When the two old men were planning to discuss marriage while the iron was hot suddenly the door of the room was knocked open only

I am born beautiful and hard to give up Senior sister why are you so strong I am talented and smart Bones are exquisite Senior sister you are not bothered because I am the protagonist Beauty and wisdom coexist Temperament and talent are one of the world’s number one figure Peerless martial arts What’s wrong You are the protagonist Then what am I You are my senior sister’s little follower Chapter 1 Senior sister, please forgive me A long sigh pierces the quiet night sky Li Yiyi is lying on the roof with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed, holding a piece of thatch in his hand and shaking it around, feeling melancholy He really feels that he is the image spokesperson of the word tragedy. Many years ago, he was picked up by a bad old man and returned to Pojianmen, where he lives now, and accepted him as a closed disciple. Logically speaking, this should be a happy thing.
What I didn’t expect was that this so-called closed door disciple really stepped on a horse. He didn’t do any errands other than closing the door. His daily task was to close the battered gate of the broken sword gate and the doors of the master and several senior brothers before going to bed. The door, but he didn’t abandon it. It’s been rain or shine for more than ten years. Maybe it’s his persistence that touched the sky.
On a dark and windy night, the sound of thunder and thunder made him tremble all over. When the door was accidentally closed, it clicked. He cut off his own hand. After three days and three nights of sleepless research by his master, Shen Xuzi, he came to the conclusion that he was the legendary skeleton from the broken shape of his hand bone and the screams these days. You can’t pick out a piece of trash for ultimate cultivation who can’t be picked out in thousands of miles.
You have to ask how trashy he is.
Once he secretly heard the drunk Kidney Xuzi say such a sentence.
That kid is completely useless except for his looks.
His rape is simply my disgrace for breaking the sword gate. Just when Li Yiyi was disheartened and about to strangle him to death with the rubber band of his underpants, and then hang himself, a woman who changed his life appeared. She is Li Yiyi’s senior sister, Bro Luo Shishi, the chief disciple of Jianmen, is also responsible for the strength and beauty of the broken Jianmen. After Luo Shishi beat and ravaged his hands for five days and five nights without sleep, he finally came to the correct conclusion.
But it doesn’t matter.
Master Luo took out a book with a golden cover and put it in front of him.
He held his hand and said kindly, “Senior brother, this skill is something that my sister spent a lot of time on. It’s just for you.” Tailor-made as long as you learn how to block people and kill Buddhas to block and kill Buddhas, cultivate to great success, go to heaven and earth, call wind and rain, and then you can fly to the fairy world, rank in the fairy class, and become a party god.
Looking at the big characters on the cover, Li Yiyi doubts that this senior sister is It’s not fooling yourself, there are eight big letters on it that you can’t think of even if you want to break your head It comes in handy when I can’t take off my trousers, go forward, stand up with a big thorn in my legs, and tell people to come and lead your sow out, I’m going to fight it, isn’t it bullshit? If it’s you, you give or not He stabbed Li Yiyi and wanted to tear it to pieces on the spot.
Master Luo persuaded him with a backhand punch, then turned over the exercises and pointed to the words on it, you took it upside down, okay, the other side said jessicaThe big characters of the universe, the super invincible iron skin magic skill, the name seems to be very powerful, and it looks like that.
I stretched out my hand and touched the ink of these words, which seemed to have not dried yet. In a doubtful tone, I said, “Senior sister, this must not be you.” You wrote it yourself, how do you know it wasn’t written by me? Master Luo almost slipped his tongue. Impatiently, he slapped the exercise on his face and stretched out his jade hand. Anyway, the exercise is for you. Whether you can practice it or not is up to you. His savvy can go to his grandma’s savvy, right? Li Yiyi almost didn’t just lift the table. If he had that thing, he would have been closed for more than ten years. She was beaten and why she kept rubbing her two fingers and looked at her with a smile on her face. This smile made people feel chills down the spine My old lady almost lost her life trying to get this exercise for you, you are sorry, you have a good conscience, senior sister, I was just about to open my trouser pocket to show that I am poor and worthless, suddenly she put a finger under her head under the pillow What kind of shit is that Li Yiyi immediately hugged the pillow tightly and shook his head so that the senior sister could not use it. This is what I saved to marry a wife, but she snatched it away and said, What kind of wife will you marry? In this way, the private money that he had saved for more than ten years was ruthlessly taken away by his domineering senior sister. That night he cried for three full hours. The reason why he didn’t cry until dawn was because he was too hungry and passed out. Forcibly chiseling the wall to steal the light and peeping at the senior sister every night. Practicing hard and swearing to become a supreme master admired by thousands of people. It is impressive that finally the skill pays off.
Just broke the leg, yes, you read that right, it wasn’t hammered, it was broken, you can imagine how fierce he is, this senior sister, of course, maybe it’s because I’m quite pretty, senior sister was more gentle when she started The five senior brothers formed a group to spy on her and tried to take a bath, but she stripped her naked and hung upside down on the crooked tree outside the mountain gate, broke fifteen poles in one breath, and then exposed to the sun and rain for three days and three nights. The slavishness in their bones has been wiped out. Since then, a few people have behaved better than their grandsons in front of her.
The grandson told them to go east, but they dared not go west, and they called them to catch dogs, but they didn’t dare to catch chickens.
Every night before going to bed