When Mo Xiuming woke up he put the changed clothes back On the corner of the bed but found it inappropriate to put it there

Chapter 1 Traveling through starvation ding ding ding the system is restarting please do not interrupt sorry the weather is too cold the system cannot heat up restart please go to heat up please go to heat up the heat is not enough the system is temporarily closed It was buzzing, but she didn’t know what it was, she just felt it was very noisy, and then suddenly there was no sound, it was a reminder from the portable system, she didn’t notice, gradually opened her eyes, Li Yun recalled the previous things, she was driving a Maserati At night, Lang didn’t see the big truck coming in front of her because she turned on the external flashing lights, and directly hit her. She was thrown from the car and hit the car. After that, shouldn’t she be dead? Why is she still conscious? Li Yun moved a bit.
My arms feel cold all over my body, the kind of coldness that can freeze people to death, I slightly open my eyes, which is different from the delicate face, these eyes are extremely penetrating and agile, and the rolling of the eyeballs seems to be able to attract people’s souls, piercing the human bed board full of eyes It’s the adobe walls and the roof, and the wind blows through the Virgin Mary.
I’m in some shitty place. Could it be that someone picked it up and sold it in a ravine? What kind of place is this place? She has never been to this place at all. At the moment, the two little ones standing at the door of the house, about four or five years old, are looking at a pair of twins. Hearing the roar inside, the little body trembles all over. My brother and mother are going to get up and beat us.
I don’t want to go in. I’m taller, my younger sister is holding the door timidly, her little hands are full of sores from the cold, don’t be afraid that my mother won’t beat us when she falls asleep, my younger brother is my elder brother with big and bright eyes, protecting my younger sister, but I just now Hearing that mother woke up, she seemed to be angry. The little girl’s eyes rolled and she wanted to go in, but she was afraid. The little boy hesitated and took two steps inside. I went in and took a look.
I confessed my mistake to mother and explained that we didn’t steal something. Mother will forgive me for sure.
Ours will also let us go back to the house, brother, I will go with you, I am scared outside alone, Li Yun got off the bed and embraced the quilt that is colder than body temperature, what is the difference between covering the quilt and not covering it, and this body What the hell is her clothes? It’s obviously a bit like the clothes of the Qingming Dynasty. As a fashion designer who specializes in designing Chinese styles, she has a very thorough understanding of the clothes of historical dynasties. Seriously, the clothes on her are not considered orthodox clothes. The fabric of the clothes is extremely rough, it must be hand-woven and sewn by the family without even the starch. It can be seen that the family is very poor. She came out of the back room and was just about to go out when she saw a pair of cute little ones standing by the door with timid and pitiful eyes. Seeing Li Yun coming out from the inside, they both shouted in unison.
Li Yun stood there in shock.
Mother, the steamed buns in the kitchen pot were not stolen by the two of us.
Didn’t steal the steamed buns Mother, you hit our palms so don’t let us stand as a punishment My sister is so cold that she’s about to cry Right now, Li Yun is in the dark, she’s a girl in her twenties in modern times, busy with her career and even a man no friends let alone Going to bed and giving birth to a baby is so good now God is pity that she has been single for many years and has no partner? Suddenly came to another world and crossed I am your mother Are you sure Li Yun felt that he was about to cry The two baby dolls nodded The skinny boy looked at Li Yun and said Daddy went hunting in the mountains, and mother said that if Daddy doesn’t go out, our whole family will starve to death. The two children’s little faces were red from the cold, and they stood dryly by the door, not saying to come in.
Only then did Li Yun wake up to the fact that she had traveled through time, and there was still She has two children and one husband. From the current point of view, her husband’s occupation should be professional hunting. These two children dressed like picking up rags are her children.
Seeing the two poor little ones standing against the bed and trembling, they dare not come in. The appearance is very pitiful.
Li Yun wanted to find two pieces of clothes for the children.
He rummaged through the boxes and cabinets but couldn’t find them. Instead, he found a few leathers. Again, the tailoring skills for fashion design are not bad at all.
The hands-on ability is very fast. In half an hour, two leather vests have been simply sewn.
I’ll go to the kitchen to see if I can boil some hot water, my dear. Didn’t you say that these skins have to be taken to the town to exchange for money, and my sister and I are not allowed to touch the little boy? Reach out and ask Li Yun to help him put on the vest with a strange look on his face.
If you freeze to death, what kind of money will you get? Let’s survive first and then we’ll be right. What names do your fathers call you two? After a long time of trouble, Li Yun found out that she still doesn’t know the names of the two children. The little girl looked at Li Yun and said timidly. Mother’s brother’s name is Xiaonan, my name is Xiaobei, Nanbei, does anyone else call things at home? Li Yun laughed and joked.
The little girl wrinkled her big eyes and looked at Li Yun.
She didn’t quite understand what she meant.
Cough, you two, sit on the bed and warm up for a while, I’ll go Let’s look outside to see what to eat. Outside, snowflakes are drifting, and the cold wind is blowing. Li Yun’s ear hurts. The kitchen is on the side of the thatched hut. When I go out, I have to walk through a passage. She said it was a passage, but it was just a dirt road.
She looked at the yard full of snow.
You can faintly see the top of the snowy mountain in the distance. Where do they live in the barren mountain? Li Yun walked around the yard and found that there was really only their family in this place.
At that time, the family collapsed and the man did not come back.
She felt that the three of them would starve to death. The houses here are simple and rough, the roofs are broken, the roofs are covered with snow, and it is difficult to walk.
How can they survive in the wooden houses up and down the mountain? They really have to starve to death here. No way, she has to find something to eat. What’s blocking it? Li Yun shook her head and went into the kitchen speechlessly.
When she got to the kitchen, her eyes were dark and she was about to cry.