What kind of bad luck Cant stand it only in this way can he conceal his temperament Don’t be angry don’t waste the handyman quota

Chapter 1 Dressed as the No. 1 Beauty The manager opened the door and saw Ye Zhen sitting on the armchair with her long legs bent, staring at the phone in her hand.
The warm sunlight poured in through the French windows onto Ye Zhen’s side. The face looks radiant in the sun, and the long legs on the chair are even more jade-like.
People look better than popular people, but they take advantage of such an unsightly sitting posture. Ye Zhen makes it look so good.
If he does it, it will only be wretched. He still couldn’t help but hugged his chubby manager distressedly, shook his head, and threw aside the emoji that suddenly popped up in his mind and looked at Ye Zhen again.
He saw that there was something wrong with the expression on Ye Zhen’s face.
The manager blurted out that you are checking Weibo again, didn’t you tell you not to? Your Weibo is full of trolls, knowing that the news of the cooperation with Duan Yingdi will attract a lot of trolls, and you will find yourself guilty of using Weibo. Bo Yezhen continued to stare at the phone and said indifferently, it’s okay, I don’t care about those trolls, they are just jealous of my beauty, the manager didn’t wait for the manager to speak, Ye Zhen continued, I’m not checking Weibo, I’m watching Fans of the novel privately messaged me that I must read it.
It is said that a certain character in it is based on me. Hearing that he is not scanning Weibo, the manager is relieved. He put the keys on the coffee table and sorted out the fashion magazines scattered on the coffee table. He curiously asked what character The first beauty, isn’t that nice? Why are you frowning with a serious look? Ye Zhen finally put down her phone and looked up at her manager. The bright and charming face with a half-smile expression on her face is pretty good. The title of beauty is worth 200,000 characters, soy sauce actually won the box within three chapters, the agent slowly straightened up and swore to Ye Zhen that you must have met a fake fan Ye Zhen just thought with a sneer As soon as he opened his mouth, he saw the manager snatch the mobile phone from his hand with a skill that didn’t fit his body type. He said with a serious face, don’t look at it, hurry up and change clothes, you are going to the set at ten o’clock, today you are going to play against Duan Actor Remember to be humble, although you have some status in the entertainment industry, it’s okay, I know, Ye Zhen interrupted her chatter, and the manager who could nagging for a long time got off the chair, stretched, and went back to the room to change clothes, Shuyan Shuyan, are you alright? The spirit boat is about to set off. Ye Zhen’s head is dizzy and her eyelids are heavy, but the female voice that has been lingering in her ears makes her have to cheer up and try to open the eyelids that seem to be stuck together by glue. Unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes, she felt very clear. Her drowsy head just now became clear.
This is where Ye Zhen’s eyes swept from the embroidered curtain to the wooden table in the middle of the room.
Waiting for her to make a guess in her heart, the female voice outside the house rang again, Shuyan, Shuyan, are you alright? Why does the name Shuyan sound familiar? Ye Zhen scanned the entire room again, she was sure that she was the only one in the room, so the other party was calling She couldn’t get a response from the people in the room, and the female voice outside the room became anxious Get up, Shuyan, are you there? I’m coming in. Hearing this sentence, Ye Zhen no longer hesitated, and tentatively uttered an “um” word from her throat.
Hearing her vague “um word”, the woman outside the house relaxed and stopped, and the movement of pushing the door was slightly agitated.
Some complained, “Shuyan, are you here?” Why didn’t you answer me just now? Ye Zhen tentatively said a long sentence. I haven’t woken up just now.
As she thought, the woman outside didn’t respond with any surprise.
It seems that she really became this woman named Shuyan.
It’s more casual. Fortunately, she has taken several costume dramas before and barely knows how to wear costumes. Ye Zhen dresses herself unskillfully. At the same time, her mind is not idle, and she starts to think about where she has heard the name Shu Yan Shu Yan Shu Yan Ye Zhen’s hands suddenly paused when she was putting on her clothes.
What if it wasn’t Shuyan but Shuyan? The number one beauty, Wei Shuyan, Ye Zhen hurriedly put on her shirt and didn’t even wear socks, she stepped on the ground barefoot and walked to the side mirror Familiar and unfamiliar women felt that there was a two-second blank in their minds.
After the two-second blank passed, Ye Zhen let out a long sigh of relief.
When she was reading novels before, she had always had a doubt in her heart. Ninety-nine percent of people What will Wei Shuyan, who is recognized as the number one beauty, look like? Wei Shuyan has appeared in three chapters in total.
Although the author spent most of the chapter describing her appearance, Ye Zhen really couldn’t tell from the crowd of graceful and graceful people.
You Longrong Yao Qiuju Huamao Chunsong seems to be like a light cloud covering the moon and fluttering like a flowing wind returning to the snow In the words and sentences, Wei Shuyan’s appearance is imagined. In her opinion, there are subjective differences in aesthetics. What if the number of people in the cultivation world is very large? There may be a beauty recognized by everyone, but now Ye Zhen realizes that she is wrong. The woman in the mirror actually looks exactly like herself.
Her face is beautiful, but it is absolutely impossible to make everyone feel good. It’s this face that Wei Shuyan really can’t reach the level of the number one beauty in the cultivation world. More importantly, Wei Shuyan has a halo of beauty on her body.
Everyone sees what they think is beautiful under this halo.
To put it simply, there are people If he likes pure and clean beauties, the Wei Shuyan he sees is a beauty with a pure temperament.
If someone likes a coquettish and charming woman, the Wei Shuyan in his eyes has a temperament that charms all sentient beings. This hanging is really big, but compared to Grandpa’s portable space, it’s very tasteless and useless. Ye Zhen also clearly understands the power of beauty, and she can do it in just two days.
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