When I got down Yu Wenhong said I suddenly remembered that there were still some papers that hadn’t been approved let Wan Deyi send you

From a young concubine who no one cares about in the deep palace to a concubine who is loved by the king in the palace, the feeling is so sour, but this concubine seems to be just a shield for the emperor’s heart. The former emperor has seen too many routines, and if you want to do what you want, isn’t it for nothing? This is a story of an emperor and a noble concubine falling in love and killing each other. There is a saying that if you are safe, I will not be better. The first chapter is crazy, the wind outside and the beautiful sun and spring just happen to be swaying by the spring breeze. The fragrance of apricot blossoms can be smelled even through the red wall, but at this moment Jiang Yu is lying on the beautiful picture of dragon and phoenix in Zichen Palace with her eyes open.
Staring at the moon-white curtain embroidered with red plums above her head on the big rosewood bed with patterns, she kept thinking about this question: is she crazy or the world is crazy? The one who opened her eyes again, she has become a concubine who is favored by the emperor in the Great Zhou Palace, from a young widowed concubine in the deep palace to a concubine who favors the sixth palace. Jiang Yu sighed deeply.
Covering my head with the quilt, I feel that this taste is really mixed.
The door of the dormitory is opened with a squeak. A delicate court lady in a plain blue skirt walks in. Lifting the moon-white curtain, she glances at Jiang Yu on the bed and whispers softly. Call the empress, you are awake, this is already the second day after Jiang Yu wakes up, and you can already tell by her voice that the concubine Meng Hengyu is next to the court lady Mo Yu Of course, as the noble concubine Meng Hengyu, who is the most favored family, her reputation in the Great Zhou Palace is natural It is known to everyone, even with her trusted maids in the harem, everyone knows that Jiang Yu was a concubine, although her life was a bit muddled, but the maids next to Meng Guifei still recognized her, so I opened it. When the eyes realized that they had turned into Meng Hengyu, they avoided the embarrassment of admitting the wrong person and having to pretend to have amnesia to get by. Jiang Yu ignored her, she was still wrapped in a quilt and pretended to be asleep, wishing she could wake up and find that it was just a dream. But Moyu lifted her quilt and said in a rambling manner, “Ma’am, since you are awake, why don’t you let the servants serve you up? You have been lying like this for a long time, and your body is always going to be sick. Then she sighed softly.” I said in a pitiful and pitiful tone that I have lost the emperor’s heir. The servant knows that you are sad, but no matter how sad you are, the emperor’s heir will never come back Jiang Yu had no choice but to open her eyes and look at the person beside the bed, and then she remembered that although this concubine Meng lived in the harem so that all the women in the palace envied and hated her, everything was not going well. For example, not long ago, this concubine Meng just lost a baby that was nearly three months old. Because of the miscarriage, this concubine had some quarrels with the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty. She quarreled with the emperor in Zichen Palace.
Even so, he also rewarded the emperor with a slap because Meng Hengyu lost a child. The emperor originally intended to show pity, but because of this slap, the pity turned into fury. On the contrary, Meng Hengyu fell out of favor, and the emperor never set foot in the Zichen Palace since that day.
From this incident, it can be seen that although this concubine Meng Gui is beautiful and courageous, she really doesn’t know how to be a human being. He would take advantage of the emperor’s sympathy to put the word “imperial” in front of the word “guifei” on his head, and when it came to Meng Hengyu’s miscarriage, Jiang Yu finally remembered her own death.
She would die but it was all because of Meng Hengyu.
From the moment Xiaochan opened her eyes and woke up and realized that she had turned into Meng Hengyu, she wondered whether it was something wrong with her own spirit or the spirit of this world, but she almost forgot the reason why she would die.
Because she accidentally overheard that Meng Hengyu’s miscarriage was caused by someone’s conspiracy.
In fact, as a concubine who was not favored when she was a concubine and widowed, Jiang Yu naturally knew that the most important thing for survival in the harem was Living with her ears and eyes closed, even if she knows the secret, she will not reveal a word, but even though she thinks about others like this, she believes that only the dead can keep secrets, so the last scene before her death is being blindfolded and fed Drowning alive in the lotus pond, Jiang Yu suddenly remembered something, opened her mouth and asked in Meng Hengyu’s cold voice, Concubine Jiang of Ningmo Palace, before Jiang Yu could finish speaking, Mo Yu interrupted her with a sigh She said that Concubine Jiang of Ningmo Palace was also a little pitiful.
Why did she just go for a walk by the lotus pond in the middle of the night and fell into the water? Jiang Yu lowered her eyes