When she was kidnapped by Kaiyang to the inn in the middle of the night she did not show a flustered expression but this time

This is probably the story of the Bronze in the eyes of everyone who was forced to marry because of helplessness.
As a result, the husband and wife are both dust-covered kings who overcame all obstacles and trampled the scum under their feet. There is a grudge to avenge him, Beiming Qi Wang Qianqian, a gentleman can’t bear it, just want to hold her in the palm of his hand and pamper her, bestow a marriage, and send the two people who are opposite each other into a pile, everyone laughs at the abandonment of the daughter. The mute is really a match made in heaven.
Wishing Su Jinyue, the dumbness in your eyes will be teased. Chapter 4 Miss Su, Wujiang Ferry, Yangchun, March, warm and cold morning, mixed with a hint of coolness in the breeze, blue waves on the river, smoky, clear river water slapping the bottom of the boat, sending out bursts Lightly ringing, it’s already the sun and mid-day, girl, she had a rest last night, only to close her eyes at dawn, girl stayed up late to read again, please keep your voice down, girl, there are two maids dressed as book boys outside the cabin, there is a gap, there is no gap If you look at the words carefully, you will find that the two are exactly the same in height and appearance After another hour or so, there was finally some movement in the cabin.
I heard the sound of bells. The two sisters finished their conversation and pushed the door in.
The girl was about to get up, but she walked to the bed and asked about the bed through the crow-blue bed curtain.
The person on board didn’t make a sound, just stretched out a light-white and tender hand, without saying a word, hurriedly stepped forward, raised the bed curtain with one hand, and helped him up with the other. At the age of five, he has a good appearance.
It is no exaggeration to say that he is a fairy.
His skin is as clear as jade.
His skin is whiter than the snow on the top of the mountain. His facial features are exquisite and three-dimensional, especially those eyes that do not contain any impurities. They are clear but deep. The bottomless long black hair hangs down on the shoulders, and there is a faint light. Such a delicate and beautiful girl, even if she has been with her for many years and is used to seeing her pitiful appearance, she can’t move at this moment. Eyes opened, maybe because she just woke up, Su Siniang is not as cold and boring as usual, her bottomless eyes are foggy, cute and cute, she is very cute, waiting to be dressed neatly, without saying a word, hot water has already been served to Su Si Mother put her white hands in hot water and soaked them, and then she came back to her senses.
What time is it? She asked in a hoarse voice, it was three o’clock in the afternoon, without saying anything, looked at the sun, and replied, Su Siniang nodded slightly, and did not speak again.
Yan seems to have gotten used to his master’s reticence, urging Silently to set up the meals when he goes out. The food can’t be as delicate as at home. Except for white rice porridge, there are only a few steamed buns, a plate of pickled radishes, a plate of stewed bamboo shoots, and a plate of horseshoes. But even this kind of simple food is much better than ordinary people.
Su Siniang is very picky about food. After eating two bites, she puts her chopsticks away.
Girl, here is still a long way from Yunzhou City. Not to mention seeing her getting thinner and thinner. If you don’t have the courage to persuade Su Siniang to continue doing her own thing, she won’t do it again. Taking a look at the pen and ink, I waited without saying a word, and took the things the master wanted.
Su Siniang slowly wrote on the paper, and each word seemed to have spent her whole life.
After filling two pages, she put the pen down.
Waiting for the ink on the paper to dry, he opened his mouth and ordered to send this letter to Jia’s mansion, follow the instructions on the prescription, drink natural medicine for seven days until the illness is cured, he took the paper and answered, it turns out that Su Siniang is a wanderer The doctor is proficient in medical skills, but if she makes a move, even if she puts one foot in the coffin, she can be saved. However, she is sloppy and impatient to negotiate with people. It takes only a month to treat a patient, and the consultation fee is quite expensive, so her reputation is not very good. But even now There is still an endless stream of medical seekers who come here because of fame.
Jia is one of them.
Jia only had a baby when he was about forty years old. What is it like? He didn’t speak again, Mr. Jia asked for medicine everywhere, and took countless medicines, but it was of no avail. Knowing Su Siniang’s name, he spent a lot of money to invite her to the house to see the young master. Su Siniang just stayed alone with the child for an hour. Crying for father and mother, Mr. Jia was overjoyed and offered a hundred taels of gold as a token of gratitude, but Su Siniang didn’t even look at the hundred taels of gold, she just yelled and put it on the corner of the table.
A decree completely broke the tranquility of the mansion.
The empress dowager ordered her to be the daughter of the Duke of Cheng. The daughter of the Su family is gentle and kind.
Rou Ming Yu De has the beauty of peace and justice The empress dowager is very happy to hear about it, and she refers to the king of Qi as responsible for choosing an auspicious day for the marriage. This is the decree.
As soon as they leave the mansion, everyone’s expressions are unpredictable, as if they are mourning. There is also a hint of astonishment on the shrewd face of Cheng Guogong Su Yuwen. This good news really surprised him. Eunuch Sui Xuanzhi nodded with a satisfied smile Panicked, since she married into the Duke’s mansion, she has always been smooth sailing, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are harmonious, husband and wife are harmonious and well-managed, no one would praise her for being virtuous, and the few children she gave birth to are even dragons and phoenixes among the people. Her daughter, who is outstanding in talent and beauty, is born with a phoenix fate.
How can she marry an abandoned son with no future? No, absolutely not.