What’s your illusion Yan Haorui smiled Putting his hand on Jiang Lins dantian Jiang Lin felt the warmth of his dantian again he muttered in

Jiang Lin, who has written through the book, expressed that he was under a lot of pressure.
Although he is a bit weird, he can write cool articles, and the newspaper office will make readers go crazy.
Under his article, the building stands in a formation with only one sentence.
Should writing this kind of thing be full of dreams and love? He’s just a psychopath who made the male protagonist reborn several times before he was completely happy. You dare to say that the male protagonist who kills one person in ten steps has never been a liar. He transmigrated into various characters in the book and followed the hero to be reborn over and over again. What is the situation? You, you, don’t look at me, you have to believe that you will be happy in the end. Go forward and don’t look back. The most important thing is don’t look back at me.
I’m half nervous.
Gentle and half-fried hair, the story of being raised by a perverted loyal dog Yan Haorui Who are you in this life? I know you are in Jianglin, I silently keep silent Yan Haorui said to himself if he killed everyone around him one by one I will definitely find out whose body you are in. Jiang Lin, I, I, and I are here in this life.
I am your younger brother Yan Haorui, smiling gently. Wouldn’t it be better if you told me sooner? Linyan Haorui Supporting Role Others Developing a Blackening Attack Volume 1 Single Stupid Duo The first generation Jiang Lin a literary youth Fan Er Sitting by a small lake, staring at the scene in the lake with dull eyes, still holding a stick in his hand Branches slapping the water one by one Every slap lands precisely on the face of a boy in the lake scene He has no special hobbies such as pedophilia or he is just venting his dissatisfaction weakly and sadly as Jiang Lin, an otaku who doesn’t have much to pursue, imagines a perfect life is very simple. Every day after work, he has time to play games and fill in the holes he dug himself. That’s pretty good even if he is scolded as a parallel importer in the game for digging pits and cheating him. Damn, is he willing to be in the hands of others? It’s a pity that everything has been declared shattered. Jiang Lin woke up two days ago and almost thought that he had arrived in heaven not because he saw some kind of little person with wings, but because of the sky. Even if there is only a two-story attic, Jiang Lin’s eyes widened and he stared blankly for a long time before he realized that he didn’t know whose floor he slept on. He touched it, or was it the white marble floor? Jiang Lin was planning to Let’s see which local tyrant’s handwriting is so big.
Suddenly, I heard a girl’s voice coming from one side, which is so clear and sweet, it’s the young master’s time to get up.
I’m sure he’s calling me, isn’t it? Jiang Lin trembled Looking at the place where the sound came from, it was a lake.
What age is it? And there are ghosts pretending to be scary? These days, feudal superstition has long been out of fashion hahaha Jiang Lin stumbled back and nearly tripped on the ground, only to realize that The clothes he was wearing didn’t know which style it was.
The hem dragged the floor, but it couldn’t attract his attention, except that it was white, and he didn’t even have time to study the fabric.
He focused all his energy on the voice and stared in horror. Looking at the lake to see something on the lake, Jiang Lin to watch carefully When I went there, I was shocked again. The surface of the lake was as smooth as a mirror. Although the water was very clear, there was no sense of sparkle, and it was like a mirror, reflecting a scene that I don’t know. In an antique room, a little maid was shaking the person on the bed. It seemed that he was talking to that person just now. Jiang Lin wanted to cry. He felt that the cause of his death must be poisoning due to excessive secretion of adrenaline. It took Jiang Lin the courage to take a closer look, and then he noticed that the size of the lake was astonishingly small, only three or four.
Jingkou is big, of course, this is not the point, the point is the picture on the lake, Jiang Lin, this person has the standard quality of an otaku, that is, his brain always appears just right.
Seeing such a weird thing, the first reaction is that I finally saw the actual Pensieve.
Hahaha So he carefully sat down by the lake with the hem of his clothes to watch the real free movie Kiss, do you know what it means to be heartless? In such a short time, the person on the bed has already risen, unexpectedly, he is a little girl with red lips and white teeth.
Don’t mention how attractive he is I like wearing a snow-white underclothes and rubbing my eyes with white paws. Yu’er brought me some water to wash.
Several little maids came in and worked for a long time before dressing up this little lady.
Waiting for you to have breakfast, the little lady nodded and walked out with short legs, and solemnly refused the servant’s request to carry her over, with a face full of such a cute sense of mission to accomplish a great goal, Jiang Lin wanted to rush over and pinch his face, of course He held back the lake water.
No matter what he thought, he knew it was weird. He didn’t dare to touch a middle-aged man sitting at the head of the dining table.
The middle-aged beautiful woman sitting next to the promising woman said that Rui’er knew that he was promising only when he was old Isn’t that the name of the protagonist he dug? He still remembers being complained about when he just posted a chapter, saying that even if the previous lives he arranged for the protagonist are not important, at least he can at least make up a word.
He only had a name and no characters, so he was so impressed by Yan Haorui’s name, could it be that he had the same name as Er Jiang Lin suppressed his sense of horror and then looked at the scene? Did the second expedition kill Chen Guo? Yan Haorui’s father stroked his beard and smiled without saying a word. Jiang Lin was unable to complain.
He pretended to be aggressive because he could still remember some of his own settings. Yan Haorui was born in Jiangmen in his first life. Defeating Chen Yougong established the situation of Great Wu’s unification of the world. He was granted the title of Duke Jing.
Don’t complain about his dynasty mix-up.