Whats the difference between the engraved appearance and a bully Maybe the difference is the difference in gender right Tenderness whats the matter with you

Ah, a shocking cry came out, attracting the attention of countless people around. I saw a girl’s miniskirt being lifted up by a little lolita, revealing the super cute cat panties under the skirt, Ruan Meng, what are you doing? The girl gritted her teeth and stared at the little Lolita in front of her, wishing she could kill her, to actually lift up her skirt in such a large crowd, this is to cause trouble! Ruan Meng saw that the girl didn’t even have the slightest intention of admitting her mistake, and said with a smile, Zhang Jia, I listen. People say you don’t usually wear panties, so I lifted it up to see if it’s like this to satisfy my curiosity. What’s the big deal? Do you need to shout so loudly? People who don’t know think you’re being raped. Are you Zhang Jia? Thinking that Ruan Meng is such a loli, it’s okay to lift her skirt, but what kind of attitude is this? Not only does she not admit her mistake, but she also says it’s no big deal, it’s not a big deal, I’m a girl, alas, I’m so cute when you lift up my skirt in public Little kitty, you call me how you mess up in the future, don’t be angry, it’s a big deal, I’ll let you blow it up again, Ruan Meng said very generously, Zhang Jia’s mouth opened wide, and I don’t understand what Ruan Meng means, here is the school playground, there are many people Look at this little girl who let herself lift her skirt. Does she have a penchant for showing off? Of course it’s true. What did I lie to you? Ruan Meng rolled her eyes. Can you lift up? What Zhang Jia was talking about was a group of stinky boys who were onlookers, their eyes were shining like wolves. If Zhang Jia didn’t shoot them, they wished they could take Zhang Jia’s place. This kind of flamboyant girl doesn’t want to make it big, but she just said it, but you have to tell me who spread the rumor that I don’t wear panties Zhang Jiayin clenched her red lips and wanted to tear the person who spread the rumor, Ruan Meng thought After a while, I said to Liu Qian, I heard it from Liu Qian, then I left Liu Qian, I want to kill you, Zhang Jia also roared and left, I thought I was going to trouble Liu Qian, after a few minutes, Ruan Meng returned to her dormitory The lieutenant general locked the door of the dormitory tightly, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. It was so exciting just now.
The system came out for me. I have completed the task, right? Sitting on the big soft bed, Ruan Meng yelled at the air, that’s right. What happened just now was not intentional by her, but a system task. In fact, she is not a woman at all, or even a person in this world. She is a time traveler from an otaku who crossed over and possessed this body.
At first, he was quite happy, especially Is it because she realizes that she is still a soft and cute loli with a childlike face and big breasts? Immediately, she feels that this wave is stable Let the selfless Japanese beauties do the thing. After Ruan Meng’s roar, the master, a little angel with fluttering snow-white wings appeared in front of her eyes. This is the system elf who messed up the system.
Big It’s all right, I just want to be a beautiful girl in peace, why do I have to make trouble? But the system’s punishment is so perverted, she doesn’t dare not to make trouble. The task lifts up the girl’s miniskirt. The time limit is one hour. The task fails and turns you into a The non-virgin mission successfully obtained the skill of one-second skirt fading. Do you think such a mission can punish Ruan Meng without compromise? Congratulations to the master for completing the mission and obtaining the skill of one-second skirt fading. It’s good to complete the task on the bed.
As for the reward, go to hell.
Take off the skirt in a second. What’s the use of the skill I want it? System You said, can you stop posting such troublesome tasks in the future? When I saw the task at first glance, I was very desperate Ruan Meng said that it is not a system. The elf said very principledly that I am a troublemaker.
If the system does not make troubles, do I still have meaning to exist? Hehe Ruan Meng stopped talking.
To be honest, it is better to have this system than not to have it.
I want to do it all day long. That’s enough, master, your thoughts are dangerous, the system elf narrowed his eyes dangerously and said with a dangerous smile, you are peeping at my thoughts Ruan Meng was shocked, how could it be called peeping? The system elf said that I just heard it inadvertently. Ruan Meng gritted her teeth, but she couldn’t follow the system, and she didn’t know if it was my luck or misfortune.
Of course, it was the owner’s luck. Still so unreliable, she originally thought about returning the system, but thought that even if she could return it, she didn’t know where to return it, so she didn’t say it, but even though it was just an idea, the system heard it, and the system elf pouted. The mouth was very pitiful and said, Master, how can you return my cute little angel? Believe it or not, I will give you small shoes to wear and post you the task of going to the men’s bathroom, Ruan Meng, your sister, just started watching the system elf She pouted and felt aggrieved, and she blamed herself for saying something too harshly, but she didn’t expect the second half of the other sentence to directly make her give birth to return the product, she must return the product immediately, and there is a system, she doesn’t even know who is the master After all, the system can issue unscrupulous tasks to her at will, but she, as the master, has no choice but to accept one way or not, wait for those cruel and inhuman punishments, the system, I am wrong, don’t give me little shoes Ruan Meng bowed her head. People have to bow their heads under the system.
Although he often went to the men’s restroom in his previous life, but now she is a cute girl. If she still went to the men’s restroom and was found, she would be ashamed to live. Hehe, this is a good master. Really The good system elf flew to Ruan Meng’s face