When she turned her head again Pei Muyuans eyes were filled with uncontrollable liquid at this moment the boy patted the back of Pei Muyuans

Andersen was born to her son at the age of three and a half without a baby name.
The biological father was unknown.
A month ago, on her 25th birthday, An Jing made up her mind to change her name. Today is the first day of her painstaking efforts to get a new name.
Her name is now Ann. Yu yo really changed. The first person to see her new ID was her father, Lao An, who gave her the name Jing Jing. She works in the general affairs office of an ordinary middle school. Her daily work is responsible for distributing teaching aids and collecting school uniform fees, etc. For chores, he is honored as a teacher An, but in fact, he has never stood on a podium in his life.
Lao An picked up the reading glasses on the desk, put them on, carefully looked at the word “Yu” and said softly Lumian Yiwanyu Jiangting has a lonely island back Zhouying Shayu Anyu chose this word to have nothing to do with ancient poems. She chose it from the rest of the company’s stage names for newcomers. It simply doesn’t feel vulgar and has no deep meaning.
Listening to Lao An’s reading these few sentences, she is the only one. My feeling is that Andersen must have been forced to learn a lot of Tang poems recently, it’s too pitiful, old An, show your old father’s tolerance. Anyway, your personality is not quiet enough, so change it.
An Yu, take back your ID. Today, I came to talk to Lao An about the great joy of the mythical animal at home being taken away by the kindergarten.
Ms. Hu Hailan, Anyu’s mother, vowed to let Andersen accept the influence of an international environment in order to compare with her grandson’s card friends who went to international kindergartens.
In order to make up for the high tuition fees, she said that she would pawn her dowry and sell her dowry. This is not the first time she has said that An Yu doesn’t care. She said that the frequency of selling dowry is as high as that of shouting for divorce The monthly tuition fee is the second thing. One of the fashionable regulations in the enrollment requirements of this famous kindergarten is really blocking the road. The parents of the children must have a bachelor’s degree or above. Who is Andersen’s father besides An Yu? On a calm afternoon four years ago, Hailan put on her makeup and was about to go to the mahjong parlor for shopping.
In the afternoon, Lao An cleaned up the dishes and made a pot of strong tea.
Leaning on the rocking chair and savoring their unorthodox second daughter, An Yu, holding a freshly baked super list in her hand, she plopped and knelt in front of the two of them, and said, “I’m pregnant, so Hailan twisted her false eyelashes in surprise. Old An was scalded by hot tea.” After Hailan scolded her head and face, I didn’t have you, a disgraceful stinky daughter, etc., and the silent old An asked who the father of the important child was. Did he know that you were pregnant at that time? I have already broken up with the child’s father for two months.
The two have broken up completely. There is no room for change.
To deal with the lines, she has already planned to slightly adjust her kneeling position and take out a posture like a pyramid scheme brainwashing.
Who the child’s father is is not important. What matters is He has a high IQ, this is our old Anjia change base Because of the great opportunity, Anyu looked at Lao An with golden eyes, poked his stomach and raised his chin. He is a boy. This sentence made Lao An’s eyebrows faintly jump. An’s family has three daughters.
An Yu has always had a missing man, Ding Meng. An Yu grasped his pain points and won with one blow. He was born with the surname An and called you Grandpa, and you are his only grandfather. At this moment, An Yu’s eldest sister, An Ning, rushed into the house to protect her at the right time. Sister, she pulled An Yu up from the floor, supported her, knelt down for her, and shed two lines of tears at the elders.
Parents, the child has been formed for more than four months.
Let Jing give birth.
I like children, and I will take care of her. Compared with An Yu’s fabricated lies, An Ning’s words play a crucial role. She is the most distressing character among the three An family sisters.
She is barren and rejected by her ex-husband’s family because of this. The adoptive parents also help to take care of your own life, isn’t it life? The original tender moment was broken like this.
The person who said this sentence is the youngest who has just turned fifteen but has a twenty-five-year-old soul Encore Anke Returning on behalf of Lao An and Hailan returning to be parents one after another means that she is underage and has no voting rights in any major family decisions in the past.
Unless the other four have a 2-2 tie, let’s vote according to the usual practice. In the anxious atmosphere, Lao An stole A glance at Hailan, he is the head of the family in name only, Hailan still has to rely on Hailan in important matters Hailan looked around the four people surnamed An, confusion and sadness welled up in her heart, she threw the small bag containing the banknotes on the ground, covered her heart and burst into tears What the hell did I do? Since I married into your old An’s house, I haven’t had a good life for a few days. The whole family is flying around and making me uneasy. If I knew it, I would have died on the operating table. She just happened a while ago. After going through an operation, I thought that if I survived a catastrophe, there would be a future blessing.
Who would have thought that the second daughter, who is the most determined in the family, would do such an outrageous thing? She felt that she was going to get sick again, but five months later, when Andersen really died After the fuzzy image on the super sheet became a living little person who could cry and laugh, Hailan recovered from her illness, and Lao An’s life had more smiles on her face looking forward to peace. Yu Xin is willing to be unharmed Andersen is smart, beautiful, cute, and the old An family has harvested a little angel, who cares who the child’s father is? Since then, the family has lived a happy life of raising human cubs together. What is his father? Is it possible to dig his own father out of the ground for the sake of the child’s reading? Even if he is dug out, I don’t know what education I have. You don’t know An Yu’s information about a private kindergarten near her home from her bag and stuffed it into Lao An’s hands