What kind of brotherhood Sort pushed Fafnir away held the ring high and greedily caressed the gleaming red Nibelungen ring you must hold it carefully

He is the god of the piano.
Open the violin virtuosity and record the demon king.
Even the soundtrack and entertainment circles can hardly escape his persecution. His scalp-numbingly large number of works have made countless music critics, music connoisseurs and analysts scratch their heads.
Were you not a draft star? Happiness came too suddenly. The main body of the playlist is sorted out.
Kugou search superstar can stew yourself in an iron pot. What are you reading? Relevant and extended fringe subject articles are more specialized, classical, and more hardcore.
The rap in this article is positive and mainstream, not underground and dirty, and it’s just a branch. The author’s self-defined label, star, easy chapter. Dreaming, of course, is used to let yourself go.
In the noisy environment, Li Wenyin’s mind went blank. Who am I? Where am I? I squinted my eyes subconsciously.
Everything in front of me began to become clear. Five or six meters ahead, colorful lights flickered frantically.
The smog does not have any pungent smell, the dry ice light, the blank space in Li Wenyin’s mind is gone, it is just buzzing, and he is actually holding a microphone in his hand, subconsciously touching the device next to his ear, which is faintly visible through the ear return. It seems that there are people shaking their heads in the dark.
From time to time, objects that look like light sticks are waving. It is obvious that this is a stage. If you take a closer look, it is still a very luxurious stage.
Li Wenyin suddenly saw a ghost in his heart.
I am not because of overtime. I was too tired and wanted to lie down in the office for a while before continuing to work, so I went to sleep? Oh, I understand, this must be a dream, this is definitely a dream.
Hey, what did I think it was? Isn’t it just a dream when Li Wenyin is relieved? Hahahaha It’s hard to do Having such a clear dream let us let ourselves go free, our fair face flushed, as an autistic social animal, there are not many opportunities to let ourselves go like this, since I was thirteen years old, I have never let go happily ever since My parents were both killed in a car accident and I survived. I was sent to an orphanage with the little leftovers left by my parents. I left the orphanage at the age of eighteen and worked part-time. Crawling and struggling alone to live alone, Li Wenyin’s job is the easiest profession to become a social animal. Accountants do the calculations and then cut the bills to stick to the national tax and local taxation units.
Sometimes it is not a dream to run more than ten kilometers a day when you are happy.
I simply have a lot of hobbies so that I won’t collapse under pressure. I usually use music and dance to anesthetize myself. I watch videos and play games. I learn some useless extra-curricular hobbies.
I live alone in my own world, and my thoughts fly farther and farther. when The sound of music came from the back of my ear.
Which prelude is this? I haven’t heard it at all.
As a person who likes music and often sings, Li Wenyin thinks that she is worthy of the title of Zhonghua Xiaoqu, but what the hell is this prelude? It’s melodious and beautiful, but The crux of the problem is that I can’t sing at all.
Li Wenyin hummed twice and didn’t care about the accompaniment that was playing.
Anyway, this is not what I want. A casual glance, Li Wenyin saw a grand piano standing out on this wide stage, dreaming Li Wenyin took a deep breath, picked up the microphone in his hand, and begged the bean sack master to stop.
The accompaniment stopped suddenly.
I can’t see it. When you’re on the stage, the lights are on and you can almost blind your eyes. The auditorium is so dark and there are various lights on the stage. In this situation, you can’t see clearly what is sitting below.
The so-called Nervousness is out of the question Let’s talk about dreaming, who cares about your presence? Li Wenyin came to the piano in a few steps, sat on the piano bench and opened the piano cover. The whispers under the stage suddenly weakened a lot. The voice sounded softly.
I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Li Wenyin only felt that when his fingers touched the keys, there seemed to be a kind of muscle memory guiding him. When touching the keys and starting to practice, there will always be a sense of jerky and sluggishness, but at this time, it is at your fingertips. Li Wenyin secretly lamented that it is indeed a dream. The feeling of playing the piano is too real. This extremely proficient skill is also so refreshing and soothing The sweet and sweet tune makes people calm down and enjoy the adapted version. The soft and soothing love loop sounds very good. It’s time to wake up in my dreams. Suddenly the piano sound stops abruptly. I’m immersed in the music.
The audience was stunned and saw Li Wenyin smiling mysteriously. Li Wenyin pinched his throat and tried to use the softest and cute voice to start, trying to sing the female version of Love Cycle.
I’m about to go crazy. What’s the matter? A stage accident.
Instead of singing the agreed song, I went to play and sing a song I haven’t heard before.
Although it sounds like this song is really good, the soft and cute melody and vocals make Mr.
Wang The soul of the uncle in my heart is awakening, but you are a man, what should I do? It seems that the only thing I can do when I am out of control is to find someone to drag him to the backstage forcibly, but if I really do this, it will really become The stage accident got out of control but