Whats the matter The whole morning was empty Luo Qing looked at his eyes smiled and looked at the busy Lu Hu without saying a

Chang Shuxin cheated not only money, they also reaped good things such as kindness, sympathy, enthusiasm and integrity. The author Chang Shuxin feels that the fraud in real life is getting worse.
He conducted a six-month data review and interviewed more than ten senior police officers.
Service personnel searched for the inheritance of cheating in the rivers and lakes, and finally completed this anti-fraud guide novel with a sense of reality and story. It is clear that the use of jargon in the industry and outsiders cannot understand a fraud case carried out by the cooperation of the eight major frauds 20 years ago, and no one can solve it.
This year, the traces of the eight major frauds reappeared in a huge transnational fraud case. Within three months, a team of police officers who are well versed in this type of crime must be established. Dou Shifang, a prodigy who has been in the market since he was a child, knows both deception and criminal investigation, was accidentally selected when he was recovering a defrauded mobile phone and he broke into it. Working as an undercover agent in the liar’s den keeps digging out more and more truths behind the case. About the author.
Chang Shuxin, a representative writer of domestic police and bandit criminal investigation, Nian Chang Shuxin.
Feeling that the deception in real life is getting worse, he conducted six months of research and interviewed more than a dozen senior police officers to find the inheritance of deception in the rivers and lakes, and finally completed this anti-deception book with a sense of reality and story. The masterpiece of guidebook novels, Yu Sin, My Criminal Investigation Notes Series, Black Pot Series, Slingshot Series, Chapter 1, Liar Appears, Seeking Organizations, Finding Faith in Reality, But Can’t Get It, and Seeking the Solution of Wisdom. Some of these people have become wise, and a small part of them have become wise. A liar, an elephant, the tangible truth is hard to find, a flash of lightning, a few rumbling thunders, blasting over the city, a strong wind, a shower of rain, and the image of the city sent back from the eyes of the sky instantly becomes blurred.
Quickly rushing to the multi-functional meeting room on the fifth floor, knocking on the door and entering the main seat, Director Chen Haoyuan pointed to the seat.
The confidential officer put the documents in a panic, opened the computer and connected the video line. It is not a similar emergency meeting. It’s rare to see such a small number of participants.
The chief hosts are the two leaders, Director Chen of the Municipal Bureau and Deputy Director Xie Jingwei of the Provincial Department. Opposite are Yu Jun, director of the Anti-Fraud Center, and Xiang Xiaoyuan, a beauty from the Economic Investigation Detachment.
There have been several major cross-border fraud cases. As the public spokesperson of the police, Xiang Xiaoyuan has frequently appeared on TV media. In terms of public awareness, she is the lowest rank.
She is at the top. Get ready, the confidential officer reminded me to start. Director Chen Haoyuan said, he got up, closed the window and turned off the lights.
The temporary meeting specially called by the Deputy Office of the Provincial Department Xie started. All eyes focused on the projection screen on the front wall of the conference table. The subtitles reminded that this was an illegal fundraising case. In the chaotic scene, the police officers rushed into an office and sealed the people up. The employees of the company whose computers were blocked shouted hoarsely with the police.
The deceived people who came after hearing the news shouted around the cordon.
An office building was crowded with people inside and out. A TV online shopping fraud case seized all kinds of bank cards used for transfers. Half a room was lined up with all kinds of handicrafts filling a warehouse. The Internet gambling fraud case was recorded by law enforcement cameras.
Arrests spanning more than ten cities in four provinces. This case has led to more than 30 other criminal cases, including robbery, credit card fraud, embezzlement of public funds, and other job crimes. The video specifically records that a public servant of the Finance Bureau lost 1,000 yuan because of gambling. More than 6 million yuan was embezzled public funds.
The huge debt made him finally choose to jump from the top of the Zhongzhou Building to settle a hundred. The illegal pyramid selling case started in Zhongzhou and spread to eleven cities in the province.
The amount involved in the financial pyramid scheme reached a terrifying level of 800 million. Eight thousand police officers were used to close the network. Even so, there were still more than 100 million of funds involved in the case.
This case of one hundred and sixty-seven people is the most eye-catching news project in Zhongzhou this year.
The commanding staff are the four confidential officers who are sitting here. It is almost cold and dignified and solemn.
Over the past two years, the most important cases in Zhongzhou City have been reproduced here. Even if we look back, even if most of the suspects have been brought to justice, it still makes people feel complicated.
Maybe others will pay attention to the excitement of the scam.
And the cunning of liars, but as a policeman, what I see is more bankrupt and even family ruin, crying, even wanting to cry without tears, the collapse of order and the collapse of social morality, and liars are harvesting people’s kindness, hard work, and honesty, spreading more and more Lies and fraud have also been impacting the bottom line of society. The video was stopped after being escorted to justice. In order to transport the people involved in the largest cross-border telecom fraud case in Zhongzhou history, the city bureau used more than a dozen buses. The three detention centers in the city were overcrowded. Chang stood up and turned on the light, he stroked his gray hair back and sat down silently, as if trying to resolve the speechless embarrassment at this moment Facing all kinds of crimes, some people may be filled with righteous indignation, some may be angry, and some may be speechless, but liars are different from what people think of them Anger is sometimes worse than those vicious criminals. It is a kind of desire to put these bastards to death, and then quickly gnash their teeth.
Tell me, what does it feel like? Director Chen Haoyuan asked aloud, picked up the documents and materials, his face was a little tired Yu Jun They exchanged glances with Xiang Xiaoyuan, neither of them understood the purpose of being urgently called in to observe the old case.
It stands to reason that under the high-pressure crackdown for more than a year, the incidence of fraud cases has dropped by nearly 60%, especially cross-border telecom fraud. After being kicked out, the whole social atmosphere has changed