When someone walks in someone sits gently beside him someone hugs him and whispers in his ear he cant hear clearly but he is nostalgic

Forced Marriage Chapter 1 Forced Marriage Bengong will ask you again, do you want to marry? There was a sharp pain in her face, her neck was pinched by the person in front of her, and her chest seemed to explode. Her eyes froze. What happened? Didn’t she die? She remembered that she was betrayed by her boss and shot five times in her body, and she was already dead.
Some memories that didn’t belong to her suddenly poured into Li’s mind, before Zi’an came back to her senses, she was slapped hard on the face, making her dizzy and seeing Jin Xing, a bloody taste came out of her mouth She spit out a mouthful of blood and felt the burning pain on her back. She suddenly raised her head and was furious, burning the remaining memories in her brain, telling her that the original owner was beaten with sticks and returned to the west, and she was able to pass through the original owner and resurrect.
Answer this palace, you marry If you don’t want to marry King Liang, there was another angry question, followed by a slap in the face. The person who hit her was the prince Murong Qiao.
A green figure rushed over and pulled Murong Qiao away, crying, saying, Your Highness, don’t embarrass your sister, father.
Even though I was drunk on the day, it was wrong to betroth me to His Royal Highness King Liang. Asking my sister to marry her is really embarrassing. Besides, my sister has always yearned for His Royal Highness. If you force her like this, don’t you want to force her to death? The weak appearance is Xia Zi’an’s concubine, Xia Wan’er, Murong Qiao.
Seeing this, she was very distressed, and immediately let go of Zi’an’s hand, and instead helped Xia Wan’er, the air quickly returned to Zi’an’s chest. She breathed heavily to dispel the breath of death.
Zi’an stood up unsteadily.
But the pain in her body made her gasp, she couldn’t stand upright, her legs gave way, and she fell to the ground again The Prime Minister agreed to His Royal Highness Liang’s request to marry Xia Wan’er a month ago when he was drunk with His Royal Highness the King of Liang.
Even the brutal King of Liang, Xia Wan’er, cried and refused to marry because she had long been in love with the prince.
She was going to be the princess. She has never enjoyed the honor of a prostitute, and her mother is even more disgusted by the prime minister.
The original owner Xia Zi’an naturally refused to agree to marry Xia Wan’er, so she cried to the prince Murongqiao about what happened in the yard just now, and Murongqiao not only Together with the people from the Prime Minister’s Mansion, they forced her to marry the King of Liang and tortured her. She could even hear the begging of the original owner Xia Zi’an before she died and the bloody scene before her death.
She kicked it over, because you are worthy of yearning for Ben Gong, bah, even if you were given to Ben Gong as a concubine, Ben Gong would not want you, Xia Zian would have been tortured, this kick made her merciless Blood spat out, she clenched her fists, and the fury in her eyes was getting hotter. She tried to stand up, but she couldn’t stand up. The wounds on her body were too severe, even if she moved her body, it hurt like tears Words are so uncontrollable that the more I suppress my yearning for His Royal Highness, the deeper this yearning becomes, the more I cannot extricate myself.
Forgive me for ignoring your warning.
What is it like? Murongqiao is furious, you dare to stop Wan’er from being with Bengong, you are such a vicious woman, Xia Wan’er hurriedly grabbed Murongqiao’s hand and choked up, saying, “Your Highness, don’t blame my sister, a younger sister shouldn’t argue with her.” It’s mine, isn’t it that I can’t control my feelings, Murong Qiao Dao Wan’er, don’t say any more, you are always being bullied by her because you are too soft-hearted The tone said, sister, please help me and His Royal Highness, my sister will always remember your ende Zi’an sucked in the air-conditioning and watched the two show their affection as if there was no one else, and felt very bored.
She is a military doctor of the secret service team in modern times. The previous generations disdain to talk to such a scheming, hypocritical and disgusting person. The memory left in her mind tells her that King Liang has a disabled leg and is cruel by nature. One can imagine what kind of life they lived in the palace. The original owner probably knew this, so he didn’t want to marry Liang Wang Zian, endured the pain and tried his best to squeeze out a sentence from the gap between his teeth to fulfill the happiness of my life. Are you really shameless Murongqiao heard this and suddenly looked angrily at Xia Waner’s mother who was sitting on a chair in front of the porch, Mrs. Linglong didn’t want to call, when Mrs.
Linglong has been watching her all the time, she is really anxious if Xia Zian doesn’t agree My daughter Wan’er is going to marry that evil ghost King Liang.
Today, the crown prince came to put pressure on her. She thought Xia Zi’an would agree, but she never let go after repeated punishments.
Now that she listened to His Highness’s orders, she couldn’t bear it any longer.
Filled with anger, she said sternly, come on, beat me until she agreed, Madam Linglong ordered two rough servants to hold Zian’s stick down on Xia Zian’s back until she was beaten. Her flesh and blood were torn apart, her eight years as an agent had trained her steel-like will, she gritted her teeth and endured the shame and beatings that did not belong to her, blood spilled from her mouth, and the stick on her back almost shattered all her bones. Interrupting Mrs. Linglong and Murongqiao, they didn’t expect Xia Zi’an to speak so harshly. Linglong was so annoyed that she didn’t care about maintaining her prestige.