When Song Yu mentioned that he wanted to buy things for the baby Yan Bing said husband do you really want our baby to be

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His wife, Song Yunan, was born in an ordinary rural family.
The blood in my heart is full of enthusiasm, and I became a soldier like my father. His culture is not high. He joined the army at the age of two. Song Yu retired early and returned to Jiangtong at the end of the second year of joining the army.
His performance in the army is particularly outstanding or is it due to other reasons.
In the past two years in the army, he has made a lot of achievements and was selected as an outstanding soldier every year. When Song Yu returned to Jiangtong, he learned of a thunderous thunder.
It was reported that his parents even took the initiative to help him get a marriage certificate with a girl he had never met, and Song Yu’s happy life was ruined by this red notebook that can be bought for only a few dollars.
Song Yu, who graduated from high school in the 1990s, seemed to be useless except that he had more fists and kicks than ordinary people. He really didn’t find his own advantages.
Life forced him to look for a job everywhere.
For Song Yu, an educated and non-urbanized citizen, he After going through all kinds of hardships, he finally found a job, and the city Song Yu lives in is called Jiangtong City, a second-tier city that belongs to the country, and the consumption level here is also in the upper middle level. Song Yu’s current job income is not strong enough for him. A person lives alone in a trading company and works as a security guard. The monthly income is 1 yuan, including food and housing. Although Song Yushi’s monthly income is less than 1 yuan, he has a very strange temper. When he meets people he doesn’t like, he can’t help himself In their security department, Song Yu is the only one in their security department, Song Yu is a veteran, and the education level of the other colleagues are all above high school, which is the main reason why the company did not fire him.
Passed countless streets and rushed to the company. Song Yu’s company is called Wanlutong Trading Co., Ltd.
It is a medium-sized enterprise in Jiangtong City. I heard that there will be a chance to go public next year, but whether the company can go public or not has nothing to do with him, a small security guard.
This day, a new colleague came to the sales department of the company. Her name is Yan Bing.
She is said to be a graduate of the Management Department of Jiangtong Business College. It seems to be a custom in the country that she is very eye-catching wherever she goes.
She just came to the company. There are many male compatriots in the company. Everyone’s hearts are in turmoil, and Song Yu is not like them. This iceberg beauty came to the company on the second day Song Yu received a call from his mother from his hometown, telling him to visit his father-in-law. When he heard the words “father-in-law”, Song Yu’s heart was broken because not long ago his parents died. Quietly took his household registration book to the Civil Affairs Bureau and got a small red book. After listening to his mother’s long speech, Song Yu finally understood that one thing was that his happy life was ruined by this marriage certificate since he was a child. Up to now, he is very obedient to what his parents say, and he will do what his parents say. Of course, now and in the future, it will be a marriage arranged by them. Song Yu can’t refuse. The Ministry is no exception. On Saturday morning, I went to the supermarket to buy some supplements.
According to the address his mother left for Song Yu, he began to visit his mysterious father-in-law. They are not far from the company dormitory in the center of Jiangtong.
Of course, without traffic jams, after half an hour of torment, Song Yu finally came to their house, kept quieting the turmoil in his heart, gently raised his hand and pressed the doorbell of their house, and it came with a sound The double-layer anti-theft door was opened, and then a long-haired beauty with an apron around her waist appeared in front of Song Yu. The moment she opened the door, Song Yu was dumbfounded, because this beauty was the one he had met with her not long ago.
It was Yan Bing, the new manager of the company’s sales department, and Song Yu asked rationally, is this a room? Before asking this question, Song Yu really wondered if he had knocked on the wrong door, and she also looked suspiciously.
He glanced at Song Yu and replied, yes, this is the second floor of Mingfu Community, may I ask you to visit your father-in-law? Song Yu also went to the supermarket to buy a suit worth 1,000 yuan. Of course, the money for the suit was given by his mother from the countryside. The mother who called him knew that Song Yu usually saved money and didn’t have enough to spend. She specially called him a few dollars from his bank card.
I feel a lot more handsome, plus his height of 1.
75 meters is really handsome. I am here to see Song Yu. He hesitated and said that he always felt a little uncomfortable when he met a strange girl for the first time. Perhaps he was himself. It’s very disgusting, let alone a heavyweight beauty, isn’t this Song Yu? What are you doing outside in a daze? Come in and sit down.
Just as Song Yu was embarrassed, a middle-aged woman in her early thirties appeared in Yan Bing’s room.
Afterwards, he knew that now she was his mother-in-law in name. He remembered that when she was a child, she often liked to tease Song Yu to play with her, and he would never forget my aunt. In three strokes, they pulled into their house.
The conditions of their house are very good. Four bedrooms and one living room.
The decoration of the home is also very luxurious. In Jiangtong, a building like this is at least more than a million, right? Sometimes Song Yu often asks himself how the conditions are so Well, how could he fall in love with me, an ordinary rural guy, and he doesn’t know how my parents helped me get a marriage certificate? This time Song Yu’s visit made Yan Bing, who had been sitting next to me, seem a little unhappy