What were you doing just now Answering your question Zhang Qianqian picked up another cherry tomato and put it in her mouth Lu Fei Zhang

Cross out the nonsense on the morning of the 1st, in the third grade classroom of Kui County No.
3 Middle School, Yu City, Lu Fei was reciting an ancient poem in the early self-study room, and his deskmate Yan Ming suddenly turned his head and interrupted Lu Fei’s participation in the flag raising ceremony on Singles’ Day At that time, I was going to confess my love to Jiang Jiang from Class 7.
Jiang Jiang is a girl who transferred from the second semester of her second year of high school. She is like this, so she was very popular with the boys as soon as she transferred to No. 3 Middle School. Although Lu Fei never pays attention to such information that has nothing to do with studies, because she is so famous in No. 3 Middle School, it is difficult to know, and it is not easy to take a look.
Forget that this is my closest chance to get close to her. Lu Fei, you write well. Can you do me a favor later? Lu Fei, you said, write a love letter for me. If you know it, help me copy it, the main reason is that my handwriting is too ugly. Lu Fei nodded, it’s okay, then Yan Ming said happily, but I think you wrote it for nothing, and she won’t like you. Yan Ming looked up at him in doubt. I don’t know why, my intuition is true. Instead of wasting time here writing love letters, you should study more and get admitted to a better university. In Lu Fei’s view, as a student, only learning is the right way.
Falling in love is purely crooked and will only affect your own studies. Yan understood. Lu Fei glanced at his good buddy. He was handsome in everything.
He had good grades, but his brain was not clear.
He was an insulator when it came to girls. He told him that girls are like chickens and ducks.
Shaking my head, since ancient times, it’s hard to hear.
When the second class was about to end, Lu Fei had finished a test paper. Turning his head, he saw that Yan Ming was still secretly writing his love letter. It’s been a whole morning.
Why haven’t you finished writing it yet? Yan Ming shook his head. I asked if your composition is so good, why don’t you try to write it for me, but I can’t write it? Try it? It’s okay, just look for inspiration for me. Lu Fei hesitated, okay, I’ll try it. Well, don’t blame me.
I don’t blame you for taking the letterhead that Yan Ming handed over.
After thinking for a long time, he seemed to finally have a clue, and then began to write.
Towards you, the first sentence at the beginning seems pretty good, straight to the point, Yan Ming, this is both self-consolation and doesn’t want to hit Lu Fei too much, but just when he was about to wait for Lu Fei to continue writing, the other party suddenly stopped writing, what are you doing? Don’t write anymore, Yan Ming asked in confusion, Lu Fei replied, I’m done writing, you wrote me such a sentence after thinking for a long time, Lu Fei explained, I think this sentence has fully expressed that you like her, will you do this? If it’s too short, you can’t write me more like writing a composition.
Lu Fei looked at him with a strange look, but this is not writing a composition, and there are word count requirements. Lu Fei said casually, anyway, if I write it, I will write it like this in this no I won’t waste too much time on meaningful things.
Why would it be meaningless to me? It also rang.
Lu Fei got up and said that the flag was going to be raised. If you are not satisfied, you have to write it again quickly, but I guess you don’t have time to write it for too long.
Folded into a heart shape, put it in his pocket, chased after Lu Fei, and ran towards the outside of the classroom.
Every Monday is the flag-raising ceremony for the whole school. By the way, there is a general meeting. There are praises, praises, and criticisms. At this time, the positions of the two classes Standing next to each other, Lu Fei, look at my goddess. Yan Ming whispered, although there are many people on the playground, but because of Jiang Jiang’s tall figure, outstanding temperament, pure and sweet appearance, Lu Fei can still spot her today in the crowd at a glance.
Wearing a pure white cardigan and thin coat, a pair of light blue jeans and a pair of white shoes, behind her is the hair that girls envy unceasingly, she tied it into a ponytail casually with a hand rope, and it flickered as she walked.
The casual attire makes her reveal her youth and vigor.
In fact, what impresses Lu Fei the most is her eyes. Lu Fei still remembers being amazed by her clean eyes when he saw each other for the first time.
At this age, he has never seen a girl with such clean eyes.
Jiang Jiang, who walked towards the playground, seemed to have noticed that someone was looking at her. She turned her head and looked around with a sweet smile. Lu Fei quickly shifted his gaze away. How about Ming? Is my goddess very beautiful and pure? It’s okay because I don’t have much contact with her.
Lu Fei actually doesn’t have much feeling for her, except for the visual beauty.
She is still beautiful, and Lu Fei is not a member of the Appearance Association. The national flag was raised and the national anthem was sung, and then the school leaders began to speak, praise should be praised, criticism should be read, read the review book, read the review book, I haven’t seen you go up and speak for a long time, I’m not used to it, Lu Fei teased Yan Ming, the corner of Yan Ming’s mouth I’ve been honest recently, okay? By the way, didn’t you say you wanted to give Jiang Jiang a love letter? Didn’t you ask Lu Fei? No hurry. Lu Fei reminded me that we will be disbanded soon.
Holding the love letter in his pocket, he was really flustered when things came to an end.
Lu Fei hesitated when he saw him and asked if you were scared and dared not send it. I would be a joke. Leaning out to Jiang Jiang, she patted Jiang Jiang on the shoulder from behind.