When the young lady turned around and left Liu Xun looked at it with a halfsmile Look at Liu Zejun Junzi youre not clean its

Calabash Panda An accident made Liu Xun reborn back to the year.
Grandpa in a high position will not advance to the CPPCC Pension Bureau because of an untimely internal reference article. As a criminal accomplice, my aunt will not invest in the Soviet Union wrongly because of other people’s misleading on the eve of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, resulting in huge debts and being imprisoned.
There are also every confidante who missed in the previous life. In this life, I can’t miss any of them. Simply put, this It is a novel of rebirth. There are officials, businessmen, struggles, schemes, romance, ambiguity, women, confidantes, power, whatever I want, and money, and beautiful women, and what I want, and what do you give up beauty for power and power for money? Maybe as an excellent reborn person, the beauties and money are all mine. As for the power, of course it is the business war between grandpa and dad.
Playing pigs and eating tigers to play tricks and schemes.
Rebirth text Wedge year. I’ve been strolling around, you boy haven’t been here for several months Hey, what’s the matter? I’ve been itchy recently. Come to my side for activities. Our brothers haven’t played twice in a few days. How did you do two tricks? Grabbed a can of drink casually from the side, looked up and drank it down, said hey hey twice, but couldn’t even squeeze out a smile uglier than crying, okay, today you play with me for a while, I won’t move for a while to see how you grow I didn’t hear that your shooting range got two new ones.
We’ve had a good time after all. Guo Xiaodong smiled, that’s right, but you guys are well informed.
I’ve got new ones here, but not many people know about it.
Suddenly, I seem to have remembered something, right, fourth, you haven’t come here for a while, why do you want to come here today? Don’t say that your hands are really itchy.
I don’t believe it.
I said that you have been here recently Is it harming a good family Xiaobaicai again? After speaking, he gave a wicked smile and made up his lascivious face, but when he looked back at Liu Xun, his expression after joking didn’t show signs of getting darker and darker. It’s okay to wave your hands, brother, I don’t say anything, I know you’re not good, you’re joking in the past, and I don’t see you pause like this, but you came here at the right time, and there is an empty practice room Let me also see that you have grown up recently, kid. Didn’t say anything and called two people to bring exercise clothes and protective gear. The quality of the waitress here is good. When Guo Xiaodong took the exercise clothes, he stretched his buttocks The girl in her twenties and fourteens was not annoyed, but she turned her head and showed a shy smile at the boy, yelling at the boy, who seemed ashamed to refuse, and didn’t know who took who. It’s cheap, Liu Xun shook his head impatiently, he’s used to seeing this boy flirting with the little girl here, and he’s no longer surprised that girls these days get wet when touched There are a lot of rascals, especially in this kind of place, but as one of Guo Xiaodong’s few friends, he knows this little It’s just that he can change women faster than he can change clothes, but he has always maintained the principle that rabbits don’t eat grass by the side of their nests.
He usually doesn’t touch these girls who work for him. The cleanliness of his clubhouse is ranked first in the provincial capital. He casually took the practice clothes and protective gear, but left them behind casually.
Today, I don’t wear this tortoise shell. Dumbfounded, Guo Xiaodong, who was still putting his hands on his hips, entered the locker room on his own.
There is a problem, there must be a problem.
Why did this kid change his sex today? There is definitely something wrong with his temperament like in the past Guo Xiaodong looked at Liu Xun’s back with a thoughtful look in his eyes, and he wanted to say that the relationship between the two of them was an iron buddy since college days.
Ranked No. 2, Liu Xun, ranked No. 4. After starting school and getting to know each other, the two met and became hardcore.
After graduation, Liu Xun stayed in Jinjiang, the provincial capital, to develop. There are all kinds of fitness facilities in the large and small fitness clubs.
They are also well-known in the provincial capital.
In the past two years, they went online and set up a small shooting range in the suburbs. From time to time, they can get something new.
Huo is a famous figure in Jinjiang Xiaoxiao, Da Ben also flirtatiously made a relationship with two people when they were in college. After graduation, they developed in the same city. Naturally, they often meet, drink and spank Liu Xun because of his family background. I like shooting and shooting very much.
I come here from time to time to play two hands with Guo Xiaodong, who claims to have been trained by special forces, and then go to the shooting range to experience itchy hands, drink a few bottles of beer and talk about the mountains.
After 15 minutes, Guo Xiaodong came from the practice room.
I rely on the fourth child, you took hormones today, why are you so violent, you should have taken off your protective gear if you knew it earlier, you kid fooled me, hey you kid, apply the medicine lightly, even with such heavy hands, you think you are playing with pork Well, today we didn’t watch Huang Li when we went out. I ran into you kid feeling upset and took my anger out on me and tossed about for a few more minutes before the two came out of the practice room. As if the chrysanthemums were full of bruises after the chrysanthemum explosion, the waiter on the side held back his laughter and dared not laugh out loud.
If he hadn’t met Liu Xun several times earlier, he would have doubted his boss’s sexual orientation. Chu Ziqing winked at the little girl for a long time, but the corners of her eyes became more and more painful. It seemed that she had been hit hard a few times and looked at Liu Xun.
The clothes were still neat, but there were two pieces of toilet paper stuffed on her nose.
The blood was not cleaned