Whats the matter seeing that Shi Xiu brought her here again Chunyan must have something important Chunyan got up and twisted the corners of her

Seeing the feedback from book friends, let me clarify that the protagonist of the rumor is also Wu Zhi, and will not have another male pig’s feet. Let us shout the slogan Wen Chengwu, Derenyi, Yi, Yingming, Shenggui, Wang Qianqiu, and will rule the rivers and lakes. Liu Dieer wears a dark green dress Leaning on a soft couch covered with gold silk felt, the shade outside the window is like ink, and the wind carries the fragrance of lotus in her hand.
She holds a jasper bowl in her hand, and the bowl contains chilled lotus seed soup.
Miss you are thinking nonsense again The round-faced pretty girl Chengcheng is complaining about Die’er’s worries at the side You can hide it from Mrs. Liu, you can hide it from Mrs.
Cheng, but you can’t hide it from Chengcheng Orange is her maid and also her friend I don’t know how lonely she would be if my only friend didn’t have Chengcheng.
Die’er sighed lightly.
Is Chengcheng’s father’s business really going to end? Chengcheng also sighed and didn’t say anything. Offended the largest gang in the Jiangnan rivers and lakes, the Mu Family Gang, the Mu Family Gang, Suzhou Tangkou, said yesterday that if Master Liu does not end all business in Jiangnan within a month, Suzhou Tang will give him a good look.
It’s scary that last year, a businessman secretly funded several small salt gangs in Jiangnan. At that time, the Mujiabang said they would give him a good look. The Mu Family Gang appeared in Jiangnan and it was too bullying.
Die’er frowned slightly Miss those things, I don’t care about those things, the lady can’t care about the master will have a way, Cheng Cheng said the master will have a way, but she sighed, I really can’t think of the master How can Dier suddenly get up and go to the red sandalwood wardrobe in the room, open the wardrobe, and take out a long dark green box from the inside, caressing the long box, Dier’s eyes are brighter Miss Chengcheng knows that Miss’s idol is Princess Qiqiao, but sister Qiqiao, do you know all about sister Qiqiao? Die’er lightly picked up the long box, of course she knew that Cheng Cheng had heard Miss Cheng say it hundreds of times, swept Jiangnan martial arts and defeated the heroes of Shandong Youzhou City as her husband Fighting alone in Liao soldiers, Cheng Cheng pouted her mouth and said helplessly Die’er looked at the north and her eyes were full of longing. In the past few years, the story of Qiqiao has gradually spread throughout the world, especially in Jiangnan. The iconic bright yellow long dress has also become the favorite of many chivalrous women, and the romantic love story between Qiqiao and the noble king has touched the hearts of many girls.
The pretty figure who draws a sword for her husband in a sea of ​​blood has since become the swan song Midnight. Who can understand the thoughts of a young girl with tears in her clothes in her dream? Die’er is often in a daze, imagining Princess Qiqiao’s valiant and heroic posture in order to protect her most beloved one, standing in the midst of thousands of troops and horses. Thinking about it, tears often come to Die’er I like to call sister Qiqiao instead of Princess Ye like others or privately as Princess Qiqiao. Once she enters a wealthy family, she is as deep as the sea.
Even if Princess Qiqiao was proud of the rivers and lakes back then, she is still obediently a canary orange in a cage.
He said disapprovingly, what do you know about sister Qiqiao and King Gui Husband and wife are deeply in love, what canary talk is ugly? Die Er stares at her eyes, orange curls her lips, why doesn’t the young lady follow suit? They also wear yellow skirts Die Er shakes her head and says you don’t understand Qiqiao, there is only one sister, Liu Die Er There is only one, but sister Qiqiao has her most beloved person, Die Er. Die Er sighs, remembering her father’s urging marriage several times, her face darkens. Cheng Cheng sighs, okay, Cheng Cheng is ignorant, but Cheng Cheng knows Miss What do you think? Die’er pursed her lips and hugged her arms tightly.
Miss Changxi also wanted to be like Princess Qiqiao and become a hero in the south of the Yangtze River, but Miss Mu’s family is not easy to mess with, Miss. Let’s get rid of this idea as soon as possible, the master will not agree Chengcheng was worried that his words were not convincing, so he moved Master Liu out too.
Daddy knew that Die’er said with a nervous face.
Seriously, Die’er couldn’t help but giggled, stretched out her hand, pinched Cheng Cheng’s face and said with a smile, the little girl said that every time, and I never saw you go to inform me. If you dare to really tell daddy, I will never talk to you.
Cheng Cheng sees that the threats are ineffective.
Dao Chengcheng was afraid that the miss would not only be unable to help the master, but put herself in.
Die’er smiled and said, is your miss so stupid that she would go to Mu’s house to help? The deep red wooden table, go and have a look at Cheng Cheng, muttering in his mouth, but still walked over curiously.
There is a piece of thin paper on the table. If he can help me, what do you think? Cheng Cheng looked at the thin paper, speechless, Die Er stretched out her hand and smiled in front of her eyes, what’s the matter? Did Miss Dao really have such an outstanding character? Die’er smiled and said, is the little girl thinking of spring? He chased after him and shouted, don’t run, tell me about it, the thin paper fluttered down on the ground, densely packed with small black script characters, Tian Fangge, a 20-year-old descendant of the Hainan Sword School, a martial arts prodigy, made his debut at the age of 16, and was in the Lijiang River for the first time The thirty-seven heroes of the Lijiang Gang were defeated by the bank, causing a sensation in the rivers and lakes. After a month, Guishan swarmed with murderous beetles and was beheaded again. On the wall of the old nest, there were bloody characters left behind. Fighting more than forty times without a single defeat, he is the first rising star in the Central Plains martial arts. Last year, Tian Fangge began to challenge the Mu Clan’s supremacy in Jiangnan. He broke into the Jiangzhou branch of the Mu Clan.
After someone broke in for the first time, he escaped calmly