When did he get stupid Raising her height in a dignified way Xiao Zhen had known for a long time that she could drink and

After giving an order, the soldiers scatter like birds and beasts and run towards the house. The speed is faster than charging in battle. Xiao Zhen raised his head and saw white snowflakes rustling down. Go back, the guard Feng Shi rubbed his hands and stomped his feet in the cold The soldiers in the same battalion laughed at Xiao Zhen when he met Feng Shi for the first time in the team last year.
He also looked down upon Feng Shi. Although Feng Shi is short but born with supernatural power, his ancestors have been blacksmiths for generations.
The imperial conscript Feng Shi joined the army with a pair of hammers he made The other soldiers were afraid of the Huns cavalry, Feng Shi was brave and could kill a good Hun horse with one blow. Xiao Zhen admired Feng Shi’s bravery. Since then, he fought side by side with him and became friends. As his guards, the two live together in the Qianhu Mansion and leave like a shadow. Xiao Zhen estimates that the snow will fall for at least two or three days.
He will stay in the barracks and he has nothing to do. Feng Shi immediately took the horse with him. Seeing the snow again in the second year, he still couldn’t help sighing that the snow was so heavy, unlike our hometown where it snowed or rained, Jinniang scolded people as soon as she saw it, thinking it would delay her business, so I advised her to rest when the weather was bad. It’s not that I can’t afford you, she said she just likes to make money, Feng Shi is grinning as she recalls a Jinniang, Xiao Zhen has never seen Feng Shi’s daughter-in-law in his hometown, but he has known Feng Shi for so long, he also has it in his mind based on Feng Shi’s narration Jinniang’s general appearance is a little Jiangnan woman who runs a steamed stuffed bun shop. She is pungent and coquettish, and her husband is obedient.
Willing to be manipulated by his wife Xiao Zhen guessed that Jin Niang should be good-looking, but Feng Shi made Jin Niang look like a fairy Xiao Zhen didn’t believe that Feng Shi had no looks, no money, no money, no money, no brute strength, how could a beautiful woman who can make money to support her family marry Give him a gushing reminiscence of his wife and children and an absent-minded listening. Before he knew it, the two went back to Qianhu Mansion. Almost finished drinking a pot of wine, suddenly there was a commotion at the door mixed with a woman’s voice Xiao Zhen put down the wine bowl Feng Shi was about to leave his seat to take a look when someone screamed at the door Feng Shi, get out, old lady, the woman’s voice was shrill With a faint cry, Xiao Zhen frowned, Feng Shi blushed excitedly, looked outside the door, stammered in disbelief, that seems to be my wife, Xiao Zhen was slightly shocked, Yangzhou is thousands of miles away from Zhangcheng, if the woman outside the door is really Jinniang, could it be Yangzhou What happened, Feng Shi didn’t care so much and ran out, Xiao Zhen sat still, Feng Shi rushed to the gate of Qianhu Mansion like a strong bull, and saw a mule-drawn flatbed cart parked at the door, a woman wrapped in thick cotton Sitting cross-legged on it, holding a boy and a mother who was also wrapped in a quilt, they were covered from head to toe, only revealing a blank sheet of white. Jingjing’s little face with red nose is really you, Feng Shi rushed to the front of the car and looked at his daughter-in-law and son like a dream It’s foggy, why is it so cold in the goddamn Northland, you still know that our mother and I are almost frozen to death, full of grievances, let it out at this moment, Su Jin cried and scolded the little woman about ten years old, she gave birth to a pair of beautiful red phoenix eyes, delicate and tender cheeks are frozen Pale as paper, the two curved eyebrows are painted black, and the slender and flat mouth is full and delicate, like freshly washed cherries. At this moment, she is wrapped in a dark red quilt and sitting in the heavy snow like a flower.
Begonia, who is in full bloom in the snow, looks at the boy in her arms, four or five years old, with delicate features, red lips, and white teeth, Bai An, who stays quietly in his mother’s arms, and is very sensible, let alone Feng Shi, the guard guarding the gate, they feel distressed when they look at them. Quickly enter the house, it’s hot on the kang, the daughter-in-law is most afraid of the cold, Feng Shi picked up his son with one hand and helped Su Jin with the other. He couldn’t walk, the soles of his feet were covered with chilblains, and the ground looked like needle pricks. Su Jin wiped his face with his sleeve and said, otherwise she would have just Rushing in, Feng Shi listened to the iron arm and carried the quilt on his shoulders with his wife.
Su Jin was honest and obviously used to it. Holding his son in his left hand and his daughter-in-law in his right, it was as easy as carrying two bags of rice.
The hall was facing the gate, Xiao Zhen was standing under the eaves in black, watching this scene silently. Husband’s shoulders were covered with a quilt covering his face, and when he heard him calling, she poked her head out with difficulty and only had time to catch a glimpse of a burly figure nine feet tall. Thinking of the letter she received at the beginning of the year, Su Jin wondered why her husband boasted about the bravery of Mr.
This height is like a capable man. Feng Shi carried his wife and son into the backyard of the East Wing, a poor family in the north. The last part of the place is reserved for Xiao Zhen’s future female relatives. Xiao Zhen lives in the upper house of the second place. Feng Shi lives in the east wing. Feng Shi laid down the quilt in twos and twos, Su Jin hurriedly put his arms around his son and slipped in.
The two mothers cuddled together and trembled.
Trembling, I drank most of it in one breath, leaving two sips for my son to drink.
The two gradually warmed up and finally stopped shaking.
Feng Shi sat cross-legged beside her and stared at his daughter-in-law reunion after a long absence.
Although her hair is messy, her face is still so pretty.