When you want to go back alone to the sports meeting when you hide in a corner with no family and cry when you go

You know that Taoist priests in modern society can only practice things and keep in good health is a profession nicknamed “Gui Shishou”. Fa Yujianshu jumps from no magic to a low-magic plane.
The revival of Yujianshu can free Taoist priests from the status of life. Military, commercial, cultural and power.
This world is destined to be more wonderful because of the profession of Taoist priests.
But before that, you To use this skill of controlling the sword to keep playing games, first solve the fragmented sects, and then become the leader of the flourishing ZTE Discover the truth of this world and the Luoshu illusion The two armies of Guan and Pang are stationed in the north of Fancheng, and the confrontation is imminent. In the atmosphere of the battlefield of killing and Xiao Su, a drum beats like thunder, Pound, Guan Yu, the commander of the two armies moves forward, and the cavalry is surrounded by one person and one green-robed leader Bearded armor shines brightly across the red rabbit holding the knife, phoenix eyes and beautiful beard Guan Yunchang is here Pound why didn’t he come early to die At the sound of the drum there is another tiger dragging Pound out of the horse with the sword Here, if you are afraid of death, get off your horse early and surrender. Guan Gong is furious. He swings his horse and wields his sword to take Pang De.
The two generals are familiar with their long swords.
The 50,000-strong army confronted each other, and there was silence.
The two heavy long knives intertwined, and there was a shuddering muffled sound.
Not only the Jingzhou army, but also the Wei army were dumbfounded.
Then five small soldiers in the Jingzhou army were squatting on the ground to surround themselves.
In a circle, there are four men and one woman squatting on the ground as if they couldn’t find migrant workers for the project.
Of course they are not brothers who came to fight the war. Seriously, please say it again. Looking at the tiger generals fighting outside, what is going on with Guan Yu? The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is true or not. Four rookies surround the only old driver in this wave.
Mingshan’s eyes look at me, my driving skills can only guarantee that no one will be killed within twenty yards, so I’ll tell you again, if you still don’t understand, don’t ask me, I’m just half-knowledgeable First of all, the one before you is Pang Lingming’s death Zhan, I can answer you, it should be from Chapter 74 of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Xiao Yuan paused for a while before those few continued to ask questions, I don’t understand the principle, I only know that this is a hallucination, similar to hypnosis or soul wear if If you want to end the hallucination, just draw your sword and kill yourself, or hit the wall to get out of hypnosis Originally we were supposed to meditate in a Taoist temple, why did we suddenly wake up here and think about what we were doing before we came here? Although Xiao Yuanyou is still Smiling face, but everyone could see that he was very impatient, the four of them carefully replied to meditate, we are Taoist monks, and this illusion is the cultivation method of this Taoism.
It’s just that the time limit for this experience is within three days, and if it exceeds three days, you will be forced to leave the illusion.
In short, you can treat it as if you are playing a video game, and you will be rewarded for passing the game. At this time, a yellow talisman is blown by the breeze, and it says that the appearance of this thing means this. Everyone probably understands that the reward is not fake, Xiao Yuanyou sighed, oh, it’s really delaying things, Xiao Yuanyou heaved a sigh of relief, turned back, waved his hands sincerely and smiled and said, just play the game, I’m leaving, you are just now Just punch in and get ready to get off work. The two of you just hugged the person’s thigh, senior brother, don’t be so perfunctory to us, please help me to the end, Xiao Yuanyou’s pinky fingered his ears and frowned, didn’t he say that he had dead fish eyes? The game clears the experience points, then upgrades, changes jobs, buys a house, gets married, gets divorced, divides property equally, kills this slut senior brother Xingxing senior brother, everyone is shocked Xiao Yuanyou returns from a fugue, in short, every time you live and experience, you can get some rewards after entering meditation For example, knowledge, technology, experience, can the ability in it be brought back to the real world? Can you turn stone into gold? One of the fat boys who wear glasses and can tell he is a dead house asked, hahahaha, what are you laughing at? Xiao Yuanyou said with a blank expression. My parents told me that if the other party tells a joke, even if it’s not funny, I have to laugh three times to show respect, but my brother just laughed, the fourth laugh you, uh, what kind of super power development institution is here? No matter how you shake your head, it is a legitimate Taoist sect registered with the Taoist Association.
It does not teach things that make money and harm others, but it will not release a wave with both hands together Those who engage in cultivating the immortals in the cave under the mountain are all accompanied by old grandpas. With contemptuous eyes and a worried tone, Xiao Yuanyou expressed his love for the IQ and common sense of modern youth, and even made some uncivilized verbal remarks about the education system.
What do you think? I just came here because I heard that the Golden Core and Nascent Soul, like in the novel, can ascend to Taoism and ascend to the Tao.
The crowd immediately made a fuss. When they saw Xiao Yuanyou’s eyebrows slanted like two watermelon knives piercing the sky, they softened their voices to please the Taoist teacher.
Brother Mighty Brother, be patient. We want to confirm that the strengthening obtained in the illusion is really ineffective for the real self. If you want to ascend to heaven so much, go directly to Uncle Yang’s hospital to beg for love.
Xiao Yuanyou is really going to explode right now.
Considering I am a senior, I can barely bear my heart and continue to explain, don’t be silly, your experience of getting into meditation is strengthening