What is there for the two male birds of the fire and phoenix to cultivate their relationship Huofeng had no choice but to turn into

Rebirth on a different world Earth In the dark and empty parking lot, a private jet is sliding across the airway and taking off slowly. Ten minutes later, the naked eye is left with only a flickering plane. The plane suddenly explodes in the air. The flames appear and then go dark, and the ashes and smoke disappear instantly. Before the fire hit, what flashed in her mind was the faces of people she had killed in the past year, pairs of bloody eyes full of hatred, unwillingness to cry, cursing Yucha, you will die Yucha, you will die without a place to die Who would have thought that she is the top killer in the world, the leader of the royal gang, and the powerful person who was so powerful that she was blown to nothing in the end? Her hands were covered in blood all her life.
She is a villain in the eyes of others, an absolute villain, and should have been sent to the 18th floor of hell long ago.
The devil is just that she died unwillingly. Her elder sister hooked up with her fiancé to steal the family property.
The most trusted confidant has been lurking by her side for many years.
He was actually a police undercover agent. In the end, she lost everything and had to leave this country overnight. If she had the chance, she would definitely do it herself.
Those who betrayed her will do whatever it takes to kill her, but she finally died as everyone wished, without a burial place.
There is no bones left in the fairy and demon continent. When Yusha woke up and saw the small hut she was in, she was dazed for a moment. The thatched cottage is simply furnished with one bed, two tables and four stools.
Only on the right side of the room is a whole row of bamboo bookshelves filled with letters and the simple-looking pen, ink and inkstone table in front of the bookshelf. Exquisite is not at all the thick cocoon left by practicing guns and boxing before. She was actually reborn, but reborn in a different world. Before the rebirth, it seemed that because of her unwillingness and obsession, she made an agreement with the immortal who claimed to be the messenger of reincarnation. Yu Cha gradually I remembered what happened before she was reborn in this different world. The agreement made by the reincarnation messenger was to help Feng Yuhuan’s remnant soul nourish her soul and help her rebuild into a fairy in exchange for Yucha’s return to the earth. She has never committed any crimes, but because the demon lord destroyed the world in order to save the common people, she exhausted her cultivation base and ended up with a remnant soul.
The soul of Yu Sha and Feng Yu Huan can be integrated into her body to help her nourish her soul and regenerate her cultivation to become a fairy again.
The Dao Consummation Yusha agreed to this agreement in order to have a chance to return to Earth for revenge, and now she is really reborn in Feng Yuhuan’s body. What’s more, this other world is called the Immortal Demon Continent.
In the later ancient times, it was a world where the weak and the strong preyed on immortality as the ultimate goal. The Immortal Demon Continent is divided into the upper realm and the lower realm. The upper realm has one valley, three sects and six peaks.
The place where she is located is Fenggu in a valley, Feng Yuhuan’s birthplace is just in the middle of the upper realm, to the east of Fenggu is the sphere of influence of the three sects of the human race, to the west of Fenggu is the site of the six peaks of the orc race It is a great clan that has been passed down from ancient times.
It is a clan with the blood of gods.
It is the most mysterious and powerful existence in the upper world. It has a faint neutralization and a deterrent effect on human races and beast races. The most noble in the wind valley is the saint. The owner of the valley is present and future During this period, the spiritual energy is getting thinner and thinner, and there are very few who can truly cultivate into immortals, but every generation of Fenggu’s saints can basically cultivate into immortals.
There will be almost no bottlenecks, and it is not limited to the realm of the earth immortal, and even has the chance to become a god. Yu Sha is very satisfied with the background of the character he was reborn in. The most powerful background force, the most noble identity and the most The cultivation physique of a genius means that at least no one will tell her what to do.
She can do whatever she wants without risking her life for a few cultivation resources. What is her identity? After completing the agreement, I thought of this Yusha, a carp standing upright.
Wow, my scalp felt a pain. I stepped on my hair and forcibly tore off several strands of hair.
When I lowered my eyes, I realized that I have long, very long hair. Everyone else has long hair.
The owner of this body has long hair that reaches to the waist. Although the black silk is as smooth as satin, it is too inconvenient to do things.
In his previous life, Yusha had short and neat hair, which is totally unacceptable to this cumbersome long hair. Looking at my short legs, Yusha’s white eyes are about to turn to the sky.
All the nutrients of this saint have been absorbed by her hair. Only her long hair is not long.
In my previous life, I was tall and slender by centimeters, but now I visually measure the height of my body in centimeters. Not at all, right? Yusha looked around and saw the bronze mirror on the dressing table, walked in and looked at the reborn self in the mirror