When all the second regiments are here the commander instructs Zhao Shouhong to nod his head saying that we will all rest today we will

Chapter 1 Oolong Commander, you are reading the history book again Lieutenant Colonel Chen Ning looked at the young man sitting on the sofa reading Zhao Feihong and didn’t look up why did you come here? At this time you should be playing cards and hearing Chen Ning showing embarrassment I’m still playing cards, my military salary has been won by those guys Zhao Feihong shook his head and said, You are very good at fighting, playing cards is a mess, every month you lose all your military salary for five days, okay, Chen Ning laughed dryly and said, You are not the same, your family’s power You are so old, but you are here as an engineer, what do you think? The Sichuan army vowed not to return home for a day, so imposing, full of patriotic soldiers’ fighting passion, well, seeing that Zhao Feihong has a tendency to take history lessons, Chen Ning quickly interrupts him, you should be a combat soldier, reading history books, I have wronged you as a combat soldier The physique is not good, Zhao Feihong turned on the screen and said, look, I am looking up information from more than 2,000 years ago.
Looking at the two sets of crude equipment on the screen, Chen Ning spread his hands.
I only know how to fight.
The steelmaking and cement equipment here are all antiques before the development of the universe. The steel made by this steelmaking is the material used in the neolan star period. Its strength is a bit unbearable, but it was the best cement at that time.
More interesting, it is made of lime and clay.
Combined with the materials that were considered solid at the time, what’s the use of these? Chen Ning became more and more confused the more I listened to them. When I read history books, I couldn’t understand them, so I figured it out. I didn’t expect it to be so simple.
Hurry up and stop you from continuing to read.
I’m going to the smoking room.
Chen Ning just walked out of the room, shaking suddenly. Because of inertia, Chen Ning was thrown to the ground.
What happened? A grunt got up and ran towards the aisle, he shouted to Zhao Feihong while running, hurry up to the command platform, open the flight deck, I’ll go right away, Zhao Feihong ran to the other direction, the automatic door opened with a swish, Zhao Feihong rushed into the command platform and shouted where is the director, where are we He needs his command authority.
Dean Zhong went to Capital Star for a meeting.
Before he left, he handed over the authority to you. The head of the hospital replied, yes, I am the acting director.
Zhao Feihong slapped his forehead and said that the military hospital is used as a field hospital and a civilian hospital. It usually follows the space fleet into the front line during mobile medical wars on various colonial stars.
It is a warship-type hospital that is used for both military and civilian purposes. The director of the space hospital where Zhao Shouhong works is called Zhong Ping.
He is well-known in the Hualan Federation.
He and his team are usually here. Conducting research This time, he took his team to a seminar, and something went wrong, Feihong, are you here? I’m ready for battle. Lieutenant Colonel Chen Ning’s voice came from the microphone. The pirate ship is chasing a shuttle.
The shuttle is approaching. Do you want to help? The mastermind said that these pirates have no homeland. Just know that the looting connects me to the shuttle mecha team to attack and intercept the pirate ship Zhao Feihong issued orders in succession and dispatched as ordered Chen Ning immediately answered the mecha hatch and opened the door of the mecha Also flew out.
When the mech squad rushed towards the pirate ship, Zhao Feihong connected with the shuttle. Hello, this is the Space Hospital of Hualan Federation. May I ask your identity? Hualan Federation is great. I’m back.
National Security Bureau Agent No. 1, I have important information and need to connect with the capital. The National Security Bureau agent has some doubts that you can make contact here, but you must prove your identity.
Of course, I will send you my password to verify the female voice is sure to receive the password. Verifying with the military network, Zhao Feihong said to the mastermind that receiving the password is being verified. Later, the mastermind said that the password is correct and the identity is confirmed. More than 20 pirate ships arrived, and Lieutenant Colonel Chen Ning was entangled. The mastermind replied, has the shuttle landed? With the jump engine, immediately execute the order to move forward at full speed Zhao Feihong’s order is unquestionable, execute the order to accelerate to the third cosmic speed, Zhao Feihong feels his body leaning back slightly, the scene in front of him is suddenly illusory, the automatic door opens, and a woman walks in surrounded by biochemical warriors.
The firm eyebrows are as far away as the beautiful face, and there are countless kinds of romance.
However, this woman will never give people a feeling of weakness.
A pair of alert and beautiful eyes and a bumpy figure wrapped in a combat uniform give people a shrewd look. With a strong impression, someone lightly opened his lips and smiled slightly at Zhao Feihong.
You are the director of the hospital.
You are quite young.
I am only acting as the director. Now you are safe. The military engine has a speed advantage over the modified pirate ship.
I suggest you not to be careless.
These people are by no means ordinary pirate female agents. She walked up to Zhao Feihong and said, there was another loud noise. Looking at the console, Zhao Feihong got up angrily and said, “It’s impossible, how can we not get rid of those pirate ship female agents?” It’s normal. If they hadn’t modified military engines, wouldn’t I be able to get rid of them? It’s a big trouble this time, we flew so far.
It’s hard to contact the mech squad, and they can only rely on laser cannons for self-defense Zhao Feihong said in a panic, I don’t understand your stupid move