When he was about to catch up with Shen Yue he raised the knife and slashed at the back of Shen Yues head In the

Chapter 1 The negative sword goes out of the city.
In October, Dongping County is drizzling. A news spreads in Dongping County. From the wealthy businessmen and gentry down to the common people in the market, everyone is talking about it.
The county prime minister, Shen Yue, is going to kill Li Ba. The thing is, the county magistrate single-handedly went to kill the thief. At this moment, Shen Yue is wearing a white coat, carrying a package with blue background and white flowers, and holding a sword in her hand. She is facing the west gate of the county seat, standing still in the rain. Behind her, there are many people hiding from the rain. Pointing at Shen Yue’s back and talking non-stop, Mr. Xiancheng, isn’t he going to die? Yes, he is a master and a scholar. He is looking for the murderous Li Ba to seek justice.
Li Ba is so powerful! It’s a pity that he is such a good official who thinks of the people, Shen Yue is only angry at the moment, with her eyes closed, the scene of the murder in the Xu Mansion suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.
The county government agent had just processed a few official documents when he heard a rush of footsteps at the door, something must have happened, Shen Yue frowned slightly, put down the brush in his hand, and looked towards the door. The magistrate Wang is over six years old. Xun was sick in bed and almost entrusted Shen Yue to deal with all the affairs of the county.
Shen Yue saw that it was Lu Butou who came in with a sad face and asked Lu Butou what happened. My lord, what happened? A murder happened in Yuan Xu’s family. There were thirty-six members of his family. None of them survived. The whole family was murdered. It’s a villain.
Catcher Lu knew that the county magistrate was in charge at the moment, so he answered obediently, “Your Excellency”, so Catcher Lu led Shen Yue out of the county government to Xu Mansion in the west of the city, and went to Xu Mansion. The murder case has long been blocked by the county government’s arrest Let the idlers enter, Shen Yue came to the gate of the Xu Mansion, and saw the gate was wide open, a servant in green clothes was lying on the threshold, blood stained on his chest, he had already lost his breath, my lord, this is the concierge of the Xu Mansion, who was stabbed through the chest with a knife and killed here Lu Lu The catcher pointed to the corpse of the servant in Tsing Yi and introduced the case. Shen Yue frowned. My lord, you will know when you go in.
Shen Yue is a little suspicious, so she steps up and walks into the Xu mansion. The policeman at the door followed Shen Yue into the inside.
The situation inside is even more shocking.
Those who were killed while fighting with the thief were still holding crude weapons such as sticks and brooms, but they obviously did not look like a thief.
The opponents were hacked to death one by one. At the scene, the body of Mr.
Xu and Mrs.
Xu and the granddaughter of the Xu family were in the main hall.
In the bedroom, Butou Lu continued to introduce the case, and Shen Yue followed Butou Lu one by one. After watching the scene, he felt deeply hurt. Sui, who was wearing a red jacket, also fell in a pool of blood, Shen Yue gritted her teeth. Clenched his fist with his right hand and said sharply, Lu Butou, you must find out who did it and bring them to justice The county police couldn’t catch it, Shen Yue didn’t understand why, my lord is new here, so I don’t know the murderer is Dongping Lake habitual bandit Li Ba, this man is skilled in martial arts, there are 300 minions, we are not opponents, where is the blood book he left? Saying that Catcher Lu pouted his head towards a small policeman behind him, and pouted his mouth.
The small policeman understood, walked quickly to the side of Master Xu’s body, removed a teacup on the table, picked up a piece of paper, returned to Shen Yue, and handed it to the lord with both hands.
The blood book left by the murderer Shen Yue took the blood book and looked at it.
The words on it were written crookedly with fingers dipped in blood As for whose blood was written, it is naturally the victim, Mr.
Xu. As far as the villain knows, Li Ba kills people with great fanfare, for fear that others will not know that he killed them.
Therefore, 99% of Xu’s case is caused by Li Ba. Shen Yueqi His face turned green and the villain was too arrogant. I will not kill Li Ba, and I vowed not to be human.
Lu Butou did not dare to answer the words and lowered his head. After a while, Shen Yue calmed down a little and told Lu Butou to investigate the scene carefully and I will report it. County magistrate Lu catches his head and claps his hands, saying that it is the lord Shen Yue, who turns around and leaves the Xu mansion quickly, and goes straight to the backyard of the county government office.
Seeing that it is Shen Yue, Wang County magistrate’s family member goes in and informs Shen Yue to lead Shen Yue to see Wang County magistrate Shen brother, what’s the matter? Ah, cough, county magistrate Wang lay on the bed with a few thick pillows on his upper body, and coughed while talking Brother, what you are talking about is this reason, but this county is fast enough to catch the manpower in twenty or so. Shen Yue said eagerly, sir, we can ask Fucheng to send troops to suppress the thieves.
County magistrate Wang coughed and let out a rough breath, looking at Shen Yue’s young face Slowly said, Brother Shen, to tell you the truth, it’s not impossible to invite troops from Fucheng, but don’t expect too much.
I’ve been a magistrate in the local area for three years. I can’t see the people, the officers and soldiers come less, isn’t it their opponent, Shen Yue is in a hurry, my lord, is he just watching Li Ba at large? Bro, can you catch Li Ba after you’ve done it? County magistrate Wang seems tired and doesn’t want to discuss this topic with a young man like Shen Yue who doesn’t understand world affairs anymore.