When Jiang Ziheng and the others walked far away Xu Tong started chattering again thats you The elder brother with a body looks good and

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She is not afraid of having a plug-in. She can live a good life no matter where she is. Rebirth Apocalyptic Abilities Plug-in Rebirth Xu Tong was at a loss when he first traveled to another world, fantasy magic, powerful destructive power, strange races and even those rough buildings Xu Tong was very scared of the strange things around him, but no matter what Why is she so scared, but she doesn’t show anything on her face? Because she wants to live and feel this wonderful world. In another world, the land Xu Tong lives in is called the Endless Continent. The Endless Continent is a world that advocates force. Powerful weapons, various misty myths, dangerous treasure lands, all these show the magic and colorfulness of this world, and the cruel laws of computers hidden in the shadows, the strong respect this continent, as big as its name, seemingly boundless It seems that there are all kinds of magical species living on the boundless continent, such as dragons, elves, dwarves, orcs. In the eyes of these species and even humans, Xu Tong is immature both in appearance and psychology, just like a child who is more immature than ordinary children.
Xu Tong, who had just arrived, tried hard to adapt to the new life.
Ten years passed and another decade passed. The years passed by in a hurry.
When she finally got used to the laws of this world and enjoyed it, the malice of the universe came again, and she traveled through the world of death again.
At that time, Xu Tong was still a teenager.
For example, in the human race, if you are just an ordinary person, as long as you can survive safely, it is basically not a problem to live to 150 years old. As for those cultivators, as their cultivation level increases, they The lifespan you will have will be more and more. Immortality.
No one can refuse this temptation. It is not easy to live safely and happily in this gorgeous world.
After all, it is like being shot while lying down.
No matter where you are The world is not uncommon.
Where there are people, there will be endless disputes. The mainland is even more so. Too many people die every day on the mainland. Xu Tong’s death is like a splash. After the noise, nothing seems to be left.
Looking around the room, there are familiar and strange decorations.
There are also those modern decorations. Xu Tong closed his eyes and gently rubbed his temples to settle his thoughts to relieve the pain in his head. When Xu Tong traveled to the Endless Continent, he used his body ten years ago.
Although it is unbelievable, but for the Xu Tong didn’t think too much about these things that he didn’t understand However, this kind of luck didn’t seem to favor her again.
This time, Xu Tong was reborn in someone else’s body. It’s a little regrettable, but it’s not unacceptable.
After all, not everyone has that luck.
Being able to be reborn twice is better than being dead. The body belonged to a cute little girl, because she was in the rain and was alone at home, so she had a fever and no one knew that she had a fever, and she died in such a daze and unlucky way. Although the girl left just like that, she left her memories and emotions Staying in the body with these Xu Tong inexplicably felt that there was an extra shackle on his body after the fusion of the body, which is similar to responsibility.
Xu Tong does not reject this kind of change.
If you gain some things, you will naturally lose other things, right? Who knows the meaning of equivalent exchange better than her? Anyway, it’s just receiving some memories and emotions. She believes that she is still the same person except herself. No one can control her thinking. The little girl’s name is also Xu Tong. She really doesn’t want to change the original owner if it’s not necessary to use a name she’s used for many years.
This summer, she’s worrying about which high school to apply for. The computer in the room is turned on and there are some school materials on the monitor. From memory, Xu Tong knows about the little girl. In fact, I worked very hard, so it can be called a waste of sleep and food, but her IQ is really not high. Even if she works harder, her grades can’t improve, she is always wandering in the middle and lower reaches. This is a third-rate high school.
The curriculum of high school is much more complicated than that of junior high school. She is still a little hesitant about this, so just in case, besides the data of these high schools, the little girl also has some other school materials on her computer. Xu Tong has been there for many years. She has never touched a computer before, and she was a little unskilled at first, but after getting familiar with these operations quickly, she started typing on the keyboard quickly.
Now the owner of her body is Xu Tong.
In her opinion, isn’t it just a matter of choosing a school? There is no need to worry about it for so long. Xu Tong has lived in the endless land of swords and swords for many years.
She suddenly returned to the quiet and peaceful modern age. She said that she is not used to it.
She thinks maybe it is time to let herself relax. Xu Tong actually doesn’t care about what job she will do in the future.
She herself will never starve to death.
After reviewing all the information, Xu Tong thought about it and finally chose kindergarten teacher as her future career.
It’s funny. In the original world, Xu Tong was an orphan.
Her name was given by the principal. At that time, Xu Tong was not good-looking, thin, petite, and withdrawn. No matter whether he was in the orphanage or the school, he had no friends.