What time is it in the evening Han Qitao asked Shen Yawen we will be busy today maybe around eight o’clock I have already booked

This is my era of electric power. See how I, Han Qitao, sweep the power grid industry and grow into a generation of power grid masters with wisdom and sweat. On the overgrown hillside, two electric workers on the power tower of Heyun main line are wearing safety belts and working skillfully on the power tower more than ten meters high. The workers and masters on the tower pay attention to this, pay attention to what happens on the spot, today’s job task is to carry out line maintenance on the Heyun main line, and the work is almost completed now, only the last insulator on the tower needs to be replaced. This is an important time. Han Qitao, in overalls, stood on the ground at a certain safe distance from the iron tower, raised his head and looked intently at an installed insulator in the line on the tower.
The expression on his face seemed thoughtful, although he had accepted himself From the fact that he was an electrical engineer back in the year, he accepted the fact that he has become Han Qitao, a young man who has just graduated from university and started working, but he still wants to confirm the meaning of the words that appeared in his mind.
So Han Qitao looked at the insulator that had been installed once again, and that paragraph flashed in his mind.
The insulation resistance of the pin insulator was identified as zero. The insulator cannot be used. Please replace it as soon as possible.
It’s strange that he will also be possessed by the system. Is this already installed? A good insulator is really a substandard product.
Han Qitao can’t guarantee that the insulators installed on the tower are substandard products, but he knows that if substandard insulators are used in the grid line, it will bring great harm to the operation of the line. Do you want to tell director Wang the text message in your mind? The director of the power supply bureau, Ma Chaoyuan, was reporting something, and Ma Chaoyuan nodded from time to time, as if affirming Wang Bingli’s work report.
If there is a problem with the insulator on the tower, don’t dismantle the leader’s tower at a critical moment. Han Qitao still has this awareness, but seeing that the work on the tower is coming to an end, what should I do if I don’t tell the workers on the tower to replace the insulator and there will be a safety hazard after the line is put into operation? Do you want to climb up the iron tower and tell Master Xuan to ask him to change an insulator? Will Director Wang agree to climb the tower? I don’t think it will work. Originally, this was just a routine line maintenance operation. If it was normal, Han Qitao might not need to apply.
The newcomers climbed the tower to experience working at heights. After all, the earlier the newcomers mastered the operation skills, the earlier they would have an extra labor force. But today, the head of the Municipal Bureau suddenly went to the countryside to inspect the first stop and came to the Heyun Power Supply Station.
Hearing that all the maintenance tasks of the power supply went out, he decided to go with the team to take a look at the combat effectiveness of the grassroots power supply station. Of course, Wang Bingli did not dare to neglect, so he arranged for a few of the most experienced masters to work on the tower, and then let Han Qitao, who is still a rookie, take charge of the ground. The words in the mind of the man in charge of doing chores are still constantly reminding Han Qitao what to do and not let the power line run sick.
Han Qitao felt that he still had to report the information received in his brain to Wang Bingli. When it rang, Ma Chaoyuan took out his mobile phone, perhaps because he felt that it was inconvenient to answer the call in front of Wang Bingli. Ma Chaoyuan deliberately walked more than ten meters away before answering the call. Han Qitao felt that this was the right time, so Han Qitao walked up to Wang Bingli and said in a low voice, Wang Suo, I think so. There is a problem with one of the installed insulators, I suggest to remove it and replace it with another one. Wang Bingli was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Han Qitao, then looked at the sweaty master on the tower, and looked at it with a strange look.
Seeing that Han Qitao himself had just boasted in front of the director Ma Chaoyuan how powerful the He Yun Institute is, now you, Han Qitao, came over and said that there was a problem with the insulators they installed.
How do you make the director think about He Yun Institute? Xiao Han, do you think that the level of you fresh graduates is higher than the experience and testing equipment of the masters who work on the tower? That’s not what I meant, but there might be something wrong with that insulator, okay? Wang Bingli got a little impatient, and the look on his face became even more gloomy.
Restraining his voice as much as possible, he asked Comrade Xiao Han not to say that you are young and inexperienced, even if you have experience, can your experience be compared with our testing equipment? Every time we take out the insulators we use, we use an ohmmeter to test them before leaving the warehouse. You can only use it if you pass it. Why do you say it’s a failure? Hearing what Wang Bingli said, Han Qitao was silent for a while, but couldn’t come up with more convincing evidence to convince Wang Bingli, because he couldn’t guarantee 100% that the words in his brain were correct.
Seeing that Han Qitao was speechless, he put on a leadership posture to Wang Bingli and said to Han Qitao earnestly and sincerely, “Xiao Han, I know you are unwilling to be appointed to our post at He Yunsuo. I want to find an opportunity to perform in front of the leaders of the Municipal Bureau today, and then I want to think about it.” Transfer from Heyun Institute earlier, but let me tell you Xiaohan, young people, keep your feet on the ground and don’t aim too high.
Wang Bingli’s words seem to be caring and teaching, but they are actually criticizing and satirizing.