When he saw Hu Bawan Hu Erniang who was watching the battle in a panic shouted Bawan do you want to help Cuilan heard the

Chapter 1 Blood donors don’t talk about strange powers and gods. Even Confucius advocated staying away from ghosts and gods, so he said something like respecting ghosts and gods and keeping a distance. Is there really a ghost? I don’t know.
Everything I’m talking about is a story.
My name is Hu Bawan, I was born in Tianyuan County, an ancient county in the Yanshan Mountains Qing Qinglong was about to call the old Wang next door and hurried into the mahjong parlor to tell his father that his wife gave birth to a son Dad slammed 80,000 yuan on the table and shouted, Qinglong mentioned 80,000 yuan, my son is called Hu Ba Since then, the name Wan has been with me and it’s telling the story.
Now Tianyuan County was built in the late Tang Dynasty.
It is surrounded by mountains and a big river bypasses the county town and flows to the capital to nourish this small basin. It’s only a hundred meters away from the east city gate. My father is a very ordinary worker. My mother is a housewife. Although I’ve played with a bunch of bad friends all over the county since I was a child, I’m proficient in everything, but I’m still good at studying.
As I said in the past, after being beaten up by my father, I took it easy to study for a few months and took a second exam. I thought life would be smooth sailing after graduation, but I didn’t expect to go home with a second diploma and become a jobless vagrant.
I’m not bragging, okay from now on At first, I only talked about Hu Bawan, and no longer mention my Hu Bawan’s mother who wanted him to be an official, probably because she was fed up with the anger of officials and lords, although his father wanted him to live a free life.
But his father said at home that it doesn’t count that he returned to his hometown and started to take the civil service exam.
He came first in the written test twice in a row, but he didn’t pass the interview.
After many years, he found out that he was rejected by others.
Hu Bawan was very disappointed. He was doing nothing today.
Walking down the street, someone reached out and slapped him on the neck with a slap. Eighty thousand to pick up gold. When I looked up, I saw a group of friends of mine. It seemed that they were going to drink. I have something to do at home, so I have to go back quickly.
Hu Bawan said yes first. Hurry up, don’t let the brothers wait, the second cobbler pulled Hu Bawan’s arm and said that after coming out of the hotel, it was completely dark, because it was summer, there were many street vendors on the street, and they were still hawking under the street lamps after dinner. People are strolling around for a walk. Hu Bawan helps to hail a taxi and send the brothers away.
He is the last one to take a taxi.
He is a little bit reluctant to start. Six yuan is a big money on days when he asks for money.
It’s not too far away, just walk a few steps, and you can go back if you walk along the road. After walking along the road, the energy of drinking slowly comes up, and your head starts to feel a little dizzy.
When you walk to the street park near the South Gate Building, Hu Bawan really doesn’t want to go.
I simply went in and found a long chair to sit on. At the beginning, there were many people in the park in the middle of the street. I don’t know how long I sat there.
As the weather gradually cooled down, there were fewer and fewer people. There was no one around.
Standing up and wanting to go, suddenly a gust of cool wind blows through the surrounding area Everything became blurred.
Hu Bawan rubbed his eyes and thought, could it be that he drank counterfeit wine? This is the rhythm of going blind.
Hurry up, and you will die if it is too late. Hurry up, when Hu Bawan opened his eyes again, he found himself in the county hospital.
In the corridor on the second floor, there are many people around. There are doctors, nurses, and a large number of workers in work clothes. Everyone line up one by one. Move quickly. Someone is organizing the queue. Sister Ling, you are not married today. Why are you here? Hu Bawan felt that everything in front of him became blurred again, and a cold air blew past Hu Bawan, and felt the surroundings darken.
Quietly, there was a row of iron cabinets in front of Hu Bawan. Recognizing that it was a freezer in the morgue, he took a few steps back in fright, leaning his back against the wall, giggling, it seemed that someone was laughing, Hu Bawan looked around but didn’t see a person, this is not human at all.
At the place where he was standing, Hu Bawan found the door, turned around, rushed over, was about to reach out to open the door, and was knocked open with a bang.
Two men in white coats pushed a car and came in.
In the car lay a man in red. Woman, woman’s complexion is as white as paper, without any blood, and has lost her breath. This is no longer a woman, but a female corpse. Seeing the female corpse, Hu Bawan was trembling with fright and hurriedly hid behind the door. Let Director Zhao’s subordinates hear you, I will be unlucky, the two of them came to a freezer, opened the freezer, put the woman’s body in, and then hurried away, never finding Hu Bawan, who was standing behind the door, making a bang in the morgue The door was closed and the sound of the door closing was like a hammer hitting Hu Bawan’s heart.
He reached out and grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door vigorously, only to find that the door was locked from the outside.
Yelling, wanting people outside to hear him let him go out hehe hehe wearing a red dress on a bridal sedan chair a child’s voice singing a nursery rhyme from far and near became clearer and clearer, soon he felt that the child singing the nursery rhyme was right next to him Hu Bawan next to him was so frightened that his legs gave way and fell to the ground with a bang.
Hu Bawan opened his eyes and found that he had fallen from the bench and fell to the ground.
The surroundings were so quiet that there was no sound at all. He was the only one left in the whole street park. The person stood up and patted the soil on his body. Hu Bawan scolded Tema for drinking too much. I almost scared myself to death in a dream.
This time, my mother must scold Hu Bawan again, thinking How do you say going back, while walking outside the park in the middle of the street, ready to go home to donate blood, donate blood, brother, please donate some blood, just after walking a few steps, a cold and gloomy voice came, Hu Bawan hurriedly stopped, and a cold wind blew past Hu Eighty thousand’s drunkenness completely disappeared