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When Ling Yue woke up, he found that this was a very strange room. The wooden furniture hung on the wall. A three-foot peach wood sword was hung on the hilt, and a gossip talisman was twirling on the hilt. The sun was rising three poles, and the spring breeze was blowing on his face, which made people feel refreshed. What is this place? Here, scattered memories flooded into my mind one after another. Over time, Ling Yue gradually understood that this was the Great Song Dynasty, which was originally a very prosperous country. It was only because Taiwei Hong went to the Fumo Temple by mistake. Accidentally let go of the thirty-six heavenly stars and the seventy-two earthly evil stars, so that the demons ran amok and the world was in chaos, so there were all kinds of strange people and cultivators in the rivers and lakes.
They have powerful supernatural powers and can kill demons.
The so-called demon master in the population, the so-called demon master is actually an extremely popular profession in the Song Dynasty.
Many strange people make a living by doing this. Thousands of people admire it.
It can be said that it has both fame and fortune.
This world is not right.
Although this is also the Song Dynasty, this world has a very wide area. Besides the Song Dynasty, there are many prosperous countries. In those countries, there are also people who practice cultivation. This is called Donglin Village.
Some people farm to support their families and some fish for business.
Ling Yue slowly sorted out his memory.
After a long while, he also understood his life experience.
He probably turned eighteen this year. He is an ordinary citizen.
Some time ago, a group of monsters came from nowhere and attacked the entire Donglin Village. The strong man immediately organized a team to rise up to resist and protect the village. Last night, another monster attacked the village at night. Ling Yue and all the villagers went to kill the monster.
He was accidentally hit by the monster’s spell and passed out. I am safe and sound at home, I think the folks sent me back, Brother Ling, are you at home? Suddenly there was a voice outside the courtyard, Ling Yue put on a white shirt and walked out, and saw a young man in Tsing Yi coming to the small courtyard of Ling Yue’s house, Brother Ling yesterday You didn’t get eaten by a monster tonight, so you saved your life, right? This person’s name is Li Feng.
Since the situation was chaotic last night, everyone just thought Ling Yue was just knocked out. I’m fine.
Thank you Brother Li for caring about Ling Yue’s memory.
Take a look at the monster that stunned me last night, with a human-like body, wearing black clothes, and a grinning bear-headed look, I was terrified when I saw it.
It’s great that you’re fine. Li Feng said that it’s not too early, and you quickly bring the guy.
It’s your turn to beheaded today. I’m bewitching and killing monsters, Ling Yue was stunned for a moment, yes, we caught a few more monsters last night, if we don’t kill the monsters, we can’t keep them in prison, right? Only then did Ling Yue remember what Li Feng said about killing monsters? Whenever you catch a monster, you will temporarily lock the monster in the monster prison. The reason why you don’t kill it immediately is because after the monster is killed, there will be resentment.
All sorts of neurological symptoms end up insane, insane, and monsters causing trouble, but they had to be killed.
So the village selected more than a dozen young and strong men who are full of vigor and blood, and took turns beheading them at three o’clock every day.
Killing monsters at 3:00 noon is about 10:30 to 11:00, which is the time of the day when the yang energy is at its peak. Killing monsters at this time can restrain the monster’s resentment to the greatest extent, so even ordinary people can use the time of day to kill monsters.
Today It’s Lingyue’s turn to kill monsters. It’s already noon. There’s still half an hour until 3:00 noon. Thank you, Brother Li, for reminding you to take a step first.
There is no problem with the time. Ling Yue sent Li Feng away. He cooked a bowl of noodles and ate to fill his stomach.
Jian went all the way to Xingyaotai.
Xingyaotai is located opposite the central square of Donglin Village.
A remote house is the Prisoner’s Prison.
It’s 2:00 noon.
This person is the old village head of Donglin Village.
Although he is old, he is quite capable of catching monsters. Standing beside the torture platform are two young men holding peach wood swords for killing monsters, whispering about that kid Ling Yue. Why haven’t you come yet? It’s just that you’ve been stunned by monsters. You should wake up at this point. Who knows? Monsters are so scary. It’s normal for him to be frightened.
If he doesn’t come, it’s a big deal. Already here, I’m sorry everyone, I’m late, Ling Yue bowed his hands to everyone, then saluted the old village chief, Mr.
Village Chief, please forgive me for being late, it’s not too late, the time is just right, you get ready When they came to the side of the two young men, they greeted each other.
The old village chief slapped the gavel and ordered someone to bring the monsters up.
After the voice fell, the gate of the demon prison was opened. More than a dozen strong men came out together with nine monsters. Some have the body of a tiger, some have the head of a leopard, some have the body of a leopard, some have the body of a leopard, and some have ferocious faces.
These monsters have been injured and all of them are bound by iron chains. Each chain has a sharp cone, so once the monster struggles, the cone will Deeply plunged into the monster’s flesh, the pain was unbearable. Ling Yue also found out that the monster who knocked him out last night was also caught in the net. The strong men put the three monsters on the torture platform first, and let the three monsters kneel like prisoners.
Waiting for the execution on the ground, Ling Yue stood in front of one of the monsters, holding a mahogany sword in his hand, and the other two youths did the same. The monsters roared unwillingly, but they couldn’t break free from the chains. As soon as the commander ordered the words, the three of them bit their middle fingers together and smeared the blood on the mahogany sword. Facing the monster’s head, they slashed the mahogany sword hard. The moment the mahogany sword approached the monster, a ghostly aura rushed over, but at this moment the mahogany sword flashed past. a ray of golden light