What’s the matter with doing it without saying a word Let go your mouth is full of dung like eating Xiang every day I let

The teacher in the class of Nanshan Mechanical Engineering Technical School is explaining all the knowledge in the textbook step by step on the stage, while Lin Tian, ​​who is in the last row of the class, is sinking his head into a deep sleep It collapsed, and the face buried under the table became hideous in pain. At this moment, a simulated version of a military truck appeared in Lin Tian’s mind, and then a large blue light invisible to the naked eye directly invaded his mind. The sound made by Zhong Lintian’s body swaying directly destroyed everyone’s wandering spirit. The teacher standing on the stage glanced at Lin Tian and snorted unhappily.
The poor students in the back row are really poor students. Prospects, this is just a small farce, it’s not surprising that the teacher has seen too much, and continues to give lectures to the good students in the front row, while Lin Tian is still immersed in his own mind at this moment, and he doesn’t know what’s going on outside.
You’re talking about it again.
What is it? Lin Tian looked at the military truck in front of him in surprise and shouted to the host.
I am the red police system that traveled through the parallel world. Because the system traveled through the parallel world, it was severely damaged.
All units were unable to expand for the host.
The host needs to collect all the information. Created the Red Police unit Lin Tian felt bad when he heard the ins and outs.
Traveling through the parallel world Red Police Red Police he knew Red Police was the most popular stand-alone game in the 1990s.
Of course it can also be played online now. Police games can build main bases, barracks, violent soldiers, heavy factories, tanks, cannons, and various aircraft and aircraft carriers. At that time, it was super hot in the 1990s.
Lin Tian didn’t expect that he was facing a red man The host of the police system, please collect information as soon as possible and find a suitable place to unfold the main base. The cloud of mist keeps repeating a sentence, and he basically understands the message that invaded his mind just now. This red police system travels parallel When the world was hit hard, all units were missing the most important core, and now the Red Alert system can’t build other units and can only expand the main base. Although it can’t build other units, the Red Alert system gives him detailed technologies for all units. These technologies need every Create a unit at a time to obtain the technical data of the next unit.
The host is emotionally stable and binds. The binding starts to strengthen the body. As soon as the voice fell, Lin Tian felt his consciousness collapse instantly, and then a huge shock came from the whole body.
Pain, Lin Tian’s neck is thick, there are blue veins on his forehead, the bloodshot eyes are almost filling his eyes, his whole body exudes a violent breath, the constant pain, Lin Tian finally woke up, and his pupils recovered But the pain is really unbearable.
After the strengthening, please find a suitable place to expand the main base as soon as possible.
The ethereal voice slowly dissipated in Lin Tian’s mind.
Lin Tian really couldn’t bear the pain. Impressed, he slapped the table with a long shot The huge noise of the crack directly silenced the class. Everyone looked at Lin Tian like a fool.
The teacher standing on the podium also looked unhappy. You made a noise just now when you were sleeping.
Dare to make such a loud noise, Teacher Lin Tian slammed the book on the table. Hearing the teacher’s angry reprimand, Lin Tian was all smart.
The pain in his body disappeared and his consciousness recovered, but he felt that his head was bigger than before. It’s easy and comfortable.
Memories from my childhood can now be recalled.
I can now remember all the books I read before. The Erpang sitting next to him is even more confused.
He was stealing something just now. Who knew that the table suddenly He looked at Lin Tian with a bulging mouth and a demented look on his face, and now Lin Tian felt that his head was empty like never before. He picked up the book that the teacher taught this time and started to frantically flip through it.
The teacher who got up and stood on the podium saw this scene and was furious. Lin Tian, ​​you still don’t think you can take this class.
The teacher was so angry that he slapped the table with a loud voice. All the students mentioned their nervousness. It’s very rare for the teacher to get angry. But in the hearts of everyone, the teacher is an existence that cannot be provoked.
Lin Tian is concentrating on the book at this moment, and the action of turning the book is so fast that it turns over in a second.
After reading it, he just threw it aside one after another.
Putting the teacher’s words in his ears, Wang Ming, who was sitting in the front row, muttered unhappily After eating the food in his mouth, he secretly pulled Lin Tian’s sleeve nervously, trying to warn Lin Tian not to continue like this, who the hell knew that Lin Tian suddenly went crazy and started flipping books when he fell asleep, the teacher didn’t pay attention to the original teacher’s scolding Lin Tian didn’t listen to the sound, he felt used to it, but when the class monitor in the front row said this, Lin Tian was upset and lost his mind. Putting down the book, he looked at the monitor in front of him and asked coldly, “I don’t care about you when I read books in class.
The monitor is the whole class studying.” The best and the assets in the family are not small, much better than the average person.
Many people in the class envy him. He is simply a rich second generation.
The class leader has always been rivals with Lin Tian and has always been at odds.
Now the class leader actually takes the lead in picking on Lin Tianneng.
Er Pang, who was lucky to be sitting on the side, originally wanted Lin Tian to pay attention, but he didn’t expect Lin Tian to be so arrogant that Er Pang suddenly lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at the podium, while the squad leader Wang Ming was so stimulated by Ye Tian, ​​he stood up and directly yelled at him. Dorian, you sleep in the back row every day, and when you wake up, you make trouble for the teacher to give lectures on it.
Are you doing this right? If you don’t want to learn, you can drop out of school.