Whats wrong with Wang Yan Asked if it’s all right with a worried face the child’s temper comes and goes quickly and he’s about to

Four years later, Xue Yushen already owned a well-known resort, Zhuli Xiaozhu.
Various film crews filmed here. Unexpectedly, the filming of a variety show exposed his son in front of the camera by accident.
Give birth to a child carefully, enter the warm and sweet pet content label give birth to the entertainment circle, Tian Tianwen, editor’s comment Four years ago, Xue Yushen entered the entertainment circle with a dream and hoped to become a music superstar one day, but was framed by someone. After fleeing in embarrassment, he found a big accident in his stomach. Years later, Xue Yushen owned a well-known resort named Zhuli Xiaozhu. The filming crews shot scenes here one after another. The filming of one of the variety shows exposed Xiao Baozi to the camera, which aroused the interest of entertainment company giants and asked Xue Yushen and his son.
Throwing an olive branch, the author’s writing is fluent and portrays a protagonist with a little bun to fight the entertainment industry’s abusive cannon fodder. By the way, he falls in love. The heartwarming story of a family of three reunited.
The big dad who knows the truth, Chu Junmo, intervenes subtly with his strong style. The life of the father and son, as a protector, clears away all obstacles on the road to fame for the father and son The footsteps are a little fast, while walking, raising the wrist to see that the time is half past the kindergarten’s dismissal time. Fortunately, the latest time for the kindergarten to pick up the children is past 1:00 a.m. The teachers of the kindergarten will call to ask Xue Yushen, and they don’t want the children to wait for a long time.
Speed ​​up the pace Walking towards the parking lot, just got in the car and didn’t have time to fasten the seat belt, the phone rang, took out the phone, looked at the call notification, smiled, picked up the phone with one hand, pulled the seat belt with the other hand, put it on, Cheng Zheyushen, are you going to pick up Yang Yang’s call? From the other end came Cheng Zhe’s soft voice of inquiry.
I was about to go there.
I just went to see a client.
It took me a while Xue Yushen to start the car and look around the car. If you’re busy, just tell me. I’m about to lose my temper again Cheng Zhe’s voice became softer when he mentioned Xue Qiyang, mixed with a strong smile and doting, you go first, see you at the Western Restaurant later, don’t always spoil him The child is becoming more and more lawless, Xue Yushen smiled softly and was not polite to Cheng Zhe, but when he mentioned his son, the pride and pity on his face were fully revealed, hung up the phone, turned the car and drove away from the parking lot to Shengluo Kindergarten Xue Yushen parked the car Get off the car at the square outside the kindergarten gate and walk quickly into the kindergarten.
In the kindergarten, there are several children playing happily.
From afar, I saw Xue Qiyang sitting on the swing chair. Another child, Xue Qiyang, was sitting with a big smile on his white and tender face, chattering something incessantly at this moment, a young and beautiful female teacher in overalls came up and looked up and saw him.
Xue Yushen, who was near, showed a gentle and elegant smile, but Xue Yushen was slightly taken aback when he saw Concubine Gu Xiao Concubine Gu Xiao is the principal of this six-star kindergarten and the founder of the kindergarten.
Concubine Gu Xiaofei leaned over to Xue Qiyang and said, Yangyang, your father is here to pick you up, Mr.
Gu, come and pick you up. Dad, Xue Qiyang turned his head when he heard this. Come and see that familiar face, the smile on the small face became brighter, immediately opened his arms and asked Gu Xiaofei to hold him down, and as soon as his feet touched the ground, he quickly rushed towards Xue Yushen Dad, why did you come? I have been waiting for a long time, sorry, Yangyang Dad It’s late again today, so dad wants to make up for Yang Yang.
Today, dad takes you to eat steak.
Xue Yushen bent down and hugged his precious son. Is it true? Your Uncle Cheng Zhe is already waiting for you over there, that’s great, long live Dad, long live Uncle Cheng Zhe, then Dad, let’s go quickly, we can’t let Uncle Cheng Zhe be hungry Xue Qiyang writhed his small body excitedly, pursed his mouth and kissed him Xue Yushen’s face was impatient to leave, and he still didn’t forget to accuse Dad for not taking me to eat steak for several days, okay Dad, let’s take you to say goodbye to Teacher Gu and the children first Turning to Cheng Zhe and looking aside, Gu Xiaofei thank you Teacher Gu Yangyang for causing you trouble Gu Xiaofei smiled and shook her head Yangyang is very obedient and gets along well with the children in the class, Mr.
Xue don’t worry Thank you for your trouble.
Xue Yushen nodded, put Xue Qiyang on the ground, and waited for Xue Qiyang to say goodbye to Gu Xiaofei and the children before holding Xue Qiyang and leaving. Put the child on the child safety seat in the back seat, start the car and leave. Let’s dictate the new words. I wrote all the new words correctly.
The teacher praised me.
I heard from Lele that the idiot Xiao Rui in their class was a big idiot who didn’t write it down. He always bullies Lele.
Unceasing, um, Yang Yang is very powerful, but Yang Yang can’t say that other children are idiots, it’s rude, and Yang Yang can’t bully other students, you know? Xue Yushen listened to his son chattering about the things in the kindergarten, and his face was unprecedented. Gentle and gentle Yang Yang didn’t bully others Xue Qiyang’s pouting small mouth Yang Yang was so obedient Xue Yushen reached out to touch Xue Qiyang’s little head while waiting for the traffic lights, then retracted his eyes and looked at the traffic lights ahead with a gentle smile on his mouth, concentrating Hearing his son continue to tell the story, a trace of complexity flashed across his eyes. The car drove all the way into the Yuse parking lot and found a parking space after turning around in the parking lot. After parking the car, Xue Yushen hugged Xue Qiyang and got off the car and took the sightseeing elevator to the building. The western restaurant was led by the waiter to find Cheng Zhe’s seat, sorry for the traffic jam on the road, it was late, Xue Yushen said to Cheng Zhe who stood up, Uncle Cheng Zhe