritted his teeth.
Before he died, cabbage swore that he would turn into a rabbit in the next life and eat up all the cabbage. Now, although he didn’t become a rabbit, it didn’t affect him to eat cabbage for revenge.
He decided to fight against cabbage, but the villain at the door didn’t He didn’t walk away immediately and looked at the master whose face was distorted for a moment.
He was tangled and said, master, there has been no cabbage in our galaxy for more than two thousand years. In the future, Su Xiaomi scratched the wall and knew that revenge is so difficult. He should eat more before he dies. I ordered cabbage, Master, you committed suicide by slashing your wrists last night and you went on a hunger strike.
You can’t eat anything too greasy. How about I make you some porridge? The villain said cautiously, and then quit before Su Xiaomi nodded.
If you know that the owner of this body has committed suicide by cutting his wrists, I didn’t expect that there was still a hunger strike.
No wonder he just stood there for a while, then became dizzy and struggled to move back to the big bed, but his legs really didn’t have the strength to snort.
Su Xiaomi was startled by the sound from the floor-to-ceiling windows, but he really has no strength to jump up now.
Who are you? He doesn’t know when a person quietly appeared in the room, and he is still so handsome.
The floor-to-ceiling windows have not been completely closed.
That’s where the man comes in.
The breeze blows through the gap in the window. The man’s long silver hair and a pair of red phoenix eyes are squinting at Su Xiaomi, who is arrogant and inviolable. Deeply attracted by the man, the man seemed displeased at being stared at, and said coldly, idiot Su Xiaomi hurriedly came back to his senses, bowed his head and counted the floor tiles under his feet with a guilty conscience, oh, he was so ashamed to see the man in a daze, the man didn’t know Su The entanglement in Xiaomi’s heart reprimanded you, don’t look at yourself, imitate other people’s hunger strike and cut their wrists