What Qiu Daoling stared at Ye Fengs face for a while and suddenly said in a hoarse voice what Ye Feng raised his eyebrows and

A burst of heart-piercing pain came, Ye Feng subconsciously turned over, got up and lay down heavily on the bed, the miserable autumn wind blew into the dilapidated room, a few strands of thatch fell from the broken hole in the roof to Ye Feng’s chest, the firewood in the fire The crackling sound exudes a bit of heat, dispelling a little bit of the cold, but the thick smoke from the firewood burning makes Ye Feng unable to open his eyes, what a pity, the dwarf of the Japanese country is insidious, Ye Feng gently moves the unbearable pain Finally gradually subsided, he slowly sat up with the edge of the thatched bed, opened his eyes and looked around, Ye Feng froze for a moment, is this the underworld? Slowly came to my heart Ye Feng came from China since he was a child and was taken abroad by the killer organization for special training. In the life-and-death training camps in Africa and Siberia, there were more than a thousand killers.
In the end, he was the only one who survived. Ye Feng became the top killer of Blood Bodhi.
In the first place, he never changed his name, Dragon Emperor Ye Feng, but as a killer, he has the consciousness of being killed. Ye Feng’s last mission was to kill Japan’s number one martial artist Sehara Tengichi head-on in the ring, for freedom. Ye Feng took this task, and the world’s attention was drawn to this battle. Ye Feng killed Sehara Takaichi dignifiedly, but the despicable Japanese people were furious. They refused to admit that the first person in Japanese martial arts would lose to a Chinese, so the other eight Japanese martial artists Experts joined forces with Japanese special forces to besiege Ye Feng.
Although Ye Feng was astonishingly skilled, he also died under the siege of everyone.
Where is this? He is currently in a vast world where the strong are respected. There are no planes, cars, missiles and cannons here. There are only warriors.
The strong man breaks the mountain and cuts off the water. It is a fairy trick.
In the Tianwu Continent, as long as you have enough strength, money, status, and beauty It will follow.
The previous Ye Feng was an out-and-out lazy man. His mother exchanged his life savings for a place to study in the martial arts school in Hejian Town, but this Ye Feng hangs around with those dubious people all day long. He is a third-rank warrior, and Ye Feng’s father died early, his family is poor, and his mother is bedridden.
Only the child bride-in-law, Murong Wan’er, has been by his side and will never leave him. At the same time, he also remembered the reason why he was unconscious.
Yesterday afternoon, he and Murong Wan’er were having dinner in the town, but they met Wang Jian, a classmate in the martial arts gym. Wang Jian saw that Murong Wan’er was beautiful, so he moved his hands and feet. Still wanting to spend money to buy Wan’er away, I have to say that Ye Feng before was really weak and incompetent.
Seeing them dragging his child bride-in-law without saying a word and letting them do it for Murong Wan’er while crying in despair, a blue streak flew from outside the sky. The blue light cluster hit Ye Feng’s head at once, and Ye Feng passed out, Wang Jian and others panicked. God thought that Ye Feng was crushed to death, and he didn’t care about anything else, so he ran away and Murong Wan’er escaped. Ye Feng sighed before, the master was too trashy and weak, even his child bride was molested, and he would have watched helplessly if he had been molested at that time. If you were there, I would have shot him straight away, but thank you too. Without you, I would have gone to hell. Your mother and child bride-in-law, I will take good care of you.
Grateful, and then that strange feeling slowly dissipated, Ye Feng guessed that this was the soul of that person from before, and finally dissipated in the world at ease, Xiao Feng, you are all right, how can you get up, lie down, there is a pleasant voice in the ear, Ye Feng saw something Zhang’s beautiful face is like a porcelain doll. The girl in coarse clothes walked in in surprise. She had two pigtails and a pure aura rushed towards her face.
Although she was in a shabby room, she seemed to be the pearl in this hut, even the sun couldn’t hide it.
The brilliance on her body, she was a little tired, the corners of her eyes were bloodshot, and she was still carrying a large bucket of water in her hands Wan’er Ye Feng saw the concern in her eyes and felt warm in her heart, Xiao Feng, you lie down, I just went to the town to change a few eggs and boil them for you You eat, you take care of your wounds, Wan’er will boil water for you to take a bath, Murong Wan’er put down the bucket and wiped the dust on her forehead, I’m going to fill firewood Her hand Murong Wan’er was stunned suddenly, she looked at Ye Feng in amazement, suddenly tears fell from the corners of the girl’s eyes like pearls, Ye Feng was startled, but she heard Murong Wan’er choked up and said, “Wan’er knew it was wrong, I shouldn’t give it to Xiao Feng I promise not to beg Xiaofeng to take me out for shopping, please Xiaofeng don’t drive me away don’t sell me to that Wang Jian Murong Wan’er cries more and more sadly Eye circles are reddish and almost kneels down to Ye Feng Ye Feng looks at the crying girl And look at her rough hands due to hard work, suddenly her scalp is numb and her heart hurts like wringing, but she got up boldly and walked over to hold the girl’s hand, Dao Wan’er, don’t worry, I, Ye Feng, are here, no one can take you away, you seem to have heard something An unbelievable thing Murong Wan’er raised her head, her big eyes were foggy, she wanted to say something, but she didn’t know where to start, Xiao Feng, what you said was true, I was the one who was blinded by lard before, Wan’er, I won’t be muddled anymore I will practice martial arts well to protect you and my mother Ye Feng’s voice is loud and clear Nodding, Murong Wan’er’s already stopped tears almost flowed again.
An indescribable happiness welled up in her heart, Murong Wan’er suddenly felt