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Strange mobile phone begs to be added to the bookshelf People with dreams have the habit of dreaming sweet dreams For example, Chu Jun is such a person Chu Jun has already fallen asleep at eleven o’clock in the evening and has sweet dreams Chu Jun dreamed that his dead grandpa wanted to give him a The baby said that with this baby, Chu Jun can do whatever he wants in the future, he can do whatever he wants, and getting rich is a piece of cake, getting rich is a piece of cake, and asking Chu Jun to find him some beautiful granddaughters-in-law, Chu Jun’s happy grandpa a month ago When he died, he left nothing behind.
This old man is only now thinking of giving Chu Jun a baby.
This surprised Chu Jun.
He was about to reach out to pick up the baby that his grandfather handed over to him.
The descendants of Dashan, love the sun, and the earth-shattering ringtone of the mobile phone made Chu Jun Woke up from my dream, I went to Grandpa’s baby, who didn’t hate interrupting my dream so much? Chu Jun woke up from his dream with a look of embarrassment and anger Chu Jun picked up the cheap old phone and saw it was his own The godmother Su Xinyue called Chu Jun. She knew that this godmother had a rich night life and often only returned to the rental house in the middle of the night.
I guess this time, where she is chic enough, I want Chu Jun to pick her up.
Sister Chu Jun is drunk, hurry up. Come and pick up my sister. Chu Jun guessed right, so he answered indifferently. Sister Xinyue, you see, it’s so late, you should take a taxi and come back by yourself. If you can’t take a taxi, sister is now in the cemetery in Xishan, come quickly, sister.
She was almost scared to death Su Xinyue said casually on the phone, I went to a girl who ran to the cemetery in the middle of the night and asked Chu Jun to pick her up It’s a place where the dead stay, maybe there are ghosts there, aren’t you making things difficult for yourself? Chu Jun really doesn’t want to go to that kind of place in the middle of the night, don’t talk nonsense, come here quickly, if you don’t come, I will ignore you Su Xinyue said very decisively even though she was in the cemetery, Chu Jun found no signs of fear from Su Xinyue’s tone, I don’t know if she really took herself Thinking of her as a ghost or a drunken man, Chu Jun can’t resist Su Xinyue, who made her his god-sister? Chu Jun had no choice but to walk towards the cemetery in Xishan.
The place where Chu Jun lives is a suburban village called Wuyi Village, which is located at the industrial center of Jinguan City. Su Xinyue also lives in this village in the developed Xicheng District. The small village is densely populated with migrant workers, students, businessmen, etc. There are even local tyrants who come here to live in seclusion. Chu Jun met Su Xinyue in Wuyi Village because Su Xinyue was a day older than Chu Jun.
Yue picked up a big bargain and forced Chu Jun to recognize her as his god-sister. Ever since Chu Jun recognized Su Xinyue as his god-sister, Su Xinyue has often called her around. If Chu Jun refuses to agree, Su Xinyue will use her sister’s name Suppressing him, Chu Jun put his mind on it and walked towards the Xishan cemetery.
The Xishan cemetery is not very far from Wuyi Village, but the place is full of graves, and they are also densely packed with white. No one dared to go in the sky, let alone at night, when they came to the cemetery, Chu Jun jumped up in fright, looked at the raised graves in the bright moonlight, like hideous ghosts, and the spirit-calling banners on the graves The sound of hula-la in the wind is very scary. Maybe a ghost will jump out of it and let you go down to play with him, then you will suffer.
Ding dong ding dong In this cemetery that only has the sound of wind, Chu Jun suddenly heard a strange sound, this sound.
It’s a little melodious, which really startled Chu Jun. Chu Jun listened carefully. It sounds like the ringtone of a mobile phone, but how could there be a mobile phone in this cemetery? And the old man’s phone that Chu Jun uses has such a melodious ringtone, Chu Jun stopped. When I got down and listened to the ringtone, it seemed to be right next to me. It should be right under my feet. Chu Jun bent down and saw something under his feet that was shining with a faint green light, the size of a mobile phone screen, could it really be a mobile phone, maybe it was daytime Chu Jun, who fell here, got excited and hit a baby.
He picked it up and held it in his hand.
It turned out to be a mobile phone.
Give yourself a treasure? Suddenly I found a treasure in the cemetery? Could this be the so-called dream come true? Chu Jun took the phone and carefully looked at it. It was just a four-inch silver-gray phone with no keys on it. There is a switch on the side of the touch screen. Look at the back, but there is a complete Apple graphic, but it is divided into two halves, one half is silvery white and the other is taupe.
The pattern is somewhat similar to that of an Apple mobile phone. What kind of mobile phone is this? Jun pressed the switch on the side of the phone, a faint blue light first appeared on the phone screen, and then it became brighter and brighter. The phone screen finally lit up. It turns out that the phone is not locked, but there are four lines of words on it: Spiritual Power Value Points Combat Power Value Point merit, point supernatural level, look at these four lines of inexplicable words, Chu Jun really can’t think of a reason, could it be that this game console is the same as the Apple mobile phone, and it’s more delicate than the Apple mobile phone, could it be a counterfeit Well, Chu Jun clicked on the next step with great interest, and saw the software in the phone, which immediately surprised Chu Jun, because he had never seen or heard of these software and functions, and he had never heard of them.
The map of the spirit world, the ghost-hunting master, the supernatural power attachment, ghosts and gods know everything, this is definitely a mobile phone Chu Jun thinks what kind of mobile phone is this? Why have I never seen the software in it? They are all yin and yang, mysterious and unpredictable.
These software are too weird.
It seems like Is it used for catching ghosts or dealing with ghosts and gods? Could this phone be used by the dead in this cemetery?