When he got up someone exclaimed that he had obtained the complete Qilin Holy Art this is impossible how long it has passed each of

In ancient times, there were gods and men shooting the sun, goddesses mending the sky, and heaven and the emperor ruled the world.
It was a prosperous and powerful period that made everyone’s blood boil. But I don’t know why this extremely prosperous era suddenly became a legend. Countless people searched for the unknown reason until one day. A dandy walks out surrounded by beauties This is just a story of a dandy who loves wind and snow and becomes a generation of supreme A moralist cautiously enters hell in the ten directions Can’t stop my soul The vast starry sky is bright but my eyes are boundless The earth can’t bear my feet Gods and demons of the gods I can’t bear my anger, I want this world to prostrate, I want this reincarnation to end Label Fantasy Fantasy Chapter 1 Dandy and Hero The sun sets and the sunset glow fills half of the sky, like a magnificent natural color picture spread out, the brilliance and softness pouring into a building In the imperial city, the city is covered with a layer of golden light, like a sacred garment. The city is even more majestic and majestic. In the magnificent city, there is an extremely wide avenue. Unobstructed pouring on the upper bluestone, reflecting the golden light, the majestic and shocking eyeballs, on the wide avenue at the moment, there are many luxurious carriages passing by, the wheels are turning at high speed until the end of the avenue is at the gate of the imperial city, and then they rein in their horses.
Stopping from the carriages, handsome men and beautiful women stepped off from time to time, which also made many people guarding the city gate exclaimed.
Everyone who stepped down from the carriages was a well-known young talent in the imperial city.
To ordinary people This is a person who is like a fairy, unattainable, the little prince of the Heavenly King’s Mansion, the young master of the Bashuai Mansion, the eldest lady of the Tiger King’s Mansion, more and more luxurious carriages, and the wide avenues are crowded at the end, looking at one person walking down, there are many people Puzzled in my heart, I wondered what all the disciples of the rich clans of the imperial city were doing at the city gate.
Alas, with a roar of a beast, everyone’s thoughts were drawn away. They saw two unicorns pulling a carriage. The carriage was extremely luxurious and golden, even the wheels were The first prince was built with a lot of gold, and some people exclaimed. They didn’t expect the first prince to come. Countless children from aristocratic families couldn’t help showing envy when they saw this carriage.
Only the royal family can be so luxurious.
But this idea just came to everyone Eyes are attracted by another place. After the first prince’s luxurious carriage, there is another carriage.
This carriage is not flashy and flashy, but everyone who sees it can’t help but roll their Adam’s apples, and their eyes feel hot.
He also has a lot of nobles here. The hearts of the children of the aristocratic family suddenly jumped up and they stared blankly at this carriage. Under this carriage, even the prince’s carriage was eclipsed.
The head of the carriage was a unicorn horse with colorful hair. The carriage didn’t have a shiny golden shape, and it was even a bit simple, but anyone could see it.
When it came out, the dark green carriage was actually made of warm jade. The whole carriage was actually made of warm jade.
Many people twitched at the corners of their mouths. A family of four lives without worrying about food and clothing. This scum has disappeared for three years. How did the person in the carriage appear again? Although they haven’t seen them, they can play with luxury so well. Who else would there be in the godlike entire imperial city, except for that scourge? Many dudes think they are prodigal sons, but in front of this person, they are not even worthy of lifting shoes. Known as a pure useless noble of the imperial city, who doesn’t know that this person is a joke of the Zhenyao Palace? In a world where martial arts are respected, if you don’t know how to practice, you are a useless person.
But didn’t this person disappear three years ago? Why did he reappear? Demon Suppressing King of the Great Chu Dynasty Legendary King Wu’s cultivation level is shocking to the world Rumor has it that with a single move he can overwhelm the sky and the sea on behalf of the Great Chu Dynasty Suppressing endless monsters and beasts and making great contributions to the 100,000 mountains The Great Chu Dynasty If it weren’t for the Demon Suppressing King sitting on the 100,000 mountains Dachu The dynasty will definitely not be so peaceful, but it is also true that the King of Demon Suppression is so powerful. In the bloody battle with monsters, he has cultivated an army composed of countless elites, which is enough to chill anyone’s heart, including the royal family and the Chu Dynasty. The mountain is pressing on everyone’s head, and Zhou Ze is the descendant of such an existence. The eldest prince walked out of the carriage wearing a golden python robe, and stared at the carriage with a gloomy expression. The carriage seemed to sense everyone’s gaze, suddenly collapsed in all directions, and after a short period of time, the dexterous combination turned into a gazebo.
In the gazebo, a young man in white, Shengxue, was leaning on the recliner, with a lazy and freehand gesture. There were four women and four beside him.
The woman is also wearing a white dress with fluttering curves, graceful bumps, and a delicate and beautiful face. These are four very beautiful women. For most people, they will never see such a beautiful and delicate woman in their lifetime.
The four women are like hibiscus flowers after the rain.
The four beauties who are refined and glamorous sit quietly and kneel on the jade table in front of Zhou Ze. The misty white mist of tea floats to the center of everyone’s nose. The four beauties move gently and gracefully. Boiling tea and pouring water is as natural as a picture scroll. Blending into the world, it seems that only tea is left in the misty pavilion.
Drunk lying on the soft seats. The beauties make tea.
Many children from aristocratic families can’t help but curse in a low voice when they see this scene.
Damn it, I looked at those four beauties with envy, and they were so envious. It is not difficult to find four beauties comparable to theirs, but it is difficult to have this kind of temperament.
Many people who came here couldn’t help but take a look at the first prince’s gleaming luxury carriage, like a nouveau riche, making many people feel sick Went to the pavilion transformed into a carriage and said with a smile that he hadn’t seen Ze Shao for three years