What the hell is going on He was the only one left a crazily rushing zombie howling and beating on the car window the sharp

The endless whispers of Cinderella Street, Tbilisi District, Raccoon City, China slowly moisten the ground, and small water flowers dance happily on a two-story villa.
On this quiet rainy night, someone has already Sleep well, but there are still some people who are extraordinarily busy. Don’t, I can’t stand it. An incomparably charming voice is heard, so soft that any man’s blood will spurt when he hears it, and his heartbeat will speed up. There was a sound, the girl’s coquettish moans, and even a bit of sharp cry.
The sound was enough to make any innocent child blush. An endless sigh resounded. The girl’s whole body convulsed, her eyes turned white, and her hands clenched on the iron railing at the head of the bed. The pink and tender mouth is open, and the flying hair is wet with sweat and sticks to the head comfortably. A string of numbness in the tailbone makes the girl lie powerlessly on the bed, while the man is still sprinting with all his strength. Zheng Shuang, I don’t want it anymore, I really can’t take it anymore, please let me go, the girl couldn’t bear it anymore, she begged bitterly, tears flashed in her beautiful eyes, the man called Zheng Shuang stopped his sprinting pace and looked at his watch Slightly smiled and said, Oh, my dear Sophia, can’t stand it after only two and a half hours? Take medicine, I seem to have come a few times, six times or eight times, haha, taking medicine, are you kidding? We Chinese need that.
Now you know how powerful we Chinese are, right? Zheng Shuang looked up at Sophia with a slightly cold look Didn’t you say that we Chinese are no better than Americans? You also said that Hanyang’s manufacturing is not as powerful as foreign guns and cannons. Don’t think that if you have studied Chinese history for two years, you will look down on us Chinese.
Welcome to Zheng Shuang softly. Grinding Sophia on the strong arm, stroking Zheng Shuang’s sharp eight-pack abs, said embarrassedly, “My dear Zheng, please forgive me for what I said before. It’s because I haven’t tasted our Chinese food.
Hehe, okay, now I am After knowing how powerful you are, I won’t dare to say that anymore, okay? I didn’t wait for Zheng Shuang’s answer.
Two tender lips greeted me at this moment, endless lingering. These damned imperialist little girls don’t give them a taste How do you know that I, Zheng Shuang, is so powerful? While brushing my teeth, I don’t care about the foam in my mouth.
I muttered and said that in the mirror in front of me, Zheng Shuang’s naked and unsatisfied avatar still stood up in protest, which made Zheng Shuang laugh for a while.
Forget it, today she is really I can’t do this anymore, or I’ll call an ambulance for her You, my dear little brother, Zheng Shuang, let go of the faucet, let thousands of icy sprays fall, the raging fire of desire gradually disappears, close your eyes, think and relax, the scenes of the past few years are reappearing in your mind Zheng Shuang immigrated to China with his parents when he was 12 years old and lived a happy life for several years, but the good times didn’t last long. A few gangsters were surrounded by the police while robbing a bank.
The desperate gangsters shot and killed Zheng Shuang’s parents at the bank. As a result of applying for a loan, he was hit by a stray bullet and both died. Zheng Shuang, who was only fourteen years old, cried while holding his parents’ bodies, but those useless national policemen only killed three gangsters and let the chief culprit slip away. I heard that the leader of the gangster has a huge black widow tattooed on his neck, the most poisonous spider in the world, but several years have passed, and the leader of the gangster has been at large. I personally delivered the electric chair, but after graduating from the police academy, Zheng Shuang did not do well, and the black widow seemed to have disappeared from this world, and there was no trace of that damned Stuka, who was caught by me as a thief. All the credit goes to alexander isnt it because alexander was the thief his nephew fucked me three blocks to catch and that goddam alexander is still eating hamburgers wish him more hamburgers until his cholesterol is high Diabetes is so rampant that swine flu is imprisoned.
Zheng Shuang thinks of the big and thick police chief Stuka, who is upset.
This guy is because Zheng Shuang is a Chinese with black hair and yellow skin.
He always finds Zheng Shuang’s troubles. If it was the era when the three parties were incomparably brilliant, he would have kicked that black-haired boy out of the police station. The bastard thought of that disgusting fat and greasy face.
Zheng Shuang felt like throwing up. Damn Stuka obediently licks Lao Tzu’s shoes.
Zheng Shuang hates the thought of “click!” Suddenly a glass cup fell to the ground, and countless broken sounds conveyed Zheng Shuang’s heart on this quiet rainy night. The policeman’s keen intuition made him feel It seemed that something was watching him.
The feeling of being stared at with ill intentions made Zheng Shuang’s skin tingle for a while, and his heart burst into a feeling of being ignorant of things.
Wrap the important parts of your body, pick up a nunchaku, and walk out of the bathroom. Damn it, my gun is still in the bedroom. Zheng Shuang, who is still holding the nunchuk in the room, thinks of this steel made of fine steel. The nunchaku is still a teacher who learned Jeet Kune Do.
The gift that Zheng Shuang gave him after he won the Jeet Kune Do Championship in the United States was quite heavy.
It also had Bruce Lee’s famous quote engraved on it. Empty your cup before it can be filled again.
The sharp girl’s cry resounded through the sky, causing countless ripples in this suffocating space Sophia, although this country chick is not a lover and confidant