What’s the matter without me in the world Dont be like this the bone banshees cry of crying blood came my nephew quickly put it

Copywriting As soon as I was born, I was stolen by the descendant master, who put me in a small coffin and buried me in a grave dug long ago. This special coffin is a ghost coffin for raising ghosts. I was buried alive. Daohua Daohua, the underground master, rescued me. He is the successor of the Maoshan School.
I was born with yin and yang eyes. I was forced to enter the industry when I was a senior.
My life of catching ghosts and exorcising demons is about to start Tags Thriller Maoshan Taoist Suspense Chapter Chapter Coffin Remaining Infant Bazi Quanyin is my fate According to Taoist theory, this fate has ups and downs in my life My name is Fang Gang This name was given by my master It is said that it can increase Yang Qi and restrain the influence of Yin Qi on fate.
I don’t know who my parents are because I was stolen by the head-down master when I was just born. Listening to the master’s story about what happened to me at that time, I am so embarrassed It was a dark night when I was just born, I was taken to a valley full of evil spirits by the head master, who put me in a small coffin prepared in advance, covered the coffin and buried me in the grave dug long ago.
In the pit, this is a special coffin.
A mirror full of weird runes is inlaid on the coffin lid. In fact, this kind of thing is the ghost coffin used by the head descendant to raise ghosts.
The guy was buried alive in the ground.
I heard from the master that this is the method used by the lowering master to create the ghost baby.
Because of the damage to Yin, the lowering master dare not use this technique at will. Once the baby is formed, the killing ghost is invisible to ordinary people. It’s easy for a head-down master to kill a person, but the life-span of a head-down master who performs this technique will be shortened by thirty years.
Suddenly it rained heavily and thunderbolts blew away the newly buried grave.
The head-removing master was shocked. He was about to cast a spell, but was attracted by the vision.
The old Taoist priest here, that is, my master Daohua Daoist.
I couldn’t help but get furious. The next thing is naturally what my master bragged. He summoned Liujia Liuding Jinxian Arhat Babu Tianlong to beat that bastard to a panicked rabbit and fled, then went down into the water to pick up the new grave and removed the ghost coffin from the sewage Take it out, cast a spell, open the coffin lid, and save me from the sea of ​​misery. All in all, this passage was blown up by my master. The master embraced him, opened his eyes and smiled at him. I was moved with compassion, so I was not sent to the orphanage. I was adopted by my master. That year my master was seventy-eight years old.
I was just born.
I was just a year old. Daohua Daohua’s name is quite famous. In fact, he’s just an ordinary person.
In a big city, there is a small store in a very remote place. I opened my house. The small shop named Daohua Bliss Funeral is also commonly known as the coffin shop.
It sells coffins. You can see Fengshui yin house, exorcising ghosts, catching demons, destroying evil spirits, and so on. It’s a business that can fool people.
It’s not bad.
It’s not a problem to feed the two of us.
I rely on the nurse invited by the master. Time flies when I was raised.
I am five years old and can talk.
I entered kindergarten, but my eyelids are different from other children. The left eye is single eyelid and the right eye is double eyelid.
It is commonly known as yin and yang eyes.
I can really see things that others cannot see. At that time, I met many good friends, and they all liked to come to me to play games at night. Later, the master noticed that he was very nervous.
I only remember that I was drawn several spells on my body by the master, and they all disappeared automatically. But it’s fun.
Since then until I was in my senior year, I haven’t seen any unclean things.
Of course, after I became sensible, I understood that my yin and yang eyes were sealed by the master using a spell.
It must be said that I had an extra eye when I was eight years old. Little Junior Sister is a two-year-old little girl. I don’t know where Daohua Daohua cheated her from.
Maybe she was adopted by him just like me. I’m not sure.
Daohua Daohua’s family name is Fang. The master’s name is Fang Rou, and he told me that your junior sister’s horoscope is full of yang, which is not good for a girl, so I need to give you a feminine name to neutralize it.
With you and my junior sister, it’s just that the yin and yang can complement each other and eliminate disasters. Master hopes that you will develop a relationship in the future and be a husband and wife for the rest of your life because the two of you are the most suitable together. At that time, Fang Rou bit her little finger and opened her eyes wide.
Master Daohua Immediately breaks the kung fu, very cruel and sternly yelling, woo woo, the little girl cried out in fright, I didn’t know what a husband and wife were at that time, but I wanted to protect Fang Rou, this was what I thought in my heart, I hugged Fang Rou Huhu shouted at the master, don’t scare Xiao Rou Daohua, the real person’s expression at that time was very exciting, I think it was indeed very exciting, it seemed to be very depressed, wronged, and painful, that’s right, the little junior sister raised her head and looked at it with tears in her eyes. I think it was from that time that my junior sister will always remember me in my heart. From that day on, I had a younger junior sister by my side. Her name is Fang Rou, plus Master, we lived together like the closest family until I went to university. When Rou was in high school, life changed a lot I married one but died short-lived. Since then I understand that I will not marry any more.
Fortunately, when I am old, I get a pair of lovers. Someone will send them to the end of life. I am not unkind to me.
This contains the real estate title deed here and This sect does not pass on the secrets of strange gates to outsiders. I have only taught you symbols and some basic things these years, so as not to let you formally get in touch with yin and yang ghosts.