When did Qingfeng Temple have friendship with the monster race Did Qingfeng Temple really want to protect this tree demon Some friendship this tree demon

The one who was just beaten by Yan Chixia was seriously injured and dying. All the female ghosts will leave the tree demon. In a few years, the monk Baiyun will bring Shifang to come and want to destroy the tree demon. Wanting to capture the life essence of the dryad is really too much trouble.
Fortunately, Lin Yong traveled here and brought Yimu Kunbao, which can turn the world around and make the dryad’s grandma regain his prestige. When Xia arrived, Lin Yong suddenly felt a small hand gently stroking his body, not the tree trunk, grandma A Li would not leave grandma, grandma took good care of her wounds, and tomorrow night A Li would seduce a man for grandma to replenish her essence Yong’s heart was touched a little, Lin Yong woke up and found that he had traveled through a thousand-year-old tree demon in Liaozhai.
Grandma was just injured by Yan Chixia, and those female ghosts took advantage of Lin Yong’s serious injury and left. Lin Yong was only left with Ali. The female ghost suddenly felt a cool breath infiltrating from her feet, not from the roots of the tree. It turned out that it was Ah Li who watered Lin Yong. Those who can turn into human beings and appear outside are obviously injured too badly, so they need to find a way to heal their injuries.
I don’t know if there is any way to cultivate. You can heal your injuries and improve your strength without eating people or absorbing human essence.
Lin Yong suddenly opened his eyes and saw that his left hand was emitting a little green light, shining very brightly in this dark chaos. Lin Yong took a closer look at what his left hand was holding, and it turned out that the word Yimu Kunbao on the wooden seal shone brightly.
It turned out that Fang Xiaoyin also followed him through the time travel. This Fang Xiaoyin was inherited from Lin Yong’s ancestors.
He was planning to sell it in a downturn. He didn’t expect to be hit by a car when he went out, and then he crossed over.
It just happened that Xiaoyin was in his pocket.
It seems that I have passed through, with this ray of light, Lin Yong finally saw clearly where he is, it should be inside the huge tree trunk, he should be in the state of the soul, maybe for this tree, it is the state of the spirit body, the spirit body is very weak Nearly transparent, obviously the condition is very bad. There is a small pool under his feet.
Inside the pool is a pool of foul-smelling things that look like sticky blood or something more like human flesh and blood.
Lin Yong guessed that these are the so-called The essence of flesh and blood is the energy that the dryad grandma saved for herself. It is to be used at this time, not to mention that although Lin Yong is disgusted by these things in his heart, these things really have a certain attraction to Lin Yong. Lin Yong can feel it. My spirit body, my tree trunk, and my roots are all clamoring to absorb these things. Lin Yong frowned, so he wouldn’t absorb such things.
Even if he was seriously injured, he wouldn’t absorb these human flesh and blood. These things smell so bad. Lin Yong was about to vomit.
I don’t know if it was a physical or psychological disgust.
At this moment, Yimu Kunbao on his left hand suddenly emitted a soft light. Some flesh and blood essence was attracted and became a black ball floating in the air.
These balls began to slowly transform and gradually became transparent. After an unknown period of time, the blood and flesh essence became a drop of light green transparent water. Look at it.
It looks crystal clear and very attractive. Suddenly, a panel appeared in front of Lin Yong. It said that a drop of Yimu essence transformed from human dross and flesh can nourish the spirit body, improve strength, heal wounds, and cure old diseases.
Do you want to put it in storage? In the space, Lin Yong was stunned, and then began to rejoice. At first, he thought that he would become a good-for-nothing villain, the tree demon.
Grandma didn’t want to absorb flesh and blood to heal his wounds, so he would surely die.
It’s so good that it can transform these flesh and blood, and without this drop of Yimu essence, it smells fragrant and crystal clear, it looks delicious, without the disgusting smell of flesh and blood under the feet, without the feeling that makes Lin Yong feel sick As soon as Lin Yong waved his hand, the drop of Yimu essence came in front of Lin Yong. Lin Yong opened his mouth and gently inhaled the Yimu essence, and it fell into Lin Yong’s mouth. It was really sweet in the mouth, as fresh and charming as the most fragrant grass dew. The sweet taste makes people very happy. After eating it, the spirit body, limbs, and bones are all uncomfortable, and the body feels strong. The injury seems to have healed a bit. Lin Yong grasped Yimu Kunbao and transformed it into another drop.
Then he saw the host’s strength written on the panel.
Too low, only one drop can be transformed in a day. Lin Yong has no choice but to wait for tomorrow. Lin Yong ate a drop of Yimu essence, healed some injuries and healed, and he can use his spirit body to detect the surrounding situation.
Sure enough, he is A Populus euphratica tree is still very big and luxuriant. There are grave mounds at the foot of the tree, but now these grave mounds have been dug up and the ashes inside have been taken away. It seems that those female ghosts saw that they could not rely on them After leaving, there is only one tomb left, which is still in good condition, and there are four characters written on it: Jiangli’s Tomb.
I think it is that A Li. A Li is sitting on the top of the tomb.
A Li’s face is full of melancholy.
Grandma, you need to get better soon, otherwise that Yan Chixia is here, I’m no match for you, grandma, that Yan Chixia is so fierce, I’m afraid he will beat me to death, grandma, A Li, will go to seduce you tomorrow night A man came to absorb the essence of a man.
I think you will be fine soon. At this moment, a big man with a beard and a beard walked over with a knife. He didn’t even look at Ah Li, who was sitting on the grave, and came to the Populus euphratica tree. The dryad in front of me was injured yesterday and took a day off