When it comes to this Xu Yun thinks that if boys really accept her she herself admires such a strong and brave girl who knows

It’s only when we’re together that we realize that being in love is a mistake When will we be able to return to the original point Your love and mine are all shining moments If life must be a kind of torture Why don’t you give up You let me go I won’t let you never I know that if you are by my side, then I will be by your side too Chapter 1 Is liking a kind of refreshing emotion, clean and soft entwined in my heart At a certain moment, the tentacles suddenly raise and touch your lips softly The heartstrings are silent, slightly sour and slightly sweet. Why do you like him? Xu Yun has thought about this question for a long time and still can’t figure it out.
Probably when I was in junior high school, my parents got divorced, my mother remarried, and my father got into a car accident at the age of fourteen.
Xu Yun lived with his elderly grandfather, the first time he entered the grand mansion of Shengfu, Xu Yun still remembers very clearly the grandpa who is already in his fifties, hunched over and holding Xu Yun’s hand slightly trembling In front of the gate of Shengfu, there was a tall, thin boy in a suit talking to a middle-aged man sitting on a chair. The boy was very fair and handsome, and he was about fourteen or fifteen years old.
His hands were in his trouser pockets and he turned Seeing through his eyes, Xu Yun unconsciously lowered his head and became flustered and confused for a moment, but the little boy just glanced at him and quickly turned back Mr. Sheng smiled and asked Xu Yun to take a peek at him. He is not such a strict or indifferent businessman as she imagined. Instead, he has a manly and elegant taste in a book.
Although he is now the owner of the largest furniture and supplies company in the city. Grandpa boss holds Xu Yun’s hand and nods respectfully, sir.
Grandpa’s hand is very cold, there is no temperature, and even the voice seems to have no strength. Xu Yun feels very sad.
Originally, grandpa has been living in a nursing home since grandma died, but now Mom and Dad got divorced, Dad died again, she was the only one left, and her grandfather, who was already in his fifties, had to pay her living expenses and school fees, but his grandfather still insisted on protecting Xu Yun. Dare to raise his head and call out in a low voice, sir is a good boy It’s just this child’s parents who quarreled and divorced, and now that grandpa didn’t say anything more, just lowered his head, Xu Yun looked at the mottled veins on his grandpa’s thick fingers and his almost white hair, and suddenly had a thought The urge to cry, but she just lowered her head lower and pursed her lips without saying a word, Mr.
Sheng, who still looks young, nodded, yes, Ah Jun and I grew up together when we were young, I didn’t expect that some things are really destined It’s hard for me, I don’t have anything.
Grandpa continued to say, “This is poor, this child is lonely, and no one has adopted her but me, sir, you see the bitterness and sigh in Grandpa’s voice can’t help flowing out when he said this.
” Xu Yun knew that his grandfather brought her here with the last hope.
If Mr.
Sheng didn’t miss the old relationship, then his grandfather and himself, who are already in their fifties, might be kicked out of the gate. We really depend on each other. Old Xu, you are also an old man, Mr. Sheng. After taking a sip of tea and putting it down, I also know that your difficulty lies in the fact that you have worked in the Sheng family for so many years, and I can’t help but miss you.
You watched me grow up, right? Now you live here with your granddaughter and go to school.
I can also help her settle the matter when she grows up and is able to support you in the future, you can leave or stay if you want Thank you, Mr. Thank you, Mr.
took Xu Yun’s hand again and asked Xu Yun to call Xiaoyun, thank you, Mr. Thank you, Mr.
Xu Yun answered in a low voice, no thanks, Mr.
Sheng ordered, thank you, Mr. Thank you, Mr. Grandpa is still expressing his thanks to Mr. Sheng But he had already turned his head to talk to his son. At that time, Xu Yun secretly raised his head and looked at Mr. Sheng sitting on a big gray velvet chair with his legs. His slightly long eyelashes shone with golden light, and his brows were disdainfully flamboyant, like a god in Greek mythology. The grandfather next to him was still walking slightly trembling, his hands were still rough and cold, and the old sweater he was wearing was already last year. Because of the darkness, it seems that she can smell the musty smell that has been pressed at the bottom of the box or closed in a dark small house for a long time.
She didn’t feel jealous or complained, but just felt like an ugly duckling with a kind of humbleness that couldn’t be dismissed. The boy named Sheng Haoyu was her new Some of the famous people in the high school I entered may be outstanding wherever they go, and some people will appear unknown everywhere, except for the excellent report card that I handed to my grandfather every month.
Xu Yun still doesn’t know what he does in school every day.
The girl next to him Talking about the latest cosmetics, the latest clothing, where have you traveled, where have you gone shopping, as if other people’s fourteen years old are colorful, bright and flamboyant, while I am like the green moss in the corner of the wall slowly growing and slowly falling off. An invisible sense of loss Climbing like a vine, grades are not everything in the aristocratic school of the Emperor, because what these rich second generations want is not grades, but learning how to integrate themselves into the crowd and how to express themselves more fully in the small social circle of the school Make yourself more attractive, have more elegant demeanor, and speak more appropriately, as if everyone is preparing for the future, which is understandable Xu Yun knows that everyone has a personal life, not every rich woman in reality will be like in Meteor Garden