When they collided in the air there was a shocking bang sound Hong Yuankun was also thrown out instantly his arms trembled his face was

Swallowing the Starry Sky, he has a classmate Luo Feng Lord Snow Eagle He has an older brother named Xue Ying Turning around the rockery, dotted with stacked flowers and plants, there is a sense of luxury in the quietness.
In the east, there is an exquisite courtyard with a hanging plaque called Dong’an Pavilion. Inside, there are attics and even water diversions pass by. In the courtyard, beside the stone table, there is a young man with long hair and a green shirt hanging down.
His face is white and his eyes are clean. Slightly sluggish, when I woke up, I became an eighteen-year-old boy named Jiang Fan. During the Song Dynasty, immortals, demons, and Buddhas danced together.
Song is not Zhao Jiangfan accepted the memory, understood the situation here, and the anxiety in his heart gradually subsided, and then he became a little excited. Even the establishment of the foundation has not been completed. Jiang Fan was poured cold water on his head and shook his head. He felt helpless. The original body was hijacked by evildoers when he was a child and sacrificed halfway. Missed the best time to practice, he is very intelligent and has a long-term memory, so he is unwilling to be mediocre, and has been studying the way of cultivation. With a glance, Jiang Fan found an album called Xuandao on the stone table, opened it, and there were thirty-six pictures on it. He memorizes every picture in his mind.
The first six pictures are the foundation building method.
Although he has studied to an extremely deep level, he has only completed the practice of the first five pictures. Combing the past and mastering it, now stand up and look up at the blue sky in the sky. Silky white clouds, a thousand years of good spring, how can the good spring be wasted? Jiang Fan walked out of the small courtyard with a map of the mysterious way in his hand, passing by the martial arts field, and saw some cousins ​​who leaped more than ten meters and punched out rocks and broken swords. With a ruthless jump, Xiao Fan was so impatient that a white-clothed young man leaped across a distance of more than 20 meters and landed lightly in front of him.
He said softly, “Third brother, I adore immortality, but my aptitude is too poor and I have no choice but to take a look.
” Your bravery came to comfort my helpless soul. Jiang Fan naturally assumed the role, pointed at the boys and girls on the practice field, shrugged, this third brother is his cousin named Jiang Shan, the relationship between the two is very good, you have been smart since childhood Never forgetting, who would have thought that the foundation was broken in the first catastrophe? Perhaps this is heaven’s jealousy, Xiaofan, don’t be too entangled. Maybe one day in the future, the fate of immortals will come to the flying fairy.
Jiang Shan took out a small porcelain bottle from his arms and handed it over Come here, this is a Xisui Pill that I got recently.
It is useless to me.
After you take it, you may improve your physique and increase your strength. Third brother, thank you Jiang Fan. A good father, he has taken it twice, otherwise he is still a sick child, why are you polite, we chatted for a while Jiang Shan was called away to compete with another person By the side of the pond, the breeze slowly undulates the lotus leaves. Now it’s just April.
The lotus hasn’t bloomed yet. Otherwise, the garden will be full of fragrance once it arrives. Walking slowly, I heard a familiar voice not far away.
Let me tell you, you have to listen to our ginger. The family was well-known in ancient times, and even today’s Taishang Sword Sect, Hunyuan Sect, and Tianyao Mountain don’t have any names.
As long as you mention the Jiang family’s gods and Buddhas in the sky, you have to respect it.
Legend has it that our ancestors are gods.
The King of the Immortals, I remember the name of the ancestors, it seems to be called what it is called, yes, Jiang Taigong, Jiang Ziya, once the gods retreated, what a glorious past, it’s a pity that our children and grandchildren are incompetent. Now our Jiang family can only nest in In Xiaoxiaojuncheng, this is an old man with white hair and white beard sitting on a reclining chair, telling a few children around him about the past, talking about myths, and he couldn’t help but feel a lot of emotion. I’ve heard of this character and Taishang Jianzong has a history of at least tens of thousands of years, right? Xiaofan, the third grandpa saw it and blew his beard.
What do you know? The character is at least one hundred thousand years and one million years ago, I know only a few words, not to mention you little guy, who has more experience than you? Baby, after tens of thousands of generations, what else is there? The third grandfather said, seeing the Xuandao map in Jiang Fan’s hand, his eyes lit up.
No one practices the thirty-six diagrams of Xuan Dao, but this is something that has been truly passed down.
It’s just a pity that the cultivation is too difficult. The first six diagrams are nothing more than building a foundation. Even if you succeed in cultivation, you only have steel and iron bones, you can’t prolong your life, you can’t have sword qi, it’s far from being able to compare with practicing qi, you’ll just ignore it over time, but there’s always been a legend in our family that there’s an earth-shattering secret hidden in the Xuan Dao map, even though no one has discovered it. But the map of Xuan Dao has been handed down all the time, maybe it’s a rumour, the third grandpa, no one in the tribe tried to complete all the cultivation, why didn’t the map of Xuan Dao, the higher the aptitude required in the later stage, our Jiang family once had a rare genius who was judged to be able to enter the Tao in the future, and even Has a higher achievement, but the one who is proud and arrogant wants to understand the hidden secrets hidden in the Xuandao map, regardless of the opposition of the tribe, at the age of eighteen, the first six pictures and the middle twelve pictures have been cultivated successfully, and at the age of twenty-five, the last eighteen pictures In addition to gaining terrible defense and strength after completing the training,