When the whole person fell down what he touched was not the cold and hard ground but a warm and broad chest She can rest

She flattered all the people she wanted to please, but when the emperor invited her to bed for the first time, she performed abnormally and was photographed on the horse’s hoof.
As soon as she touched a finger of hers, she shouted that the emperor is awesome, the emperor is amazing She was kicked out pitifully, and then the emperor came again to teach her a lesson, she opened her mouth but couldn’t speak, her voice was hoarse, she was gentle, black-bellied, big bad wolf, wise and stupid, little white cloud, content label sweet text, cool text, protagonist Gao Yunyun, Xiao Heng, God of death came this year The harem general election Chuxiu palace came in a round-faced and pleasing little girl.
This girl is so pleasing that even the eunuchs and maids around her feel like they are in spring breeze when they hear her talk. You are always implicated and suffer. You are pitiful, you are surnamed Jiang.
So what about the right-hand woman? Isn’t everyone around you implicated by you? You, a troublemaker, and those who follow you are all in bad luck.
They either have a broken leg or a disfigured face. Whoever gets involved with you is the most miserable follower.
Your lips are swollen and your eyes are blue.
Fortunately, I pulled a hand beside her, otherwise she would be gone yesterday.
The girl I love is the cute little girl with a round face, Gao Yunyun, you, you talk nonsense. When I was three years old, my father asked a master to tell my fortune. The master said that I am the fate of the rich and powerful, and you are the one who caused the trouble. I had breakfast with you earlier, you fed her porridge with a spoon and almost choked her to death, why didn’t you say that Jiang Fang was talking and pulling Gao Yunyun hard, trying to pull her in front of her, these two are the daughters of high-ranking officials One is the daughter of the right prime minister and the other is the daughter of the minister of the Ministry of punishment. Her fathers are all powerful ministers.
Their family backgrounds, talents and appearances are all first-class.
From childhood to adulthood, there are twenty-five empresses in today’s sages. The position is vacant, so the three-year draft makes all the noble girls squeeze their heads and want to be the master. Don’t argue, you two sisters. You are both auspicious people with auspicious fortune. Yun Yun persuaded her to stand in the middle with a perplexed expression, and was torn to and fro, her whole body was shaking like a piece of rag, and her head was dizzy.
What she said was all the truth. Coiled with thick white air, interspersed with strands of golden air, golden air is noble and a blessing, at least it is not a problem for these two princes and generals to marry well-matched families, but it is true that they have been unlucky recently because of them Meeting the God of Death Gao Yunyun, she is the source of all bad luck. If they have a pair of different eyes like her, they will be able to see Gao Yunyun’s body surrounded by a thick black mist, with a breath of death.
When the two of them pushed Gao Yunyun, the black energy on her body rushed over aggressively to devour the golden energy on the two of them like an insatiable monster, two sisters, let me go, or you will get hurt Really be careful not to push anymore Gao Yunyun tried her best to persuade them with a face full of horror, but she didn’t finish her words The whole person was pushed out and fell heavily on the ground. There was a muffled sound of gada.
Her whole face turned pale and began to scream in pain. Her arm must be broken and wanted to scold her.
Why is she always the one who gets hurt? The people around were startled, and then rushed forward, and the maids who took care of them were so frightened that their faces turned pale. It’s completely normal. The rashes on my body are countless. It doesn’t look like I entered the expensive Chuxiu Palace, but it looks like I entered the plague quarantine area. I am not sick or disaster.
I am ashamed to say that I am here to participate in the draft this year. Ladies, be careful Help her to the side and sit down, and immediately invite the imperial doctor to diagnose the pulse and apply medicine. Her arm is not broken, but it is dislocated. Dare to take the initiative to stay away from those two noble girls. Facts have proved that these two are broom star fools, so they moved forward to take a look at Gao Yunyun’s miserable little round face.
After this trip, they seem to have become When did Jiang Fang and Xu Wen experience this kind of cold treatment, they were so angry that they almost vomited blood.
They have been the focus of the crowd since they were young. The state of dislike is really pale.
I opened my mouth to explain, but I don’t know where to start.
The two sisters don’t need to worry about it.
I couldn’t use my strength, so I accidentally fell, and it hurt you both The two have nothing to do, Jiang Fang’s complexion eased a little, her heart felt more relieved, she took her hand and said, “My sister, you have suffered this time. I will remember all the beautiful ladies who stayed and continued to be taught the rules.
Gao Yunyun was supported by the palace maids. Walking to the resting place, there was an aunt accompanying her. Before leaving, she glanced back at the beautiful girls who were standing neatly. Their eyes rested on Jiang Fang and the two of them for a moment before carefully retracting them, sighing softly. The strands of golden gas are decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, leaving only a mass of ordinary white gas, and even when the golden gas is gradually decreasing, black spots have appeared in the white gas, slowly gathering, and it is about to form.
She has the same black energy all over her body, she can’t get close to the two of them anymore, otherwise, sooner or later, the one who dies will be the two of them who will be the next person to save her life? nails