What is this Looking at the black air that Chen Ming just drew out and the black air condensed from Chen Mings hands The black

Chapter 1 Chen Ming’s faint warm sun hangs high in the sky, with dots of golden sunlight shining all around, illuminating all the scenery around a long and narrow road. The mighty convoy is moving forward.
The convoy consists of about fifty or sixty people, some of whom are Wearing a leather armor, keep vigilant around Ming’er.
This time you go up the mountain.
If you’re fine, you’d better not come down easily. Stay on the mountain and learn martial arts. Don’t walk around. A middle-aged man in a luxurious carriage is looking at him in a gorgeous dress and a gray robe. Looking at the young man in front of him, he said softly, “I know, Chen Ming nodded numbly to indicate that he heard it, looking at him, the middle-aged man in the gray robe next to him sighed softly, first he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end But he didn’t say anything, he just got up silently and got out of the carriage.
Seeing the middle-aged man leave Chen Ming in the carriage, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
Even though it has been a month since he came to this world, he still can’t let go of his father in this life.
You say me? How did a good college student pass through time? He sighed and was speechless for a while.
As early as a month ago, he was a college student who was about to graduate. He was playing games and fishing every day, preparing to live the last chic life before facing the society. But one night, when he went out to buy supper in the middle of the night, he was crushed to death by a brick falling from the sky, and then he closed his eyes and then he came here.
This world is similar to the ancient times in Chen Ming’s impression, but in various details It is different, and it is not the dynasty in his impression. The current court in this world is a dynasty that has never appeared in Chen Ming’s impression. Now it has lasted for 800 years. Eight hundred and half months ago, when Chen Ming heard He was stunned when he heard this number.
In the previous life, apart from Zhou, which existed for the longest time, in ancient times, no dynasty could last for such a long time. What’s more, Zhou can last for 800 years. However, Daqian’s 800-year-old world is the real thing.
Besides, although Dagan has been in chaos for 800 years in the country, judging from the situation, at least there is still a long period of lifespan, and it may be able to survive in the end.
After a thousand years, when he knew this place, Chen Ming already knew that this world could never be the one he used to. Fortunately, although the world is different, his background in this life is not bad. He was born in a rich family in this life.
The birth father is famous in the county town, and he is a big landlord and rich.
Under normal circumstances, with his background in this life, it doesn’t matter even if Chen Ming doesn’t want to make progress and become a rice bug waiting to die. It’s a pity that maybe he doesn’t want his only son to be so useless.
Maybe it was due to some other reasons. Not long after Chen Ming woke up, Chen Ming’s father in this life took him away from the house and planned to send him to a famous martial arts school nearby.
Speaking of which, is there really martial arts in this world? Chen Ming started to think about where he was going this time, and Chen Ming was a little curious. This time he was going to the famous Yueshan School in Longshui County, which is also the real one in the legend. The place where the Martial Arts Master sits is not visible in Chen Ming’s previous life.
The so-called Martial Arts can’t be defeated by a single bullet even if it is well practiced. But it seems to be different in this world.
The legend of waiting is very prevalent in this world, and Chen Ming, who has heard about it, yearns for it. If the so-called martial arts can really do this, it seems good to go to practice martial arts. Looking at the distant scenery through the window of the carriage, Chen Ming thought with some anticipation.
I was a little excited for a while, come down, Minger, down below, the voice of Chen Ming’s biological father, Chen Qizhi, was heard from the outside. Chen Ming didn’t speak, but obediently got off the carriage and followed the sound. He just got off the carriage.
I was stunned because at the moment there was a person looking at him at the side of the carriage. The person looked about 30 years old, wearing a blue robe, his appearance could only be considered ordinary, but his eyes were very bright, and he was standing in Chen Qi’s body.
A pair of bright eyes on the side stared at Chen Ming, being stared at by him, Chen Ming was a little uncomfortable, and couldn’t help but slightly raised his head to look at Chen Qizhi, how could brother Lu Qi come from the side, Chen Qizhi’s voice was weak and lacking in energy The child’s physique is not very good. Looking at Chen Ming for a long time, Lu Qi said, “Brother Chen, you are right to bring this child Ming’er to the mountain.
This child may not live long if he lives outside.” Chen Ming’s eyes tightened in his heart.
Immediately opened wide, I can’t live for long, the surrounding voices gradually weakened, and the surrounding voices gradually disappeared, leaving only this one sentence.
Speaking of which, Ming’er saw me this time, why didn’t he react at all, and looked at Chen Ming Lu Qi in front of him. Suddenly, Chen Qizhi sighed deeply, his face seemed haggard all of a sudden, about a month ago, some accident happened to Ming’er, although he was fine in the end, but after waking up, he lost his memory all of a sudden, did it happen? At this point, Lu Qi’s expression is serious, but also a little bit of rejoicing. Luckily, Minger’s life is good. In the end, ordinary people encounter him.
In all likelihood, they can’t be saved. He’s just lost his memory. Grasp it all at once, is it really okay? Listening to the conversation between the two, a haze suddenly rose in his heart.
Some things are not clear to others, but he himself knows very well. The predecessor of this body is probably dead, otherwise he would not be able to travel to In terms of this body, since the predecessor of this body is dead, what about him who inherited this body? Because he had just traversed and urgently needed to familiarize himself with the environment, Chen Ming didn’t pay much attention to the situation of the predecessor of this body. He fell into a coma after suffering from a serious illness. Now it seems that this matter may not be that simple.
Brother Chen, don’t worry.