What should I do After reaching out and putting the little girl on the passenger seat David Li smiled and disgusted while helping her comb

My name is David and I love to fight David and I’m sorry you got into a big mess this time and we can’t help you anymore A bearded white army captain in a military base in the United States is looking at a strong body with a black head The black-eyed, yellow-skinned soldier said with regret and regret, it’s okay, Russ, you don’t have to feel sorry, and you don’t have to feel sorry for me.
After all, some things have to be done by someone else, and I just happen to be the right one. You are just a human being, take care of yourself. Goodbye. Looking at the captain, the yellow-skinned soldier who has experienced countless lives and deaths with me, his eyes are full of reluctance and reluctance, but he is helpless.
The things in the army are beyond his control, and now he does not want to keep them. I can still think about the reckless yellow-skinned soldier before him.
First he sighed helplessly, and finally reached out to give his captain a bear hug.
Then he turned around and got into the military vehicle without looking back. The skin soldier’s name is David Li. He is 23 years old, his height and weight are kilograms. Huaxia Guangdong Ren, because he went to the countryside to do as the Romans do, people often call him David or David. Lee talked about why David Li left his hometown and came to the United States to serve as a soldier.
There is also such a story in it. David Li was born in Guangdong, China. In addition to being a martial arts family, he is also a native of the fifth generation of farmers.
Born in a family of martial arts and farmers, David Li basically said goodbye to playing when he was young.
There is no free time to play. In the morning, David Li has to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to practice martial arts for two hours, and then help the family with some farm work.
Finally, it is almost time for school to get breakfast and go to school.
Go home at noon, eat lunch, continue to work and practice martial arts After school in the afternoon, after school, I still continue to work and continue to practice martial arts after eating. Because I often practice martial arts and do farm work, David Li has a good figure since he was a child.
In addition, his strength and body are bigger and better than ordinary people of the same age.
Of course. There are also disadvantages. This disadvantage is that practicing martial arts makes David Li very active. Because of his restlessness, David Li has never passed his studies.
Not to mention, he always likes to fight with children in the village, schoolmates, and gangsters outside.
Let’s just fight, anyway, it’s just fights, troubles, crying, laughing, and passing, but this guy is different from other children.
In the 12 years from elementary school, junior high school, and technical secondary school, David Li himself didn’t know how many people he injured.
Fortunately, these three schools are all in the local area, plus his home.
He is still a bit thin in the local area, so in the past it was almost always him who caused trouble, and then his family members came out to help him properly. After he hit someone, they came out to help talk about the matter, helped him compensate and apologize, and so on, so that he would not be fired, and then he was reluctant. When I went to university, I studied in other places because there is no university in David Li’s house. When people sent David off to go to college, everyone in the village guessed that this guy would definitely cause trouble for his family after he got out.
Sure enough, he got into big trouble after failing to finish his freshman year. At the entrance of the hotel, I saw a few seniors in luxury cars carrying the corpses they had picked up into the hotel, and then went forward with a sense of justice to argue with them.
The waste is basically that the protagonist gets beaten or slapped in the face as soon as he is a child, but the reality is that the children of rich families are not only not as ignorant as in the novel, but also very knowledgeable.
The ability made David Li speechless, and even the ability to do it almost gave him five karate masters, so the one-to-five battle was a bit fierce and the result was that David Li was in that battle. In the fight, he missed a young man with a punch and knocked him unconscious. If he did a good job and knocked the bad guy unconscious, if the lawyer handled it well, he could also give Li David a self-defense or negligent injury. It’s okay to get away, but it’s okay to deal with it lightly, but what David Li never expected is that the corpse he thought was actually a farce of your love and my wish. The woman who was picked up was not drunk at all but pretended to be drunk. The appearance of falling down was very affectionate, and she was carried away by several elders, and the woman jumped up when Li Dawei knocked the elder unconscious, pointed at David Li’s nose and called the police on the spot, saying that he was a robber, a lunatic, deliberately came out to find trouble and beat people, etc.
Hearing the woman’s call to the police, David Li felt that the matter was serious. At that time, he couldn’t care less. He left the five young men and the woman lying on the ground, turned around and ran away, and left the city at that time in a black car that night.
After that, David Li hid for several days without daring to contact his family until later, because he had no money, he quietly contacted his uncle in the same village with a public phone, and wanted to use him to understand what he had committed.
When the uncle received David Li’s call, he just said “oh” and hung up immediately. After hanging up, David Li’s uncle pretended to be leisurely and wandered around the house before leaving the village and looking for a public phone on the road.
Afterwards, I called David Li back. After the phone call, David Li’s uncle scolded David Li fiercely in the phone booth without saying anything. Seriously, at this time, his parents have already dealt with it, but it is not ideal. The other party’s parents are much richer than their family.
At this time, the other party is determined not to be selfish. The compensation from their family is to let him sit in prison.